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Manufacturers and distributors of clay and tile roofing materials. Research vendors offering tile roofing products and clay roofing material. Identify specialists offering tile roofing supplies and roofing services that fit your needs.

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Pricing Clay and Tile Roofing Materials

Clay and tile roofing materials are generally required by building codes in areas of the world where the climate is hot and dry. Clay roofing tiles and concrete roof tile products are also preferred in high risk fire zones because they are fire resistant.

Clay and Tile Roofing Materials Basics

Clay roofing tiles are one of the oldest materials used for roofing houses. Clay roofing products can withstand hurricane winds and adverse weather.

Clay and Tile Roofing Materials Key Terms

In many parts of the world, clay tile roofs have been the norm for centuries. During the 1800s, cement tile roofs were developed.

Ludowici Roof Tile - The World's Finest Clay Roof Tile

Ludowici Roof Tile - The World's Finest Clay Roof Tile. Offering the largest selection of roof tile and colors available, as well as custom roof tile design, color  ...

MCA Superior Clay Roof Tile

Cool Roof Products ... Samples Request · Detailed Clay Roof Tile Drawings · TRI Installation Manual · Clay Roof Tile ... Corona Tapered Mission Clay Roof Tiles.

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Cool Roof - MCA Superior Clay Roof Tile

But all tiles are not created equal. With an increasing demand for environmentally -friendly and energy-efficient products, MCA's clay roof tile, in an array of colors ...

Roofing materials MONIER: Clay Tiles - Braas Monier Building Group

Traditional looks with a warm impression - Monier clay roof tiles come in many designs to suit the style of your house.

Eagle Roofing Products | Concrete Roof Tile | Roof Replacement

Eagle Roofing Products manufactures concrete roof tile and produces cedar roof replacement shingles for residential and commercial new construction as well ...

Frequently Asked Questions - Tile Roofing Institute

I really like tile roofs, but aren't they very expensive? ... Are tile roofs available that don't look Spanish? ... Most of the tile roofs I have seen are reddish orange.

Roofing - Boral USA

Highest performing roofing solutions with unmatched beauty, durability and energy efficiency; building a legacy for ... Browse Boral Roofing Products ยป ...

Concrete and Clay Tile Roofing Installation - YouTube

Jul 11, 2011 ... Eric talks about concrete tiles. He explains some of the materials and how concrete tiles works and is installed. This house Includes vented ...

Clay Tile Roofing - Tile Roofs of Texas

Clay Tile Roof Specialists - tile roofing contractor specializing in installing custom ... Exact calculations will vary, but all clay tile roof materials will reduce the heat ...

Supplies for Clay and Tile Roofing Materials

Unlike asphalt roofing shingles, clay and tile roofing materials require additional supplies in order to ensure the longevity of the roof. Without the proper supplies for clay and tile roofing materials, the roof could fail. Fortunately, the supplies required for the various tile roofing materials is readily available.

If your company is interested in selling clay and tile roofing materials, or if you are a contractor who works with these materials, you need the information you need to ensure the proper installation of a clay or tile roofs. Consider these supplies for clay and tile roofing materials as you work on your project.

1. Install the proper membrane for clay and tile roofs.

2. Get the proper fasteners for tile and clay roofing.

3. Protect the clay and tile roofs from inclement weather.

Start with the proper foundation for the roofing tile materials

The first item on the list of supplies for clay and tile roofing materials is the proper roofing membrane. The membrane provides an effective protective layer for the roof and the clay roofing material and tile roofing products that helps to protect the roof from water infiltration. Materials that work well for this installation are asphalt organic saturated felt or EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber.

Select the proper fasteners for clay and tile roofing materials

Part of the success of clay and tile roofing materials is due to the fasteners. The fasteners for the roofing tiles must be able to withstand the elements and not rust. If the fasteners fail, the roofing tiles will fail. Manufacturers of roofing tiles list fasteners that are stainless, galvanized or copper among the list of recommended tile roofing supplies.

Keep the roofing tile products safe from the elements

To ensure that the clay roofing products and any concrete roof tile withstands the force of hurricane winds, include hurricane clips in tile roofing supplies. These clips help secure the concrete, vinyl and clay roofing products to the roof--a necessity in areas that have frequent hurricanes. When securing the tile roofing products to saddles, open valleys as well as hips of the roof, you should use a combination of surface bonding cement as well as mason mix.
  • While clay and tile roofing materials are known for their longevity and beauty, they do require supplies for clay and roofing materials to help ensure their longevity. Contact the manufacturer of clay and tile roofing materials that may be able to supply additional information about the installation of their products, as well as supply fasteners as well.

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