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Statistics and data on building permits.

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Building Permits Survey -

May 1, 2014 ... This page provides data on the number of new housing units authorized by building permits. Data are available monthly, year- to- date, and ...

Building Permits Data - Censtats Database

building permit image. Building Permits ... This application provides construction statistics by permit-issuing place and by county on new privately-owned ...

Building Permits Survey > Permits by State -

Feb 27, 2014 ... Building Permits Survey ... Permits by State ... SPECIAL TOPICS. Statistics in Schools · Tribal Resources (AIAN) · Emergency Preparedness.

State and Local Data: Housing Starts and Building Permits

7 results ... Snapshot of Local HBA Economic and Housing Statistics ... is an Excel download of building permits by state and metropolitan statistical areas(MSAs).

Building Permit Statistics for October 2014 - Spokane County

Permit Statistics · Monthly Statistics ... Permitting, Land Use and Development · Applications and ... Building Permit Statistics for October 2014. Month. January ...

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SOCDS Building Permits Database

2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001. Select Series: All Permits Single Family All Multifamily 2-Unit Multifamily

Permit Report Descriptions - Department of Buildings

The Department publishes Monthly and Weekly statistical reports containing detailed information regarding job filings for new buildings and alterations, permit  ...

Building Permits - Hoosiers by the Numbers

The statistics are based on reports submitted by local building permit officials in response to a mail survey. When a report is not received, missing data are either  ...

City of Sioux Falls - Permit Statistics

2013 Building Construction Statistics - City of Sioux Falls. Permits Issued. A new record was set for the number of building permits that were issued within the ...

Building Permit Statistics | Inspections

Building Permit Statistics. As of July 2012 all reports can be run through MyPermitNow. How to find Permit Reports: Go to: 1.

Building Permit Statistics - Building Industry Association of Washington

Building Permit Statistics for 2014 Building Permit Statistics for 2013 Building Permit Statistics for 2012 Building Permit Statistics for 2011 Building Permit ...

Building Permits & Inspections

Qualified building surveyors and building permit experts providing efficient permit and inspection services for domestic and commercial projects.

Avoiding Common Building Code Violations

A visit from the local building inspector or fire marshall can make a small business owner break into a cold sweat. Any building code violations discovered can result in a citation, fines and costly repairs. In the worst-case scenario, your company can be held liable if building code violations contribute to the injury or loss of life of a customer or employee. Some of the most common building code violations involve:

1. Fire safety codes.
2. Accessibility codes.
3. Electrical codes.
4. Noise mitigation codes.

Fire safety

Depending on the type of facility you occupy, you may be required to have easily accessible fire extinguishers, a sprinkler system, smoke detectors and a fire alarm. Schedule regular inspections and preventive maintenance to ensure that sprinkler systems are fully operational.

Exit signs

Building codes require that exits be clearly marked as a way to protect the public in case of a fire or other problem. Failing to do so will put you in violation.

Maximum occupancy

Exceeding the maximum occupancy allowed for the building is one of the most common fire safety code violations—and probably the easiest one to avoid. If you run any kind of business in which large numbers of customers visit your facility—a bar, nightclub or restaurant, for example—you can avoid violation by keeping track of the number of people who enter your facility.


Building codes require you to provide access to your facility to people using a wheelchair or who are otherwise disabled. These codes include providing access to parking spaces, elevators and restrooms

Faulty wiring

Electrical wiring that hasn’t been installed properly or that’s out-of-date can lead to a citation and can be a fire hazard. In addition, any abandoned cables on a commercial property must be removed.

Noise regulations

Noise regulations are particularly important in the industrial sector where noise can affect the health and safety of employees. Excessive noise puts workers at risk for hearing damage, increased stress and other workplace injuries and accidents.

Finding building codes

If you want to check on building codes in your area, you can find them online.

  • When you first purchase or lease a commercial building, hire a building inspector to perform an inspection. If any building code violations are discovered, ask the landlord or seller to fix before you occupy the space.
  • If you receive a citation, don’t put off required repairs. This can lead to stiffer fines.
  • When building new construction or making improvements to an existing building, hire only licensed contractors and architects.

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