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Merry Garden Interchangeable Picnic Table and Garden Bench

2-in-1 design easily switches with on-flowing movement from picnic table to garden bench and back again; Great for patios with limited space; Made from ...

Awesome Convertable Picnic Table / Bench Review - YouTube

Oct 17, 2013 ... Here's a great picnic table that converts with the flick of a wrist into a bench. Love this table / bench for it's versatility. You can buy on amazon ...

The folding table Garden Bench which converts to a Picnic Table ...

Sep 13, 2011 ... BUY THE BENCH ONLINE @ Garden Bench which converts to a Picnic Table and Benches.

Folding Bench to Picnic Table Instructions page 1

How to make a bench seat that folds out to a bbq picnic table - step by step instructions.

DIY Convertible Picnic Table Bench | The Owner-Builder Network

A full album and instructions on how to build a DIY convertible picnic table bench.

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Foldable Picnic Table Turns Into A Garden Bench | Inthralld

While we tend to provide inspiration for small space interiors, that's not to say that smaller spaces (or even larger ones) don't come with limited outdoor.

Picnic Table Bench on Pinterest

Discover Pins about picnic table bench on Pinterest. See more about folding picnic table, picnic table and log benches.

Picnic Table Plans on Pinterest


Shop Picnic Tables at

Item #: 31758; Model #: PBK358-VB. The 358 series table with capri seats offers comfortable bench-style seating; The tabletop is a 46" square with thermoplastic  ...

Folding Picnic Table to Bench. Click on the picture to open ...

Aug 18, 2014 ... Step by Step instructions on how to build your own Bench to Picnic Table. The instructions include a material list, all standard measurements, ...

Picnic table with detached benches - Instructables

A solid picnic table can be a central part of all of those events, and it doesn't have to be expensive or intricate. This design costs around $100 to build and just ...

How to Build a Picnic Table and Benches | This Old House

We asked TOH fans about picnic tables, and they asked us for an update to the park-variety A-frame. ... Download and print the picnic table and benches cut list.

Picnic Table Bench

Can a picnic table bench bring profits? Sure. Some customers spend hours shopping each week. They walk here and there and all around the town. After spending all day afoot, they need a place to sit and relax for a few minutes. A handy picnic table bench allows a brief respite from the daily saga. Throw in a picnic table bench here and there. Well-rested customers might shove more doubloons toward your cashiers.

Benches are relatively inexpensive, so you can put them all over inside and out. Rested customers are happy customers, and a happy clientele may buy more stuff than a miserable one. What kind of picnic table bench do you want? Not many decades ago, it was difficult to find a freestanding bench. Most were part of picnic table combinations that looked like they belonged in bunkhouse dining rooms. Fortunately, you can now find stand-alone benches that are both snazzy and utile.

1. Look for a comfortable picnic table bench, which makes the shopper and the shopper's hubby happy.

2. Check out concrete picnic table bench products for outdoor use.

3. Find picnic table bench information on recycled products.

Provide a picnic table bench for bored husbands

Think about the wife who loves trying on every style of shoe available in a shoe store. If her nagging husband remains at her heels harping at her to hurry and leave, she isn't going to buy much. But give the bloke somewhere to sit and snooze, and the wife might fill the car with merchandise from your store. Don't allow your business insufficient seating. It could erode your bottom line.

Use a concrete picnic table bench outdoors

A concrete picnic table bench is great for outdoor use. It is sturdy enough to withstand inclement weather, and its weight makes it hard to steal. To reduce the chance of theft even more, lock it in place with a chain and padlock or anchor it in a concrete outdoor patio.

Find a recycled materials picnic table bench list of products

Do your part for the environment. Several manufacturers create benches from recycled material. Now your customers can sit on old milk bottles instead of burying them.
  • If you sell gaming systems, use one to keep your customers' kids busy so the parents have time to shop in your store. Install a video game station near a picnic table bench. Not only will it keep the children entertained, the progeny might pester mom and dad into purchasing your products.