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Offers products and resources for learning COBOL programming skills.

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COBOL Programming Education and Training for Beginners

The computer language known as COBOL or Common Business Oriented Language was a pioneering step in creating the kinds of accounting tools that are now common in every industry, and that generate a lot of COBOL programming classes and training scenarios. Though much of the newer technology has been built with leaner, newer languages, COBOL is still very much in use.

COBOL Programming Education and Training Key Terms

COBOL or Common Business-Oriented Language is what some would call a dinosaur in the programming world. However, to others, who might call it a "legacy" language, COBOL is still very relevant.

COBOL Programming Education and Training Advice and Ratings

The projected growth in software programming jobs has led many to seek out COBOL programming training in order to qualify for these lucrative positions. With job growth projected to continue through the year 2013, the number of those seeking to add COBOL programming skills to their resume continues to rise.

Hewlett-Packard Education & Training, US & Canada - U4190S

HP Education & Training, US & Canada - HP NonStop education program - Pathway application programming I (COBOL)

COBOL Cafe - Community & Forum - Training - COBOL and Related

Sep 23, 2013 ... BitAdvisors - ... COBOL Application Programmer Courses; Self-Paced Learning ...

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Web Based Training - Micro Focus

Micro Focus Education Services is now delivering on-demand, self-paced, online training for many of our products. All training is available from our Training ...

Micro Focus Academic Program - Micro Focus

Our Academic Program is designed to promote and foster the education, enablement, and development of the COBOL language and business-based ...

The Cobol Brain Drain | Computerworld

College graduates with Cobol training are in short supply. In Michigan, for example, state schools that offer Cobol programming education have cancelled ...

COBOL Training Program Mainframe Courses SYS-ED SYSED CETi

SYS-ED provides COBOL training programs. Review training resources - learning paths, courseware, technology updates -

Submit COBOL Questions Knowledge Base COBOL Training ...

SYS-ED's distance-learning training service is 65% lecture with the ... COBOL Programming Language ...

Online Computer Programming Courses & Training

Learn to program in C, C++, Oracle, COBOL, Visual Basic, Object-Oriented Analysis, ... Capella provides a flexible online learning environment designed for  ...

COBOL Training Class - Veryant

COBOL training and education from Veryant. ... An introduction to the four COBOL programming language divisions will be presented. Students will compile ...

COBOL Programming Education and Training

COBOL programming education and training will teach you what you need to learn in order to program in COBOL. This is a smart move for people who want to work as computer programmers. With a bit of COBOL training, you can have a steady career.

COBOL is an older programming language, which makes it somewhat less popular. Nonetheless, there are many programs that used COBOL as a programming language, and the companies that created these programs need people who have taken COBOL programming classes to make modifications to existing programs.

With COBOL programming training you can:

1. Start a career as a programmer. If you are looking to break into programming, then COBOL programming schools will give you the credentials you need to get started.

2. Become more valuable to your employer. As you increase your knowledge and skills, you become a more important part of your company. This frequently leads to promotions or increases in pay.

3. Add to your programming language repertoire. It's best to know as many programming languages as possible. If you already have a few under your belt, COBOL classes can help you learn a new skill.

Start your COBOL programming education and training with online tutorials

Some people have no problems teaching themselves a new programming language. If you are this type of person, then it's best to use a COBOL programming tutorial instead of paying money for classes.

Take COBOL classes to learn the programming language

Some people prefer to have a teacher guide them through the learning process. Attending classes is a great way to learn to program in COBOL. You'll get the hands-on experience you need to succeed.
Tuskegee University has classes in COBOL. Alternatively, you may prefer the convenience of online COBOL training. In that case, look for an online class at World Wide Learn.

Get COBOL programming certification to boost your credibility

Having a certification shows potential employers that you are dedicated and have the knowledge it takes to effectively program for them. If you want a career in programming, it's best to have some certifications under your belt. Many of your competitors will have these qualifications.

  • Many companies offer an employee training reimbursement program that helps employees pay for continuing education classes. If you are interested in COBOL classes, you may want to see whether your employee will pay for it.

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