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Vendors of change management software and solutions for businesses. Research providers of IT change management, organization change management, and change process management services. Identify change management tools that meet your business needs.

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Managing Change in a Company Environment

Change happens. Today's business environment throws managers and their teams into a constant state of flux.

Change Management Basics

Change management is the process of implementing new methods and systems to meet operational goals, processing data and increasing profitability. Managing change is vital to the success of any business endeavor.

Making the Most of Change Management

Making the most of change management tackles an identified set of problems with a clear goal in mind. Many companies embark on a mission to implement change process management in an effort to respond to shifts in the industry, operations or consumer market.

Remedy Change Management Software - BMC - BMC Software

Gain control of change management processes and eliminate the leading cause of unplanned IT failures with Remedy Change Mangement from BMC.

Free Change Management Software from Spiceworks IT Pros

One that's tightly integrated with a help desk you can use for change IT management and more? With Spiceworks' free change management software, you can:.

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ITIL Change Management, Help Desk Software - ManageEngine ...

Easily implement ITIL Change Management with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise Edition. Get the complete ITIL Change Management workflow on  ...

IT Change Management - SunView Software, Inc.

ChangeGear IT Change Management provides IT process automation to streamline the entire change and release management process.

Change Management Software System|Change Control Software ...

Enforce standardized change control processes with enterprise wide change management (change control) software.

Change Management Software Overview | Giva

Change Management Request Waiting for Approval ... center, hardware and software infrastructure of Giva's cloud help desk software meet the very strict HIPAA ...

IBM - Software change and configuration management - IBM Software

IBM® Rational® software change and configuration management helps teams accelerate software delivery through agile process support, improve control with  ...

Change Management Software - Novo Solutions

Change Management Software - facilitates the use of Best Practices for controlled management of all changes to your IT infrastructure - Free Trial!

ITIL Change & Configuration Management Software | SysAid

Implement ITIL processes for change management, request management, incident management, and problem management with SysAid's ITIL Package solution.

Change Management Key Terms

Change can be difficult. There's no doubt about that, especially when it comes to a business change. Perhaps you are contemplating a company culture shift, or you will be changing up your day-to-day operations. If that's the case, you'll need to come up with a change management plan to help lead your employees on the path to making that leap to permanent change with you. Learning some of the basic concepts and key terms in change management can help you start the process.

Change management

Change management refers to the structured strategy and process for managing change within a business or organization, and more importantly managing the reaction to change by employees.

Communication plan

A communication plan is a change management tool used to spread the message to employees about the need for change. The communication plan should include why the company is undergoing the change and how the change will affect the day-to-day work flow. The plan will also include strategies on how to convey the message, tailoring it to a specific audience.

Resistance management plan

Identifying where resistance may come from and what it might entail and taking steps to take to prevent or reduce resistance make up a resistance management plan. Using a resistance management plan can help build support early and address potential concerns before change is implemented.

Transition state

The transition state is the implementation phase of change management, the "trying out" of the change and working out issues as they come up. Managers need to work in this state to minimize resistance and further change for quick adoption of new methods.

ADKAR model

The ADKAR model is a goal-oriented change management model that focuses on five key areas: Awareness of the need to change; Desire to support the change; Knowledge of what the change means; Ability to implement the proposed change; and Reinforcement to solidify the change as common practice.

Lewin's change management model

Psychologist Kurt Lewin developed a change management model that has three stages: Unfreeze, Transition and Refreeze. The main theory behind his model is that any type of permanent change is a journey and takes an undetermined amount of time in each of the three stages.

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