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Demolition Contractors Education and Training

Building demolition contractors have many issues to worry about on the job. Every job has specific requirements, and only those who are qualified to perform construction demolition can properly handle them all.

Demolition Contractors Key Terms

Whether you are completely removing a building or just remodeling the interior of the office, demolition contractors have the knowledge to get the job done. There is much more to demolition than just a guy with a wrecking ball.

Demolition Contractors Pricing and Costs

Demolition contractors pricing and costs will vary depending upon whether or not you obtain services from licensed professionals. A small office space demolition is much different from a building demolition and the two jobs will require varying levels of expertise.

National Demolition Association: NDA

... more than 800 companies engaged in a wide range of demolition activities. ... Help the National Demolition Association with the makeover of our YouTube ...

Find the Best Demolition Contractors | Hometown Demolition

See demolition contractor reviews on top, local companies. Hometown verifies professional demolition company credentials to make it simple to find a ...

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National Demolition Contractors - Demolition, Abatement ...

National Demolition Contractors is based in Southern California (CA) and primary services include demolition, abatement, environmental soil remediation,  ...

Demolition Contractors :: NADC - Lapeer

North American Dismantling (NADC) - demolition contractors for manufacturing facilities, specializing in precision demolition projects for pulp mills, power plants,  ...

Demolition Contractors - NYC - Blue Book Building And Construction

Our main lines of business include: Demolition Contractors, Machinery & Plant Movers, Trucking & Rigging. We are located in the Staten Island, New York area.

Demolition Contractors | Florida - South - The Blue Book Network

Thunder Demolition Inc. has been in business since 1995. Our main lines of business include: Demolition Contractors. We are located in the Miami, Florida area.

Viking Demolition - Demolition Contractors, Asbestos ... - Glendale

Since 1965, Viking demolition Contractors have provided demolition services to Southern California for almost 50 years. Contact us today!

Demolition | Asset Recovery Solutions - D.H. Griffin Companies

More than 55 years of dependable service has established D.H. Griffin Wrecking Co., Inc. (DHGW) as one of the leading demolition companies in the country.

Dependable Contractors | Dependable Demolition | Pool & Building ...

Simple, Reliable, Affordable. Dependable Demolition offers waste removal services for any demolition project. We have years of experience and will meet your ...

Demolition Contractors

Building demolition is a spectacular job, and requires special expertise to take down a structure quickly and safely. When your property has declined to the point that demolition is the only option, check out the different demolition options that are available to you through professional, licensed demolition contracting.

Demolition companies bidding on your project should explore different options, such as explosion, implosion or a demolition ball or other heavy equipment and explain the impact of each method. In a controlled demolition, contractors should take care to minimize the debris and protect the area. When evaluating different demolition contractors, think about a few different points.

1. Find out whether the building demolition company is properly insured.

2. Ask what will happen to the debris after the demolition contractors are finished.

3. Hire demolition companies with outstanding safety records to protect the well-being of everyone involved with the project and the public who could be exposed to dangerous dust.

Choose demolition companies that can handle the project from start to finish

Demolition work may seem like a simple, quick process, but there's quite a bit of underlying work before the project that can begin. Look for a contractor who can handle all the government notifications, inspections and clean-up from start to finish.

Explore the underlying construction before the building demolition begins

It's important to thoroughly explore how a building was constructed before you tear it down. Getting an accurate history of the construction will help you to know the best way to demolish it. Demolition contractors are the best sources to help you investigate potential hazards such as asbestos, and can explain abatement procedures.

Demolition jobs require a safe worksite

Demolition contracting companies must have a focus on safety for their workers and the surrounding area. Having a safety program in place can help keep workers safe before accidents happen.

  • Have frequent contact with the demolition company to ensure on-time delivery of the building teardown.

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