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Manufacturers and distributors of lights and lighting. Directory of commercial and industrial light fixtures and office lighting products.

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LED Lighting Solutions | LED Products | Cree Lighting - Cree, Inc.

With a wide range of lighting solutions and industrial lighting products, Cree provides quality LED solutions and products with market-leading innovation.

Lighting, Light Fixtures, Home Lighting

Manufacturer of over 3500 lights and ceiling fans for indoor and outdoor home ... Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Ceiling Fans and more... home. Products.

Lighting | Houzz: Buy Lamps, Chandeliers, Pendant Lights, Ceiling ...

Buy and browse lighting at Houzz, including light fixtures, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling fans, table lamps and floor lamps.

Products - Cooper Industries

Cooper · Cooper Lighting. Company · Connect to Cooper · Contact Us · Environmental Health .... Consumer Products · Cove Lighting. Indirect Lighting Solutions.

Philips Lighting: Professional Lighting Fixtures & Controls

led, recessed led, outdoor led, outdoor led lighting, recessed led lighting, led lighting, led ... New Products · Philips Lighting Blog · Professional Lamp Catalog.

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Atlas Lighting Products - Industrial & Commercial Lighting Products ...

Atlas Lighting Products provides industrial & commercial lighting products including wall lighting, flood lighting, security lighting, industrial fluorescent, sports ... Grow Lights

Grow light products for indoor hydroponic grow rooms, including magnetic & digital ballasts, reflector hoods, and long-life HPS and MH bulbs.
Crystal World Inc

Crystal World is an online lighting store featuring an extensive catalogue of crystal chandeliers, light fixtures and sophisticated wedding d├ęcor.
Euro Style Lighting

Give your home a fresh modern look! Find fresh, innovative designs - Lighting fixtures, chandeliers, lamps, outdoor lights, ceiling fans and more.
Light Towers USA - Mobile Lighting Systems

North American supplier of industrial light towers, portable lighting solutions, and mobile LED towers.
Lighting EVER

Lighting EVER provides high quality LED lighting.
Lighting Fixtures

Online retailer of home lighting fixtures, lamps, bathroom lights, pendants, ceiling lighting, chandeliers, ceiling fans and outdoor lighting.

Lights and Lighting

When you designed your office, you probably considered furniture and paint, computers and copiers. But did you think about lights and lighting? You should have, because office lighting is a smart yet subtle way to optimize your workplace. Commercial lighting, when carefully planned and purchased, can enhance your environment as well as your efficiency.

Indeed, good commercial lighting fixtures can provide your business with more than light; the best can also provide it with higher profits. Here's how:

1. Office lighting can help you create a more attractive, more appealing work environment.
2. Commercial lighting can improve and enhance employees' and customers' moods.
3. Office lighting can increase productivity and decrease physical strain.
4. Industrial lighting can reduce your energy costs.
5. Commercial lighting, in retail stores, can attract customers and highlight products.

Outfit ceilings with commercial lighting that's optimized for your business

Your ceilings are home to core commercial lighting fixtures. The best lights and lighting for your ceilings depends on your industry, office space and environment.

Turn to task lighting for office lighting that can help productivity

Employees' desktops should be the brightest surface in your office. Begin commercial lighting improvements, therefore, with upgraded task lighting.

Use accent lights and lighting to spotlight important objects

Accent lighting is an ideal way to highlight important elements within your space. Use it within your industrial lighting layout to illuminate important awards or art in your office, or important merchandise within your store.

Open up small spaces with wall-mounted office lighting

Lighting both walls and ceilings reduces contrast, shadows and glare, which can directly and negatively impact workers' performance.

Keep your eye on industrial lighting that can save energy and money

For maximum efficiency, go with fluorescent office lighting over incandescent lights and lighting, which are energy-inefficient.
fluorescent light bulbs using the directory, where you’ll find vendors like Use GE’s online calculator to see how much you can save by using GE Energy Smart compact fluorescent lights. They can also save you taxes; consult the National Electrical Manufacturers Association's Commercial Lighting Tax Deduction website to learn how.
  • Balance bright industrial lighting with light-colored walls and partitions; dark colors make optimal lighting impossible.
  • Office walls should be matte; shiny finishes are reflective and therefore interfere with commercial lighting arrangements.
  • Commercial lighting is especially important to retailers, who should install lighting fixtures that give good color and perfect contrast.
  • Industrial lighting isn't just a matter of aesthetics; if you work in manufacturing, it can be a matter of safety, too.
  • A mere 4 percent improvement in productivity justifies doubling spending on commercial lighting improvements, research suggests.
  • To improve natural lighting, consider installing skylights; a well-designed commercial lighting system can save half of the energy used in a typical building, which offsets any additional heat loss or gains due to the skylights.

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