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Athletic Awards and Trophies

Athletic awards are an ideal way to commemorate achievements on the field or court. Whether for a youth basketball tournament or summer softball league, athletic awards and trophies present a great way to mark athletic achievements.

GPS Receivers

With so many GPS receivers entering the market, it may be difficult to know which one to choose. Originally designed by the United States Department of Defense, GPS has become a part of the mainstream, used by drivers, hikers, golfers and urbanites alike.

Television Distributors

You may want a TV in your office to keep up with stock prices or current news events. You may need one in your conference room for meetings, conferences or training sessions.

Film Industry

Break into the film industry with a bit of background knowledge and determination. The film industry business is one that can be tackled with a bit of education and the proper tools.

Dance Floor

For special events and corporate parties, a dance floor is a must-have to keep your guests on their feet and entertained. The right dance floor provider can set up a wide range of dance floors that meet your party's needs and keep your special event hopping all night long.

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Media and Entertainment Industry Basics

The media and entertainment industry is a broad umbrella term for any business or company involved in fields such as live entertainment, broadcasting, filmed entertainment, journalism. Although most of us associate this industry with pure relaxation--seeing a movie after work, for example, or relaxing in front of the television on a weekend-- businesses rely heavily on the media and entertainment industry for their marketing and branding efforts.

Supplies for the Film Industry

One thing your film production business probably already knows about the industry is that you need a seemingly endless stream of supplies to be successful. Not only do you need quantities of motion-picture quality film, you need equipment to film and record sound, video and sound editing devices, lighting apparatus and makeup.

Working with Television Distributors

Wholesale TV distributors can be a great resource when you run a consumer electronics business or just a television business. The distributors will carry the latest technology and offer it to you a deeply discounted prices compared to retail.

Toy and Game Distributors and Wholesalers News and Trends

The success of small business owners in the toy and game industry is often dependent on staying abreast of toy and game distributors and wholesalers news and trends. By doing so, a business owner can offer the most fashionable and current product on the market.

Athletic Awards and Trophies Types and Styles

With all the athletic awards and trophies types and styles available, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for an individual athletic award to reward individual performance or athletic trophies to commemorate a team victory, the awards industry has something for just about every sport imaginable.

Pricing and Costs of Ohio Continuing Legal Education

If you're a lawyer in Ohio, the good news is that you can find affordable continuing legal education in Ohio. According to the Supreme Court of Ohio, active attorneys, corporate lawyers and full- and part-time judges must complete a determined number of hours in continuing legal education Ohio every two years.

Media and Entertainment Key Terms

Very few people, especially in America, go through life untouched by the media and entertainment industry. However, the terminology associated with media and entertainment isn't as common.

Treeline Catering

Luxury Caterer specializing in combining a setting, entertainment, and a quality meal for the masses.
Now and Then Dance Studios

A ballroom dancing studio in the Washington DC area that provides dance lessons and instruction.
Sycuan Casino & Resort

Sycuan Casino offers plenty of gaming options including roulette, Blackjack, Sycuan-style craps, and over 2,000 video poker and video reel slots.

Business Guide to Consumer Entertainment: Purchasing a Television, Stereo or A/V Components

The days of grainy black and white television have long been gone. Now, people can watch movies with Blu-ray quality in three dimensions and surround sound. Consumer entertainment has become an important part of home life, with families huddling around the television or watching the latest thriller or fantasy epic on 52 inches of pure electric euphoria.

Consumer entertainment no longer means just the television. The television is the centerpiece to an electronic orchestra of DVD player, stereo surround sound, and even Internet streaming. Each piece helps complete the whole system, but with so many choices out there, it can be difficult to choose from the many types and styles available. You can have a plasma or LCD television in either 2-D or 3-D, and a DVD player built for standard or high definition DVDs. It all coalesces into a perfect consumer entertainment system.


People spend $30 or more to see a movie in a theater, surrounded by complete strangers, and sit in uncomfortable seats. Consumer entertainment eliminates these annoyances and provides all the benefits at home.

Theater Experience

The sensitivity of surround sound systems can make a movie sound like it’s happening all around the viewer. The screams of a damsel in distress and the heroic cry of the underdog seem to be right next to the watcher's ear. High-definition television provides a crystal clear picture that looks more like a window than a television screen. People can experience a movie like never before with the vast array of consumer entertainment equipment available on the market.


In the past, if people wanted to see a top quality movie, with all the bells and whistles of high tech sound and images, then they had to travel to a movie theater. Consumer entertainment systems provide the feeling of a theater without all the driving. People can sit in their living rooms and stream new movies from the Internet. They can also pop in a DVD and don a pair of 3-D glasses to watch a movie that the local theater may never have even had.


When there is a major sports event, whose house are people going to want to watch it at? They're going to give their regrets to the friend who has a 10-year-old television and head over to watch the game with the guy who owns a 60-inch plasma with high definition and surround sound. A high tech consumer entertainment system provides prestige among the person's peer group and circle of friends.


With a crisp picture and good surround sound, there are aspects of a television show or movie that the watcher picks up on that someone without a consumer entertainment system may not. For example, a 60 inches of high tech picture may allow a person to spot someone in the back of a crowd and help provide an important clue to the plot. A good surround sound system allows a person to hear small background sounds that lesser systems don't pick up.


Consumer entertainment systems can add an entirely new dimension to television and movie watching. Despite their obvious advantages, these systems are not without issues.


With so many types of entertainment products out there, it is easy to be confused when buying one. Salesmen use jargon, such as dots per inch and wireless routing capability, to talk about a specific brand or product. A person may not want or need everything the salesman talks about but wind up buying way more than he intended or paying too much for shoddy goods. It's important that a consumer does research on the types of products he or she wants before going to a store. Salesmen want a nice commission, so they steer consumers to the more expensive products.

Obsolete Machinery

Consumer electronics grow and expand as new brands and technologies are constantly developed every day. The $2,000 television purchased only six months earlier may become an inferior model, and people are left wanting the latest and the greatest. The big fad in consumer entertainment may go the way of the Beta tape and HD DVD, leaving many people with an obsolete system that they have paid for a significant amount.


The price of consumer entertainment systems depends on what the consumer wants. A smaller high-definition television costs only a few hundred dollars, but the big 60-inch screen can cost $2,000 or more. A standard DVD player costs as low as $30, but a Blu-ray player with streaming Internet capability can cost several hundred. A bargain basement surround sound costs $100, but the best models can cost a few thousand. The cost of the system depends on the budget of the consumer and the depth and intensity of the experience he or she wants from the system.

Consumer entertainment systems can have a significant impact on the quality of a person's experience while watching a television or a movie, so the decision-making process should not be taken lightly. A consumer should determine his or her needs and shop around for the system that gives him or her what he or she wants without breaking the bank.