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Finding Subcontracting Business

Contractors in a variety of industries, from information technology to construction and beyond, regularly use subcontracted workers to complete projects large and small. If you are a self-employed worker or small business owner but aren't ready for bidding on large projects — or don't want the liability, marketing, and other overhead costs involved — you may have considered working as a subcontractor.

Masonry Contractors

Masonry companies are specialized contractors. One may be an expert brick layer, while another is specifically a concrete masonry contractor.

Landscape Design Software

Landscape designers put themselves above the crowd when they use professional landscape design software. When you show potential clients a photo-realistic, 3D representation of their own house and yard filled in with lush, professionally designed plantings, you will have already gone a long way toward making a sale.

Rock Quarry and Stone Aggregate Companies

Rock quarry companies mine the rocks and minerals that are crushed into aggregate stone form and used to build everything from interstates to retaining walls. Choose rock quarry companies that focus on safety and environmental protection to provide you with your aggregate stone needs.

Tile Construction Contractors

Tile construction contractors can provide a variety of services including repairing tile and tile installation. Look for contractors who have experience and can provide references and photographs of the work they've done.

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Industrial Complex Construction

Industrial complexes make a good investment for many companies. The right location, combined with convenient access, lowers costs and make job functions easier to perform.

Retirement Communities Development

Retirement housing developments are needed all over the country to help provide for those who are looking to retire and be close to others who want to live in retirement communities. As the baby boom generation retires, there is a question as to who will take care of them and where they will live.

Cost Segregation Services

Cost segregation is a tax-savings strategy that allows companies that have built, bought or remodeled property to increase their cash flow by speeding up depreciation deductions and deferring their income taxes. Because the cost segregation audit requires an engineer-based approach, you will need a specialized company to perform the study.

Architectural Plans Basics

Educate yourself on architectural plans basics so you know exactly what you're getting not only in terms of the construction process, but also so you know how to properly budget for new construction or a remodel of your business. Commonly known as blueprints, an architectural design plan shows the dimension of the building, including floor plans, plumbing lines, electrical lines, and doors and windows.

Contractors News and Trends

Construction contractors face ups and downs and must follow the general business news as well as local and national general contractor listings. General contractors should keep up with advances in building and estimating software developments as well as municipal building codes and new green standards that are being looked at in many communities.

Fire Protection Contractors News and Trends

The work that fire protection contractors do to assess risks and possible dangers in a business can mean the difference between a normal workday and loss of life. It's vital that fire protection contractors stay abreast of industry news so they can properly assess businesses' needs for the right sort of protection from a fire.

Trenchless Technology Key Terms

Trenchless technologies, most commonly referred to as "no dig," involve processes and equipment that reduce or eliminate the need for surface excavation, which in turn results in less damage to the environment. This technology makes pipe replacement and repair more efficient in terms of time and money.

Morrison Custom Concrete

Morrison Custom Concrete offering decorative stamped concrete patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks and more. 20 years experience. Free estimates
Allen Precision Equipment

A leading provider of surveying, engineering and construction equipment. This new online destination for surveyors is designed to make it easier and m
Kashian Bros

Chicago North Shore's most trusted name in flooring, carpeting, and rugs since 1910.
Best Carpet Value

Wholesale supplier of carpet tile, squares, and commercial and residential carpet. In business over 30 years.
Local Construction - Home Builders and Contractors

Local construction companies, contractors and builders with maps, driving directions and reviews.
Local Construction - Contractors and Home Builders

Local construction companies, home builders and contractors with maps, ratings and driving directions.
NYNJ Flooring

New York New Jersey Flooring contractors
ADL Insulflex

ADL Insulflex provides a wide range of high-quality heat resistant products, including fire sleeves, fire blankets, heat tapes, and sealants.

USA directory of area carpet stores and dealers plus a carpet related news blog.
Baker-Lockwood Western Awning Co

Commercial and Residential Awnings: Retractable & Electric Awnings and Canopies. Serving KC Metro Area since 1872--Request a Quote Today!
Buy Tankless Water Heaters

Internet retailer specializing in tankless water heaters and installation components. Site offers online shopping for electric & gas tankless models.
Carrier Mausoleums Construction, Inc. (CMC)

At CMC, we believe that our partnership with you should be built on a foundation of values, heritage, trust and success.
Copper Sinks Online

Handcrafted copper sinks, copper kitchen sinks, copper farmhouse sinks, copper tubs and more. We are the largest copper sink company in the US.

Manufacturer of custom fabricated industrial dampers, formed precisely to fit your specific requirements.
Dimplex North America Ltd.

Dimplex is an international leader in providing residential, commercial and industrial heating products, including fireplaces and heating systems.
Dura Pier Foundation Repair

Dura Pier offers Foundation Repair services in Houston TX.
Electric Fireplace Heaters

Browse electric fireplaces & electric stove heaters for adding warmth & ambiance to any room. Electric fireplaces come in a variety of designs.
Electric Fireplaces Direct

A complete selection of quality electric fireplaces for many applications. Expert specification assistance and fast shipping from our warehouse.

One of America's Top Aluminum Fence & Gate Stores.
Imaging Sciences

Produces a wide variety of looks and special effect architectural decorative glass panels. 3
Integrity Drainage Solutions, LLC

Welcome to Integrity Drainage Solutions, LLC. One of the top Exterior Drainage Specialists serving the Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine & Ozaukee Counties.
Marble & Granite Works

A retailer of marble & granite countertops, slabs, tile and flooring.
Musselman and Hall Contractors

Concrete Construction Contractor, Decorative, Polished & Stamped Concrete, Asphalt Contractor & Asphalt Maintenance, Pavement Maintenance.
Nationwide Crane Training

We offer crane operator classes worldwide and guarantee you will pass the practical and written CCO certification exams to be a Mobile Crane Operator.
NYC Glass Works

NYC Glass Works is a glass and metal fabrication and installation company serving the New York Tri-State area.
Ontario Duct Cleaning

Professional duct cleaning service. With locations across Ontario, we guarantee a convenient location near you. Visit us today to learn more.
Penhall Company

Penhall Company provides concrete cutting, breaking, excavation and highway grinding services in the United States.
Phoenix Swimming Pools, Landscaping, and Landscape Design

Phoenix landscaping and swimming pool company designs backyards, pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, pool remodels, and splash pads.

National award-winning roofing contractor specializing in all types of roof repair and roof replacement in Fairfax, VA and all Northern Virginia.
SI Restoration - Fire, Water, Mold Restoration

Servicing water damage, fire damage, mold removal, hoarding clean up, and crime scene cleanup.
Spiral Stairs and Spiral Staircases

Salter Industries offers the finest in spiral stairs and staircase kits in metal, wood, and aluminum for interior, exterior and deck installations.

Stair Parts and Iron Balusters. Many finishes and wood types available with fast shipping. Made in USA
Veit USA

We offer waste management and specialty contracting services, including earthwork, demolition, foundations, hydraulic dredging & more.

Construction Business Guide: From Installing Solar Panels, to Plumbing and Flooring

Construction is something you may have to have done to your home or business in the future. A construction company looks for opportunities to bid on projects, such as the one you want to undertake. Success is dependent on providing the bidders all of the necessary information you can, so they bid accordingly and with the knowledge of what you wish to have done. Fixed-price bidding is one way to keep your costs down.


Bidding companies will compete for your project. There are a couple of main benefits to this strategy.

  • You can compare prices.
  • Contractors will be qualified.
  • You can get a better idea of scheduling.

Once you give the bidding companies a bid package, the companies will be able to give you an idea of cost, time, and limitations. Each company will prepare a bid for the project, estimating the labor, time, cost, and overall completion date of the project. The qualified contractors that bid will also allow you to look into their companies. When you choose, you should be able to tell the important information about each company, including their strengths, weaknesses, and projects they have completed in their portfolios.

Site visits are a part of this process, which allow the contractors time to evaluate your space. This helps each potential bidder determine any potential problems you may have at the site. This helps determine the ultimate completion time, and if your schedule is appropriate.

At the time of bidding, you’ll be able to see if a contractor has provided everything you asked for. If not, you can reject the bid. This way, you’ll be able to tell which contractors work best with you and are most responsive.


Contractors depend on construction bidding to receive a fixed price that they can work with. However, there are a few downsides to fixed prices.

  • Construction companies may have change orders.
  • Lower quality.
  • Longer construction times.
  • Extended costs.

Bidding can result in issues such as change orders. The presence of a change order is bad for a construction company. This means they will have to change something they’ve done, and will lose a portion of their expected profit. In response, you may receive lover quality work, as the company will need to make up money through faster work or lower quality products. The costs that could come out of this are exponential, as you may want to pay more to receive what you had expected from the beginning. This will cost you more in the end and will take longer to construct, as this will also result in more change orders.


Pricing for construction bidding is highly dependent on the job a company is completing. For example, each process starts with a construction estimate that is taken from blue prints. From there, a bill of quantities, which lists all materials and their costs, will be created. Construction workers averaged a pay of $21.87 an hour in 2008, according to Celebrity Networth. To figure out the cost to you, you’ll need to figure out the number of workers, their hourly pay, and multiply it together. A manager, on average, makes around $40.00 an hour. This does not include costs such as overtime, or the pricing of equipment or materials.

In fixed-price bids, you may not need to worry about hourly pay, which can help you keep your costs down. If the bidder buys the contract for $3,000, you should be expecting that as a limit. However, if extra items come up, you may be expected to cover extra expenses.


In conclusion, construction bidding is one way to get a project done on a fixed price. Government agencies will bid on your project, giving you the information and expertise you’ll need to have the work done right. With access to information such as the time it will take, the costs of materials, the number of workers being provided, the hours workers will be at the site, information on the site and possible problems, dates and shipping information, and more, you’ll likely be able to plan your project accordingly.

Unfortunately, the downsides do exist, and projects can run over cost, even when a fixed price has been established. Work quality can suffer if the money isn’t there to support the construction needs. Underbidding a project can lead to a number of issues not being resolved, with contractors willing to cut corners in order not to lose their potential profit. Change orders can be frequent in these cases, leading to more money and more time expenses.

Pricing can vary. Depending on your location and the number of bids you receive from qualified agencies, you could end up paying more than expected, or less. Per hour rates may be cheaper than a fixed price in some instances, with contractors making between $20.00 and $40.00 per hour on average.

Overall, you’ll need to make sure you discuss and provide as much information as possible to your construction bidders, so that you know you’ll have a proper and complete job accomplished.