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Providers of customer service training programs and customer service education. Review companies offering customer service classes and online customer service training. Find customer service training solutions for your business.

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Customer Service Education and Training Basics

Customer service is the level of assistance and courtesy given to customers of a business establishment. The quality of customer service is so important, it can actually make or break a business.

Customer Service Education and Training Key Terms

When it comes to customer service education and training, key terms can help you understand the purpose of the instructor. For example, a class focused on conflict management or resolution may not cover topics such as CRM software.

Customer Service Training and Education

Customer Service Institute offers Training and Education.

Customer Service Training -

How to train, measure, and improve customer service for your business or ... by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), ...

Customer Education and Training Programs | Manhattan Associates

Learn about effective customer education and training programs available to ... daily operational procedures, production support, and change management ...

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Education & Training | Accuray

The Training Department takes special care to ensure that our customers maximize their training experience by providing a professional staff to work closely with ...

Customer Service Training: Seminars & Courses | AMA

Uncover the secrets of keeping customers happy with AMA's customer service seminars. Browse our wide variety of customer service training courses today.

CommVault Education Services - Education Advantage Customer ...

Education Services Training Course Quick Reference ... CommVault Education Services offers flexible course format options ... After course completion, Customers can achieve industry certification to further personal and professional growth.

Education & Training Services, Workforce Solutions Training ...

Kronos Education Services deliver workforce solutions training for managers and end users ... Courses are available for our customers on our customer portal.

Cents Program | Consumer Education Training Services

ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE TO BUILD YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE. The financial situation of the middle class, working class, and the working poor is getting ...

Education & Training | Ventyx

Customer Communities; Education & Training ... Ventyx Global Education Services has been providing the highest level of performance and training solutions to ...

Impact Learning Systems

Provides customer service training that achieves measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, resolution time, and escalation rates.

Improving Customer Service

It's no secret that you need customers in order to grow your company. Without them, all you have is a good idea. But attracting customers is only part of the equation. You have to figure out how to build loyalty and create an experience that makes them want to continue doing business with you. That means developing a winning customer service strategy. The basis of such a strategy should answer these fundamental questions:
  1. How do you expect to be treated as a customer?
  2. What will the total experience feel like when customers come to you?
  3. How do your actions, attitudes and behaviors reflect your customer service philosophy?

Train your employees

Emphasize the importance of customer service to all employees, beginning with the interview process and continuing throughout their employment tenure. Send employees to customer service training programs and seminars.

Hire service-minded employees

Keep customer service in mind during the hiring process and consider if candidates can meet your standards of service. Once employees are on board, keep them focused on customer service.

Thank customers early and often

When customers make a major purchase or when they make an inquiry about your products or services, follow up with a sincere thank you. A handwritten thank you note or an email can do wonders to create goodwill with customers.

Respond quickly to customer comments and complaints

When potential customers call or email with inquiries about your products or services, a fast response is a must. Late responses can irritate customers and prompt them to go to your competitors for their needs. Likewise, when existing customers contact you with a problem or a return, respond rapidly.

Emphasize phone courtesy

The way you and your employees interact with customers on the phone can cement your relationship or sever it permanently. Good phone techniques include answering the phone with the name of your business, the employee's name and a simple "How may I help you?"

Encourage customer feedback

Make customers feel important by asking for their input. Survey customers about your products, services and customer service.

Recognize customer service

Motivate employees by offering awards and recognition when they provide top-notch customer service.
  • Establish customer-friendly policies, such as money-back guarantees.
  • Keep customers impressed by offering unexpected extras, such as free samples or free shipping.
  • Greet each and every customer who comes into your store. On the Web, welcome registered customers with a personalized message.

Get everything you need to grow your business

Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

Thanks! We just sent your first issue

306,241 Subscribers