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A List of Free Business Analyst Training Online — Business Analyst ...

Jan 20, 2013 ... You don't need to break the bank to become a business analyst. There are lots of free training materials online to get you started. So, if you're ...

Business Analysis Training - Live Session1 (Trainer SAI) - YouTube

Jan 29, 2013 ... For More Info: Contact Info: Phone - 515-978-9777 (or) Email - ...

B2T Training | Business Analysis Training

Business analysis training and professional development in traditional and agile approaches. We Get It. We'll Help You Get It Too.

Business Analysis Certificate | Business Analyst Training

Business Analysis Certificates - Business Analyst Training - online business programs. Critical business analyst skills and BA training.

Business Analyst Training Online | Villanova University

Business Analyst Training Online - Villanova University. Take business analysis online training courses towards earning a business analysis certification.

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Business Analysis Training & Courses | Business Intelligence Training

Enhance essential business skills and be ready for Certification with our Business Analysis Training curriculum. We also offer Business Intelligence Training and ...

Business Analysis Training | ESI International

ESI International offers a variety of courses covering business analysis training. Learn more today!

Business Analyst Training, Business Analysis Training | Business ...

Watermark Learning Business Analysis courses provide a complete BA training path. Plus, our career development courses add knowledge and skills at any ...

Business Analysis Training from Global Knowledge

Our business analysis training helps you master the communication and analytical skills you need to improve business processes in your company including ...

Business Analysis Training | ASPE–SDLC -

Learn what the Business Analyst position is, why it's important, and how Business Analysis training from ASPE can help you build the "Skills Bridge" to cross the ...

Certificate Program in Business Analysis | UC Berkeley Extension

Required CoursesYou should complete the courses in the order listed below, beginning with Business Analysis Essentials and Planning X448.1.

Business Analysis Training Courses for Business Analysts

Business Analyst Solutions. We offer a range of BCS, IIBA and skills based business analyst training course in London or on-site. Training courses can lead to ...

A Guide to Business Analyst Training

A business analyst performs an essential function for business owners.  Without these services, managers are unsure of the decisions that will take them to the next level.  If you’re in a position to open a consulting firm, you might be able to benefit from some re-training to get you off the ground.  Let’s consider what this kind of career entails, and how you can go about getting started.

What You Need To Learn

You’ll have to start by learning what you’ll be learning.  Business analysts do a lot, and you need to be ready to take on a big job when you start the process towards becoming one.

Depending on the nature of the analyst’s engagement, they can conduct a review of everything from a company’s shipping practices to their overall business strategy.  That means taking into account the business’s goals and resources, and determining the best allocation of both money and commitment.

In training, you’ll be learning how to get an accurate read on what a firm can and can’t do, what its working capital can accomplish to stretch its ambitions, and what its management is in a position to execute.  You’ll find out how to spot strengths and weaknesses, not just in a plan, but in a whole organization.  Is the staff competent?  Do they need more training?  How much will that cost?  Is it worth it?  Is management prepared to make decisions that will alter its day-to-day routine?

As a business analyst you’ll develop a sixth sense for recognizing problems and advocating solutions.  Much of it can be taught through effective research strategies, but sooner or later you’ll have to depend on your instincts: that’s what makes the difference for good analysts.  If you already feel strongly about business solutions, then you’re halfway there.

How You Can Learn It

There are many online courses you can take to pick up the fundamentals of business analysis, and there are any number of credited programs that can take you through it in more depth.  You can get whatever level of education you desire in this field, up to and including PhD programs at prestigious universities under experienced management scholars.  Obviously, the time and money you put into your education translates into richer opportunities down the line – though not as directly as you might think.

Make the best choice for you by considering what your own strengths and weaknesses are.  Start your analyst days by analyzing yourself, and see what you can come up with as a plan to minimize your weaknesses and play to your strengths.  It’s good training for the profession you’ll be assuming, and it your choices can reflect the quality of the work you’ll soon be doing.


Business analyst training can be ideal for sharp minds with a desire to grow and contribute meaningfully to their company’s future.  Look into your options and decide if it’s the right path for you.