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Makers of tractors, along with related equipment and supplies.

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Pricing and Costs of Tractors

Whether used for agriculture purposes such as farming or industrial needs such as hauling debris, tractors cover a wide array of choices and considerations. If you need an agricultural tractor, then you don't need to worry about a three-point hitch.

Tractors News and Trends

Tractors are an all-encompassing type of machinery that can help those in the industrial or the agricultural field. Your competitors should be following along to recent changes to the machines or regulations to its use: pay attention to these changes as well or you may find yourself being passed by the competition.

Tractors Key Terms

Tractors are not only found in green and garner the name John Deere on the side. There are so many more options, which can help you in your agricultural needs.

John Deere Tractors

Tractors from John Deere. Learn about the features, specifications, and more for John Deere Tractors.

Kubota Tractor Corporation | Tractors

Kubota Tractor Corpration is number one in customer satisfaction and offers rebates to customers throughout the United States. Kubota Tractors BX Series, ...

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Used Tractors For Sale at John Deere Tractors ...

Farm Equipment at Your source for used tractor, combines, and all makes of used farm equipment and implements.

Tractor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A tractor is an engineering vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or ...

Case IH Tractors - Steiger, Quadtrac, Puma, Magnum, Farmall

Case IH Tractors - more power & fuel efficiency when and how you need it most! View images, product features, compare specs, or build & price at

View All Tractors | Mahindra

The official Mahindra Tractor, Mahindra USA Tractors Corporation web site. Learn out about Mahindra tractors, compact tractors, full-size tractors, utility tractors, ...

Mahindra: World's #1 Selling Tractor including Compact tractors ...

Save up to $4,500 off select Mahindra Tractors. Get an instant $1,000 Customer Discount for select models or choose cash-in-lieu! The $300 Mahindra Power ...

Tractors | Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson Offers a Full Line of Sub-Compact Tractors and High Horsepower Tractors. Solve Your Farming needs with Massey Ferguson Today!

Farm Tractors + Tractor Equipment | Farm + Acreage | Northern Tool ...

(1). Demo Tractors + Bulldozers. (9). 25 HP Tractors. (6). 35 HP Tractors. (7). 40 HP Tractors. (9). 50 HP Tractors. (3). 70 HP Tractors. (3). 82 HP Tractors ...


Say the word tractor and most people will immediately conjure up an image of John Deere farm tractors. John Deere makes great tractors, but there are plenty of other tractor suppliers out there who can furnish anything from a compact tractor to an agriculture tractor.

A tractor is not just for agricultural use. You can use industrial tractors to build a gravel road, dig up and loosen compact soil, plow snow, cut grass, or haul debris or equipment. To determine which tractors for sale are the best for you, answer these questions first.

1. What is your budget?

2. Do you want a light-duty or heavy-duty tractor?

3. Do you need farm tractors or industrial tractors?

Decide whether you need a light or heavy-duty compact tractor

Light-duty tractors are cheaper to purchase, are belt-driven and require less maintenance than heavy-duty tractors, but there are some drawbacks. Tractor parts for light-duty machines are more difficult to find and some breakdowns cannot be fixed which means that you may have to buy another tractor. With appropriate maintenance and use, light-duty tractors can serve your needs for many years.

Buy used tractors at auction

Especially if you are in the market for heavy-duty tractors, buying used is a great way to stretch your budget. Because heavy-duty tractors are made of steel, they are built to last so you can get a pretty good deal on a used one.

Decide the features you will need for your industrial tractors

Once you know whether you need four-wheel drive and how many passengers you will have to transport, then you can start your shopping as these features affect tractor prices. Consider purchasing a three-point hitch (3PH) because it is a standard mechanism for attaching different implements to your tractor, and you will most likely need one at some point.
  • Consider what surface your tractors will be running on before making your purchase. Some models run better on hilly terrains than others so you'll want to choose the best tractor for your terrain.

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