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Business Training Works: Training Courses and Webinars

Business Training Works is a leading onsite training provider: etiquette, customer service, presentation skills, communication, business writing, sales, leadership ...

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Dale Carnegie Training works with companies of all sizes to meet business challenges. We ignite workplace enthusiasm by developing your employees into  ...

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Get trained fast by joining over 3,000 others in completing our business certification programs. Use the drop-down menus at the top of our website to peruse our ...

Business Courses and Training from

Business Training Courses. Explore a wide range of business skills from project management and negotiation to leadership skills and online marketing strategy.

BizLibrary – Online Video & eLearning Collection

Provides employee and business skills training materials using a unique lending library program.

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Parkland College - Business Training

PARKLAND COLLEGE BUSINESS TRAINING 1315 N. Mattis Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821 • 217/351-2235 Corporate ...

Business Training

Business training is a leader in IT and management training in Belgium and Luxembourg. Our core training is focused on Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, Oracle,  ...

The Business Training Center

The Business Training Center of Edmonds Community College provides students with specific job skills training. In addition, we provide high level, quality ...

Business Training | Leadership Training | Business Management ...

Small-to-medium business training needs are a perfect fit with Skillsoft's elearning solutions. Learn how we can help you provide cost-effective, quality training.

SBA Learning Center: Find By Media Type | The US Small Business ...

Counseling, mentoring, and training from an SBA District Office, SCORE Chapter, Small Biz Development Center or Women's Biz Center in your area.

Business Training

Training for small business, entrepreneurs and work from home businesses. Offers access to marketing, sales skills and public speaking courses.

Thailand Tattoo School

Tattoo art and tattoo trainings school Thailand

Business Training Buyer Guide: Services That Brace Your Employees for the Business World

Business training is one of the key functions of human resource management. Employees are the most valuable asset of any business organization. Development of employee skills helps the organization to compete successfully in the marketplace as well as improve its overall productivity. However, most organizations are not fully equipped to handle the entire job of employee training and development on their own. It makes good business sense to hire the services of professional training consultants to impart special skills and knowhow to new and existing employees.


In a highly dynamic business environment with constantly changing consumer aspirations and rapid technological advancements, upgrading the existing skill sets of employees is just as important as training new employees. This allows the organization to remain ahead of the competition and deliver cutting-edge performance in the marketplace. Business training and development may be necessary in various areas of management, ranging from leadership skills to effective communication skills, and from new production and marketing techniques and methods to technological skills.




Leadership Skills


Professional leadership training programs enable the development of leadership qualities among key employees of the business organization. Large and medium-sized organizations have multiple profit centers, departments, and subsidiaries that must be managed by the top management executives. Even a sales manager requires leadership skills to lead and motivate his team of sales persons effectively. Leadership involves analytical ability to make the right decisions, the ability to accept responsibility and take judicious business risks, to seize the initiative from the competitors with quick thinking and action, and to lead subordinates by example.


Business Communication Skills


In this information age, a large part of business communication is conducted through online communication, audio and video conferencing, e-mails, and formal letters and documents. This requires professional business writing and communication skills to convey a clear and precise message without any margin for errors. Personal business meetings also require employees to dress up appropriately, follow the business etiquette, and make an impressive exchange with business associates, customers, investors, and bankers.


Technical Skills


Technology is a critical factor that determines the survival and success of many businesses today. Companies with technology-friendly employees have the edge over their competitors in terms of product development and efficient production processes. Business training helps to upgrade the technical skills of the employees, and make them conversant with new and innovative business processes and techniques.


Employee Motivation

Business training has an underlying impact on the motivation levels of a majority of employees. It is one of the most productive employee incentives that an organization can provide. It helps to improve employee loyalty and motivates them to do their best for the organization. Employees develop a respect for organizations that care for their personal and professional development, and invest resources to that end. Data from the American Society for Training and Development reveals that 82 percent of all employees view corporate training as a motivating factor in improving job performance.




Organizational Conflict


Unless an employee training program is conducted fairly and uniformly for all concerned employees, it carries the risk of creating interpersonal conflict within the organization. Some employees who are deprived of such training may feel let down by the company, and may lose their motivation levels to work.


Ineffective or Outdated Techniques


The business organization must take care to ensure that training to the employees is imparted only by a reputed professional training services firm. If the training is in-house, the company’s human resource department should be professionally equipped to provide competent business training to the employees.


Challenges of Hands-on Job Training


Many companies prefer to train new employees with on-the-job training. This is an effective way to impart practical training to an employee to get used to the work environment before assuming full job responsibilities. However, hands-on training has its own limitations as it may create conflict between the manager and the on-the-job trainee. It may also compromise the efficiency or effectiveness of the manager if the trainee makes business errors during the training period.


Creative Input Limitations


Some human resource experts believe that one of the downsides of business training is a reduction in the creative input and imagination of the new employees. Employees who come from a different culture or background can contribute fresh and innovative ideas and perspectives to the organization. However, a comprehensive training process may confine or limit their ability to think or act independently.  




Professional business training and development consultants may charge a substantial amount of fee for their services. The cost of such services depends on the scope and duration of the training, the number of employees to be trained, and the strengths and reputation of the training consultancy firm. The business organization must evaluate the training costs against potential benefits. It can try to seek the price offers from more than one training agencies and then choose the one with the most competitive offer.


The rewards of business training can be far higher than the initial costs. The best part about most training programs is that the skills they impart are likely to remain with the employees for life. Therefore, the business organization can continue to reap benefits of employee training over a long period of time. In a competitive market environment, organizations with a highly trained and motivated workforce are likely to have a clear edge over the competitors and deliver higher productive and superior customer satisfaction in the long run.

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