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Contractors and builders of power plants.

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Power Plant Construction Contractors

It's not too difficult to find power plant building companies. Finding one that meets your criteria is a different story.

Power Plant Construction Contractors Education and Training

Every power plant contractor requires consistent, quality education and training to remain relevant in the industry. Power plant building companies need well-trained individuals that bring in clients and either possess strong overall power plant construction management skills, or specialized training, such as expertise in nuclear power plant construction.

Power Plant Construction Contractors Key Terms

When getting a power plant project off the ground you'll need the help of construction contractors at every stage of the process. Contractors can help you with planning, engineering, equipment design and selection, as well as providing you and your team with training and follow-up maintenance services.

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Mar 29, 2012 ... Skanska has been involved in numerous power plant construction projects and ... In addition, Industrial Contractors Skanska erected the water ...

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MasTec's electrical transmission and distribution services include the construction and maintenance of power plants, high-voltage transmission lines, ...

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Fluor designs, construction and maintains power plants using a variety of fuel ... Contract Staffing; Procurement Services; Supplier and Contractor Registry.

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Power plant project news and articles covering new plant construction, plant permits and plant renovation in North America.

Supplies for Power Plant Construction Contractors

Power plant builders need many supplies during construction of a power plant. A power plant presents many challenges to a construction contractor beyond ordinary construction projects. They must comply with environmental regulations, safety regulations, local zoning ordinances and building codes.

You can get many supplies for power plant construction contractors from the same manufacturers and distributors that produce materials for general construction. For example, power plant construction contractors can easily purchase common raw materials, such as concrete and aggregate. But power plant construction also requires specialty equipment in order to complete the project. Power plant construction companies will need electrical generators and high voltage wire that general construction does not require.

Stock up on supplies before beginning power plant construction, by considering the following:

1. Investigate sources of raw materials needed in power plant construction

2. Find electrical generators and other related equipment

3. Look for heavy machinery needed by power plant contractors

4. Provide radiation protection for workers involved in nuclear power plant construction.

Look for raw materials needed by power plant building companies

Building any type of power plant requires a large amount of raw materials. Concrete, aggregate and rebar make up a large share of basic building construction. Finishing and landscaping may require lumber, piping, wire and computer networking equipment.

Assemble electrical components needed for power plant construction

To generate power, power plants require a variety of electrical equipment. Depending on the power source, various types of electrical turbines and generators produce and distribute the power. High voltage transmission lines and towers send the power to substations for distribution to cities.

Find the best deals on heavy equipment needed for power plant construction

The size and type of power plant you build determines what types of equipment you may need. Cranes, backhoes, cement mixers and dump trucks will come in handy. The power plant contractor needs a variety of small scale supplies such as power tools, power shovels, forklifts, hand tools and many other items.

Comply with radiation safety equipment regulations during nuclear power plant construction

Nuclear power plant contractors have special considerations during construction. Workers and the public must receive protection from radiation fall-out. Large and small supplies prevent radiation leaks and detect potential exposure to various types of radiation.
Environmental Protection Agency website that covers the radiation protection topic, providing good information to assist a business with protecting its workers and the public. Radiation Protection Products makes a line of lead lined doors, windows and other items for shielding workers from radiation.
  • Ensure your power source exists in enough quantity to provide uninterruptible power. Hydro power or solar power plants can probably rely on a steady energy supply, while fossil fuel supplies may fluctuate and costs may inflate. Determining your power source will affect the type of supplies the power plant contractor will need.

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