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Construction Industry Salary Tools

Construction salary can be difficult to determine as you must weigh a number of factors. However, you can rely on a wide range of tools to help you set compensation wages and policies.

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Any business within the construction industry deals with setting wages for various workers and job positions. The method for acquiring pay rates and salaries for jobs can be complex, with factors including location, average compensation, job skills and credentials, and qualifications that workers bring to the table.

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@Salary; RSS Feed; Podcast; Facebook; LinkedIn; YouTube .... That's why companies offer paid time off (PTO) in the form of vacation days, holidays, personal ...

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SalaryExpert | Free Salary Tools providing Free Salary Tools and Calculators to Help you Research and Maximize your job pay/wage.

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Construction Industry Salary Tools Basics

As with most industries, construction industry salaries and construction pay is based on a number of different variables. Construction salaries are influenced by experience, one's role in the industry, as well as the type of construction that is involved.

For instance, construction management salary would likely be higher than the average construction worker salary because of the level of responsibility required to manage crews and deal with personnel issues. In order to understand construction industry salary information and know where to go to gain access to construction industry salary tools basics you need to:

1. Understand construction salary as it pertains to the job description.

2. Know the role of experience in construction industry compensation.

3. Gain an in-depth understanding of construction industry pay by purchasing a detailed survey.

Understand the role job description has on construction salary

Construction industry pay is highly dependant on the position. A carpenter in the construction field, for instance, makes less than half of what a construction manager does.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections article on the construction industry, and you will see that non-residential construction pays slightly better than residential construction.

Learn how experience impacts construction pay

When it comes to pay in the construction industry, the more years under your belt the better. In fact, research shows that an entry-level salary is half of that of a person with 20 years of experience with certain jobs.

Purchase a survey to get in-depth information about construction industry salaries

If you are looking to get detailed information about benefits and perks or, perhaps, a breakdown of salaries according to geographical location, consider purchasing a survey conducted by a reputable company.
  • Many jobs in the construction industry are at the mercy of Mother Nature. If the weather is tough for awhile, construction projects may get delayed and then overtime is required to make up for lost time. Be sure to factor this in when weighing construction industry salaries.

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