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Dispute Consulting & Business Advisory Consulting Firm - Navigant ...

Navigant's business consulting services enable clients to respond to disputes & investigations, regulation, reform, customer demand and more. Find out how our  ...

Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm and the world's leading advisor on business strategy. We partner with clients from the ...

Hitachi Consulting: Home

We propel our clients forward by enabling superior operational performance and helping realize their business visions.

Consulting Firm, Management Consulting Firms, Consulting Firms

L.E.K., a global management consulting firm, provides a comprehensive range of business and strategic consulting services, world class analysis, pragmatic ...

Consulting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Consulting is providing opinion, advice, counsel and to deliberate together. Specific types of consulting include: Biotechnology consulting · Environmental ...

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Slalom Consulting

A new global intranet keeps Brooks Running's collaborative values alive. Slalom Consulting Human Rights Campaign Foundation LGBT support ...

FTI Consulting | A Global Consulting Firm | Strategy Consulting

FTI Consulting, Inc. is a global business advisory firm. Explore the multidisciplinary solutions we have for your complex challenges and opportunities.

Consulting | Deloitte US | Consulting

Strategy and Operations. Human Capital. Technology. Analytics. Digital Enterprise. Business and Customer Transformation. Deloitte's consulting and advisory ...

Hyder Consulting | An ARCADIS Company | Engineering the future ...

Hyder Consulting is a multinational design and engineering consultancy renowned for working on some of the world's most iconic buildings and structures .

3C InfoCorp, Inc.

IT Consulting and Web Design company located in Houston, TX, provides top ranking services to clients in all industries.


An IT Consulting Company in San Diego CA that specializes in virtual desktop infrastructure and IT Support Services.

IT Consulting

IT consulting services for supply chain management, HCM, GRC, CRM, and government consulting.


IT Consulting

Almost any business can benefit from the use of an IT consulting service. Information technology consultants, also known as IT consultants, can help you to integrate various information technologies into your business structure. The IT consultant you choose for your company needs to have a clear understanding of your company’s goals, as well as what technologies you are willing to use and which ones are off-limits. The consultant should be someone you trust if your company handles sensitive or secure information, as the consultant will usually have full access to your electronic files and documents. There are several other benefits and pitfalls to consider when you are trying to decide what, if any, IT consulting firm is appropriate for your company.



IT consulting firms help companies by advising on the best information technology services to meet business goals and objectives. “According to the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), the focus will be in the emerging verticals, which are growing at 22%—outpacing the rest by 1.5 times.”


Customer Care

IT consulting companies provide businesses with 24-hour a day customer care and support services. When a growing company is using new technologies that are unfamiliar, the support that is offered can help get the company up and running when things go wrong. They will provide out-of-town business executives with the same level of support that they provide in-house employees.  Not only do they install the software and get it into place, but also they educate each employee on how to use it efficiently.


Technology Expertise

IT consulting firms have expertise in software programs and systems. They can match the best system with your company by analyzing needs of each department. IT professionals can also fine tune software to make a program work for a business’ particular needs and goals.


Creating Products

An IT consulting company can build custom software specifically for the needs of your company. Software is developed in a timely manner, so it can be implemented quickly.  While the software is being developed, management is able to concentrate on the needs of their customers and other daily tasks. There is no need to hire additional employees because the software design is outsourced. Products are also made to match a customer’s budget.


Implementing Software

Once a software program has been developed for the organization, the IT consulting company will install and implement the software. The team of professionals will work to convert the software in-house, and switch over the current system to make it ready to use.



One Size Does Not Fit All

The best IT consulting services use industry standards to create a personalized approach for each client. Because each organization has its own needs, systems, and workforce, the project plan for company A may not be effective for company B. Consequently the cost, timeframe, required resources, and staffing constraints can differ from one project to the next.


Data May Be Lost or Damaged

While IT professionals put processes in place to maintain data integrity, certain pieces of information may be lost, deleted, or damaged during a third-party project. On the client’s side, backing up important data, locking down system permissions, and choosing a reputable IT firm are all ways to limit potential errors. Consultants should understand their knowledge limitations and ask for assistance from local IT staff.


Business Understanding Is Essential

Companies want to protect their trade secrets, but not sharing enough information about workflows and system configurations can lead to miscommunications and unnecessary expenses. Any IT consultant should understand the challenges faced by the business and use creative problem-solving to mitigate their effects. At the same time, the consultant should also comprehend the importance of confidentiality and not request access to more systems or information than are necessary.


System Integration Is Not Always Possible

Market research firm Yankee Group estimates that half of small businesses are challenged by the integration of various systems and applications. Due to convenience, demands for greater productivity, or budgetary constraints, organizations often want to integrate two distinct networks, data warehouses, server technologies, customer service applications, or administrative software. Managers and business owners must be aware that certain technologies are easier to link than others. At the same time, IT consultants must be clear about their experiences with similar integration attempts, the amount of time needed to complete the project successfully, and any support that will or will not be offered post-implementation.



IT Consulting

IT consulting services can help you maintain an effective security system for your business. According to The Yankee Group, More than 60% of small businesses manage their own messaging needs due to security reasons. Consulting services may offer a solution, such as a data warehouse intelligence program. 


The Cost of IT Consulting

Many IT consultants work as independent contractors, so their prices can vary. Some consulting firms are also available for use in the market. For an example of pricing, an entry-level consultant at a firm’s average charge is $175 per hour, according to Kennedy Information, while the same firm’s partner may charge $294 per hour.



Once you decide that an IT consulting firm can help your business, you must decide exactly what you want from the firm. You will have to schedule a meeting with a firm to determine if your requirements can be fulfilled. If they can be, you can move on to getting an estimate for services. If the IT consulting fees can be incorporated into your company’s budget, take a little while to determine if the firm is a good fit with your company. Because of the amount of information the IT consultant will have access to while implementing the plan you agree upon, you should make sure that you are completely comfortable with the plan and the consultant who will work on your project before you sign a contract for services.

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