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Distributors, manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials, including heavy equipment.

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Construction Equipment News and Trends

If you're in a business that uses, manufactures or relies on construction equipment, then keeping up on construction equipment news and trends is a vital part of your business day. From gas prices to the availability and manufacturing of construction supplies, many things can affect construction equipment news and trends.

Pricing and Costs of Construction Equipment

If you're going into the building business, chances are you're going to rent or own your own construction equipment. Before you start shopping, be prepared for the pricing and costs of construction equipment--supplying your business with construction machinery is not an inexpensive venture.

Construction Equipment Key Terms

Construction projects require specialized equipment. In order to ensure that you choose the best equipment for the project at hand, you must fully understand the construction equipment terms you will come across.

Construction Equipment | Construction Industry Product Information

The latest product news, information, and specifications of construction equipment, trucks, and attachments for the building construction professional.

John Deere Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment from John Deere - The official John Deere Construction Equipment homepage. Learn more about our heavy equipment product ...

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Construction Equipment - Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

New & used construction equipment for sale, including construction machinery & parts from Caterpillar, JCB & Komatsu. Used construction equipment for sale.

US Construction Trailers

Construction Office Trailers for rent and for sale anywhere in the US. Quality job-site trailers and mobile offices.
Used Heavy Equipment

Ziegler CAT has one of the largest selection of quality used heavy and compact construction equipment in the Upper Midwest.

A manufacturer and distributor of electrical hardware equipment for construction professionals.
Al Asher Construction Equipment

Stocks an inventory of over 250 hard-to-find pre-owned construction trucks and equipment

Offers laminate, hardwood, bamboo, stone and tile flooring, decking, roofing, and more to retailer and contractor customers.
SMS Rents

SMS Rents offers a large selection of industrial equipment and tool rentals, including lifts and compressors, across Quebec and surrounding areas.

Construction Equipment

If you are a real estate investor interested in renovating, you may consider acquiring your own construction equipment. Having access to your own construction equipment lets you control the costs of your renovations, even if you are contracting the work. Owning or leasing construction machinery means that you do not have to pay the markup contractors charge for equipment.

In order to buy or rent construction equipment, you need to learn about building machinery. Network with contractors and real estate investors who take a hands-on approach to construction. If you are interested in renting or buying your own construction equipment, you need to consider:

1. Checking carefully to ensure that all the equipment and supplies you buy are up to code and are good quality.

2. Deciding whether leasing or renting building machinery and equipment makes the most financial sense.

3. Managing your equipment to ensure proper storage, timely on-site delivery and sufficient insurance coverage.

Determine how much contractors would charge you if you owned or rented your own equipment. If the price difference is not substantial, calculate whether renting or owning your own construction machinery and construction supplies would save you money over a few renovations.

Determine the industrial building materials you need

Contact building inspectors or contractors to determine the type of construction work needed on the construction site. Then, ask for an itemized list or an estimate of the necessary materials and building supplies. This will give you the best idea of what you need to rent or buy for the site -- for example, you might find that a particular job only requires one truck crane.

Decide whether to rent or lease your industrial building materials and other needs

Once you have done the math, it should be simple to determine whether you get a discount by having your own building machinery and equipment. If you can realize significant savings by only paying for labor, you then need to decide whether to rent or buy your construction equipment. If you only do renovations once in a while, construction equipment rentals are optimal, especially if you can get insurance and transportation included in the cost.

Look at used construction equipment for sale or investigate renting through your contractor

You can buy heavy construction equipment and used industrial building material online, often at good prices, but by shopping this way you buy sight unseen. Unless you are very knowledgeable about equipment and building materials, it is better to buy from a dealer or via auction. Contractors are often a good source for used construction equipment.
  • Most contractors rent their construction machinery to improve cash flow and to ensure newer equipment. You may be able to reduce labor costs and the costs of equipment by working with other investors to share equipment expenses. If buying, just remember that storage costs as well as insurance are your responsibility. If these additional costs prove too much, consider leasing.

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