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IT Outsourcing Services Education and Training

Outsourcing IT related issues is cost-effective for many businesses. This allows the company to streamline its workforce and use IT outsourcing to combat information technology problems for a fraction of what it would cost to hire an IT consultant or full-time IT professional.

IT Outsourcing Services Key Terms

IT outsourcing is becoming more and more popular. IT outsourcing provides peace of mind to companies by providing them with the support they need without having to interview, hire and train IT personal on-site.

IT Outsourcing - Xerox - Xerox Services

Our IT outsourcing services will design, develop and deliver flexible IT solutions, freeing up your team for business-critical activities.

IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services | HP® Official Site

Outsource specific IT problems and opportunities with Data Center, Networking and Security Services from HP IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Services.

Managed Services & Outsourcing | CSC

Depending on your needs, CSC can offer BPO, managed services, outsourcing, or simply additional trained and skilled staff. We offer flexible solutions that ...

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IT Application Outsourcing Services - Accenture

Accenture leverages the power of IT Application Outsourcing services to gain ... Learn more about achieving high performance with application outsourcing.

IBM IT outsourcing - United States

Take the next step in the evolution from IT outsourcing to business and IT services sourcing by partnering with IBM to achieve actual business objectives.

Outsourcing services - IBM

Outsourcing services for business processes, applications and IT infrastructure designed to improve your bottom line.

IT Consulting and IT Outsourcing Services | India | Cognizant ...

Cognizant is the leader in IT consulting and outsourcing services, IT infrastructure , enterprise application development and business process consulting ...

Acora IT Outsourcing

Delivering next generation outsourced services to mid-market organisations with global ... Acora, the UK-based mid-market IT outsourcing specialist, has today ...

Information technology outsourcing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The reasons for IT outsourcing include lack of resources and cost reduction. IT Outsourcing is sometimes called IT Enabled Services (ITES) Outsourcing.

10 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2014 | CIO -

Jan 17, 2014 ... IT outsourcing experts tell what to expect in the year ahead. ... This year, the IT services industry saw customers doing more of their ...

Atlanta Computer Support - IT Outsourcing and Management

Fixed fee technology management, on-site and remote service; email management, data backup, virus/spam protection, VoIP, desktop support & consulting.
Offshore Website Design & Web Development Company from India

Indian Web Design & Software Development Company. Offers ecommerce, dynamic web services, multimedia, internet marketing, php, .net, Java, C# & more.

IT Outsourcing Services

IT outsourcing has been one of the most talked-about options in the information technology market in recent years. Some of the discussions have focused so heavily on the negative effects of outsourcing IT internationally that many business owners have become leery of information technology outsourcing as a whole. But IT outsourcing solutions can be incredibly beneficial to your company when used effectively.

Many people don’t know that there are huge lists of domestic providers of IT outsourcing services that can save your business time and money. These IT outsourcing firms focus on maximizing the cost-effectiveness of your budget by providing IT professionals to your company that are not your direct hires. When you eliminate the hiring costs of these people, the overall savings are a substantial reason to IT outsource.

When looking to maximize the stretch of your budget with outsourced IT professionals, among the key points to consider are:
  1. The location of the IT outsourcing service;
  2. The type of work for which you’re considering technology outsourcing;
  3. The duration of your information technology outsourcing project.

Work only with domestic IT outsourcing companies

There are so many people that have strong negative feelings about outsourcing IT internationally that you carry huge risks if you choose to do so. From local and federal legislators looking to punish companies who "take jobs overseas" to your average customer who finds working with a foreign representative off-putting, it's just not worth it. Instead, focus on domestic IT outsourcing options that are readily available and more business-friendly overall.

Outsource IT positions with the highest hiring cost per employee

When working in IT human resources, it's important to know your hiring cost per employee. Between the actual hiring process and any necessary training, jobs with high turnover such as call center and customer service positions can cost an inordinate amount of your budget for every hire. These are the best types of positions for IT outsourcing because the help desk outsourcing firm will instead assume these massive hiring costs.

Choose IT outsourcing for small, highly specialized projects

While it's easy to focus on large IT outsourcing solutions, it's also important to think about utilizing outsourcing for those smaller specialty projects that pop up from time to time. If you're looking to purchase some new hardware, redesign your website or maybe work with a client on a new portion of his business, it can be more cost-effective to outsource these smaller projects than to hire someone new or train an existing employee in the necessary skills. Often, you can find individual freelancers for these outsourcing projects.
  • Be sure to poll your own employees to see if someone has a hidden skill before turning to IT outsourcing. They may just surprise you.
  • Network with other local business professionals to see if there are any local providers of IT outsourcing services. Locals can sometimes know your needs better than those across the country.

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Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

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306,241 Subscribers