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Competitive Intelligence Education and Training

Use competitive intelligence education and training to increase your research, knowledge and professional capabilities in business intelligence. Certification is one option.

Competitive Intelligence Education and Training for Beginners

Whether you’re interested in a new career in the competitive intelligence field or want to utilize this business tool to improve the success of your business, competitive intelligence education and training for beginners can give you the basic information and instruction. Successful business intelligence training will discuss the best ways to research, analyze and use information about your competitors or clients to guide marketing decisions.

Competitive Intelligence Education and Training Key Terms

It's nearly impossible to establish or run a successful business if you don't understand who your competitors are. Additionally, you should have a working knowledge about other companies you do business with that are vital to your success, like distributors and suppliers.

Competitive Intelligence Training & Certification Fuld + Company

The Academy of Competitive Intelligence (ACI) is the most rigorous and comprehensive training ... Competitive Intelligence Expertise ... Training & Education

CIP certification - Academy of Competitive Intelligence

The Academy of Competitive ... Education and Training (IACET) 1760 ...

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Academy of Competitive Intelligence

the gold standard in CI education ... "Essential for learning the different facets of analysis. ... Comeptitive Intelligence today, and maximize your fortunes for

Institute for Competitive Intelligence - Your career begins here ...

International Competitive Intelligence/ Market Intelligence education program. ... professionals a solid and flexible Competitive Intelligence training program to ...

Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence - Wikipedia ...

The Fuld-Gilad-Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence is a first of its kind global educational organization solely dedicated to bringing professional training  ...

Competitive Intelligence Education and Training Providers ...

Business resources for Competitive Intelligence Education and Training. View relevant Education company listings, tips & advice, or describe your project and ...

Competitive Intelligence Education and Training for Beginners ...

Guide to Competitive Intelligence Education and Training for Beginners from Discover a variety of sources for competitive intelligence education ...

AWARE FAQs - Competitive Intelligence Education

As a result, the best ways of learning about CI will be through. commercial CI firms offering competitive intelligence training - for instance AWARE (for in-house  ...

Competitive Intelligence Certification- Is it worth it ...

There is always a learning curve between doing something, and then ... I don't know how much education you have in competitive intelligence.

Competitive Intelligence Education and Training News and Trends

There's some discussion nowadays about what is meant by competitive intelligence, but many at the top of important businesses consider competitive intelligence training a must for keeping an edge in a competitive market. While many see competitive intelligence as mainly the same as gathering legal data about competitors, others use the term more broadly to define nearly any kind of predictive work on how a business will fare in a market.

For finding out about what's happening with competitive or "business" intelligence education, web users can find info on competitive intelligence education and training news and trends from many Internet venues that cover the kinds of "data mining" activities that we associate with competitive intelligence. Readers can find news related to competitive intelligence training useful for:

1. Evaluating options for getting a specific staff member involved in competitive intelligence education and training, competitive intelligence licensing or certification, or another similar role.

2. Help in starting up a company's competitive intelligence project where the job of predicting the market will get done by an individual or a team.

3. Assistance with helping top brass to understand the imperatives of business intelligence certification, training, program boosting or other work.

Look for competitive intelligence training news from online periodicals

Online publications, including magazines, journals and periodicals, are one resource for helping a business to get involved in learning what's going on "behind the scenes," as executives hone their competitive intelligence skills for keeping on top of market realities and knowing about competitors. Use these resources to step into what is in some ways much like a 21st century "jungle" where the quick benefit and the slow suffer.

Find schools for competitive intelligence certification and training

Business leaders looking to maximize competitive intelligence potential or leverage existing talent can find info from schools offering competitive intelligence programs.

Get additional competitive intelligence training resources from a variety of info sites

Other web pages include some various "list-type" resources for getting to know more about competitive intelligence. Browse these sites to get a healthy, balanced view of how competitive intelligence gets done within specific fields and apply the results to your business.