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Directory of management consulting resources and information for business management professionals. Find links to articles and conferences as well as management consulting and business management solutions focused on leadership and decision making.

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Training for Management

Managing a company requires mastering a diverse set of skills: interpersonal relations, conflict management, delegation, finance, customer satisfaction. .

Management News and Trends

Managing a company requires more than simply applying the principles you learned in business school; being flexible enough to implement new practices is just as important. By staying up-to-date on management news and trends, you can make your business more competitive, and you can more effectively oversee operations and employees.

Management Key Terms

Management is a part of every business. For larger businesses, there are management teams at work to guide employees in achieving goals.

Management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Business Management - Business Management

Business Management is a course of study leading to an A.A.S. degree. ... in one of the following four areas of study: General Management, Finance & Banking, ...

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Business Management - Entrepreneur

Online guide to small business management. Find articles, advice and how-to guides on how to manage your business.

Managing a Business | The U.S. Small Business Administration ...

Managing a Business. Explore the topics below to find information and guidance that will help you manage and grow your business effectively. Topic ...

Business Administration/Management - The Princeton Review

A major in business administration/management will provide that goal—focused training. You'll get a thorough grounding in the theories and principles of ...

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management -

The entire Business Management program is available online via eLearning so that students can start or continue their careers while earning their Bachelor's ...


Increase your management know-how and skills in 1000s of knowledge areas. Discuss management issues and methods with managers, students and experts.

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Trindent Consulting

Trindent Consulting is an esteemed management consulting firm in Toronto. The Trindent team consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants.

Sleeker, Slimmer, Smarter Business Management

Whether your company is large or small, you can begin today to spend less time and effort on business management. It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing a business that you own yourself or managing a company or department for another owner, firm or corporation. By accessing the appropriate business management information and making a few smart management moves, you’ll begin building better business management solutions for your company. At the same time, you’ll eliminate many mundane tasks that sap your time, energy and patience.  

Here are a few of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you begin managing better by managing less: 

1.  More time to focus on planning, coordinating and developing a vision and direction for your company 

2.  More competent, confident, happy and productive employees 

3.  Greater control—over your time, your executive management decisions and your life 

4.  An operation that runs more smoothly with less hands-on management from you 

5.  More free time for things other than business management, companies and company issues

Say "no" to micromanagement

Micromanagement may sound slim, but it isn't. It gobbles up the time, energy and focus you need for other tasks. Resist the urge to constantly check up on everyone and everything. Once your employees know your expectations, assume they'll follow through. Check in with them at pre-planned intervals, review their work and hold them accountable for its quality. Spend the time saved completing the executive management tasks that are actually part of your job description.

Foster communication

Let employees know when you're not to be disturbed, yet exercise an open-door policy at appropriate times. If you're serious about both time and business management, solutions like these will be the order of the day for your company: Never allow "upward delegation" of tasks; encourage employee collaboration and peer mentoring, instead. This will benefit both you and your staff, as you proactively free up more time for your own work and they learn to accept greater responsibility for theirs.

Empower your staff

Arrange for training to better equip your staff to do their jobs. Provide the needed tools, resources and authority. Then, as their experience, competence and confidence grow, begin giving them greater latitude for independent decision making. Free both yourself and your team from the burden of having to give or receive approval for everything done.

Get good advice

Tending to your own ongoing leadership growth will help you run your business or department with increasing effectiveness. One way to gain greater managerial insight is by using management consulting services. You may also attend local or not-too-distant seminars or workshops or take online courses or webinars, where you'll have access to all the latest business management information, strategies and techniques.
  • Business management services can help get you on the road to a tighter, more efficient management style. But, if you're serious about self-study, you may get just as much from many of the courses available online.

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