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Wood Doors

Commercial wood doors come in shapes and sizes to suit every budget and every taste. From apartment houses to homes to executive boardrooms, wooden doors combine necessity and style.

Anti Fatigue Mats

If you spend most of the day on your feet, an anti fatigue mat can help reduce fatigue, back problems and leg stress. Many businesses use anti fatigue mats including restaurants, machine shops, hospitals, manufacturing companies and retail chains.

Door Parts and Hardware

You can spend all the money in the world on a good-looking, high-quality door, but if the door parts and door hardware aren’t aesthetically pleasing, the look you are trying to achieve will be lost. Even worse, door parts and hardware that don’t operate well will turn a beautiful interior or exterior door into a source of frustration for your client, not to mention a potential security risk.

Construction Site Fences and Gates

Construction fences and gates are the first item that should arrive at a construction site and the last to leave. A construction site fence is important to prevent vandalism and theft at a construction site as well as protect bystanders from injury.

Interior Doors

Builders and those in the remodeling business face the constant challenge of offering their customers the best in design details for the interior of homes or offices. Something as simple and basic as an interior door can add character and interest to a room.

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Rope Light

Rope lights are fast becoming THE choice for both commercial and residential accent lighting. Whether you want to accent windows, outline a driveway, showcase a ceiling or simply decorate for the holidays, rope lights are a creative and contemporary way to create a soft, attractive glow both inside and out.

HVAC Distributors and Wholesalers

Going into business as an HVAC dealer means finding HVAC equipment distributors, HVAC wholesalers and supplies such as wholesale furnace parts. HVAC wholesalers sell a wholesale furnace to you as a business owner, for example, cheap enough so you make a profit.

Cold Storage Doors

Cold storage doors can mean the life or death of the quality of your product. Don’t let escaping air potentially ruin your livelihood.

Steel Beams

Fabricated steel beams are a necessity for two things: structural support and your business. Both need steel beams to stay intact.

Portable Hoists

Portable hoists offer more flexibility than their stationary counterparts. Use a portable electric hoist if your business requires constant travel or keep one handy in your truck for unforeseen situations that arise while you're out on a job that require material handling.

Access Doors

Access doors come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your every business need. Whether you are looking to hide plumbing, drywall, your electrical, computer, Internet cables, phone lines or security system, finding the right industrial access doors is important for the aesthetics of the project.

Paving Equipment

Equipment for paving comes in various forms with a variety of functions. For some projects, you need several pieces of paving equipment, while for others, one machine will do the job.

Glass Tile Discounters is a one-stop store for glass tiles, glass borders, grouts and adhesives. Plan your next Kitchen tiling project with us.
Fasteners Plus

Find a complete line of quality fastening hardware featuring trusted brands. Smart organization of over 20,000 products makes shopping quick and easy
Ram Tool and Supply Company

Construstion Supply Company, with 31 locations in 11 states. Ram Tool and Supply is your one stop shop for all of your job site needs.
IsoStore | Quality Sound Control Products and Sound Doors

IsoStore offers a variety of sound isolation products for all applications along with our own custom soundproof door line known as IsoDoor.
Rankin Group

Rankin Group is a leading provider of temporary heating and cooling solutions. - Commercial Door Hardware

Your online source for commercial door pivots, concealed floor closers and overhead door closers by Rixson and Dorma.
Glass Tile Home

Glass Tile, Stone Tile, and Glass Tile Mosaics. We carry tile for all your projects including kitchen backsplash, bathroom tile, at wholesale prices
Granada Cement and Concrete Tile

Granada Cement and Concrete Tile makes handmade, eco-friendly, custom cement and concrete tiles for floors, kitchens, walls and bathrooms.
Illini Suburban Asphalt Maintenance Inc.

Offers asphalt maintenance & paving services. Specializing in installing, maintaining & repairing both commercial & residential asphalt pavement. specializes in selling compact portable folding ladders, work platforms & step ladders for use in RVs, garages or at home.
Tin Ceiling Xpress

An online retailer of tin ceiling tiles, panels, and backsplashes.
Wholesalers USA

Wholesalers USA is a leading discounter of glass kitchen tile. Our tiles are most popularly used for tiling kitchen backsplashes.

Construction Equipment and Supplies Business Guide: Evaluating Whether to Rent or Lease Construction Equipment

When working on a construction project, you may need to decide if you want to purchase, rent, or lease a piece of equipment.  If you have a lot of money to invest, you may wish to purchase your own equipment. However, many small businesses don’t have that kind of money to spend on construction equipment and supplies. So, your better option in that case would be to rent or lease the equipment you need for a particular project.


Traditionally, renting or leasing is what most companies do when they need a piece of construction equipment and don’t have large reserves of money for purchase.  Renting or leasing allows you to test construction equipment and supplies to see how you like the machines. This can be completed before you decide to purchase equipment, helping you decide on a long-term investment that will work best for your company.


Purchasing equipment is beneficial for a company that has the money to spend. You won’t need to worry about returning equipment or paying monthly bills if it is purchased outright.


Renting is best used when a project will be short term. If you need a piece of equipment for only a few weeks or a month, rentals are your best choice.  Rental costs will depend on how long you keep the equipment and possibly on the gas or miles used.


Leasing is a good option for you if you intend to use the equipment long-term, but can’t afford to purchase the equipment outright. You will only need to worry about making a monthly payment for the use of the equipment.  You can also return the equipment if it becomes faulty, exchanging it for the working product.


Pitfalls of buying, renting or leasing construction equipment and supplies can be daunting. You may end up spending more than you wanted to if you decide on the wrong plan for your company.


If you purchase equipment, you may be looking at a long-term investment that accrues interest, costing you more money. If you do not have projects frequently, this may not be the best choice for your company. Owning the equipment can be beneficial; however, if you damage it or it breaks down, you can’t rent or lease a new piece in its place.


Renting a piece of equipment can be costly. In the short term, the cost may not be much. For example, if you work for only one day, a $100 rental fee may be within your budget. However, if you run over and need the equipment longer, you may end up paying more than you expected, making it more worth your money to lease or purchase the item.


Leasing equipment allows you to use any item you need for a fixed term. For example, your lease may be twelve months, and you’ll pay part of the lease balance each month for the construction equipment you need. However, if you do not have projects for that entire term, you essentially are losing money when the equipment is not in use.


Leasing options for construction equipment and supplies are offered through banks and manufacturers. For example, John Deere and Caterpillar offer financing to help you lease and purchase a piece of equipment.  Banks offer approximately 60 percent of financing associated with construction equipment. offers a variety of financing options, which have varying rates. Some loans for purchasing have terms as low as 24 months. Loans can be upwards of $750,000.

Because each of your projects varies, it can be difficult to describe the costs associated with construction equipment and supplies. If you rent, you may pay prices for a day or longer. Depending on the company, this price can vary dramatically. For example, the Division of Construction in California states that model 120G 87V from CAT rents at $62.15 per date of work. Other pieces of equipment vary.

In conclusion, you should first recognize your budget when you begin to look at construction equipment and supplies that you want to rent, lease, or purchase. If you have the means to purchase the equipment and are very busy, you may wish to do so. However, if you have few projects, buying the equipment won’t be worth your money. Renting is the perfect solution for one short-term project. You won’t spend much money for a day of use and you can return the equipment when you are done. Rental equipment is usually in good condition and you won’t need to worry about replacing it if it breaks down. Leasing may be your best option if you have a year or two of lined up projects, or if you want to test the item for a long-term purchase, or lease-to-own. Construction equipment and supplies can be costly if you choose the wrong option for your company, so it is best to understand your needs.