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Masonry Contractors

Masonry companies are specialized contractors. One may be an expert brick layer, while another is specifically a concrete masonry contractor.

Masonry Contractors Education and Training

If you want to be a mason and aren't lucky enough to have a contact in the business who can teach you how to become a brick layer, you'll need to search for other avenues of masonry contractors education and training. Whether you'll be looking for work at masonry restoration companies or if you're thinking about becoming a self-employed masonry contractor, you'll need proper training and education.

Masonry Contractors Key Terms

Masonry contractors work with stone, brick and concrete to build structures such as retaining walls or hardscaping features like walkways and driveways. They may also specialize in restoration services or cleaning.

Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is the national trade association representing mason contractors. The MCAA is committed to preserving ...

Mason Contractors Association of St. Louis

St. Louis City and the surrounding areas have a rich masonry history. This renowned heritage is attributable to the dedication of the mason contractors and the ...

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North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association

North Carolina Masonry Contractors Association dedicated to serving the Masonry Contractors of the Carolinas, promoting masonry as the building material of ...

Lang Masonry Contractors Inc.

Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc. located in Waterford, Ohio is a commercial masonry contractor celebrating 25 years in business since 1984. We specialize in ...

Masonry Contractors of New Jersey

An Association of Union Masonry Contractors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Architects, Engineers and other Organizations that provide a service to the Masonry ...

Washington State Conference of Mason Contractors

The Washington State Conference of Mason Contractors (WSCMC) is a statewide association of mason contractors and affiliates. The mission of the WSCMC is ...

Arizona Masonry Contractors Association

The Arizona Masonry Contractors Association was founded in the 1950s to service and protect the interests of Masonry Contractors throughout Arizona.

Associated Masonry Contractors of Houston | amchbuildingourfuture ...

AMCH members will be the decision-makers' first choice to build masonry projects. ... The Associated Masonry Contractors of Houston, in association with the ...

Mason Contractors Association of California, Inc.: MCAC

Originally formed to give California mason contractors a greater voice in labor negotiations, MCAC expanded to become an organization representing both ...

Masonry Contractors Pricing and Costs

Masonry contractors pricing and costs should reflect the advantages and disadvantages of using masonry. Competition among masonry suppliers has generally kept the cost of the raw materials in check. Collective bargaining efforts, technological advancements and improvements in safety have combined to keep masonry a competitive method of constructing walls. Brick and similar masonry materials typically do not require painting and, therefore, have a lower life cycle cost. However, appropriate sealing can reduce frost damage and concrete may be painted or stuccoed if it is exposed.

Masonry companies should check the following three sources for information on masonry prices:
  1. Trade magazines for masons. These publications offer information on masonry costs that generally apply to all masons.
  2. Professional associations. These organizations provide opportunities for masons to discuss specific topics of interest, including pricing and costs.
  3. Individual companies. These sources allow customers and other contractors to determine competitive rates.

Find pricing information on masonry companies from brick work publications

A brick layer has many professional sources for ways to reduce the costs of performing masonry. Information from professional publications should reflect current economic conditions in the construction industry.

Look at cost information from professional organizations of masonry restoration companies

Professional organizations may be composed of masons throughout the country or a specific region. They typically provide pricing and costs information that is not specific to any particular company.

Examine prices for specific stone masonry contractors

Masonry contractors frequently provide their pricing methodology and may offer references. Many contractors also offer the specific items that their estimates include.

  • Concrete masonry contractors commonly use cinder concrete blocks as an economical means of construction. These blocks are typically much larger than ordinary bricks and can therefore build a wall of a given size much more quickly. An additional advantage of cinder blocks is that they absorb much less water than brick and, therefore, suffer less damage from ice. Cinder blocks may be used by themselves to build walls for industrial buildings or covered with a brick veneer or stucco surface for decorative purposes. Surface-bonding cement is often added to the surface of cinder blocks to create a stucco-like surface of any desired color.