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The most common research doctorate is the Doctor of ... for completion of doctoral degrees for all fields in the U.S. is seven.

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Is a Doctoral Degree the Way to Go?

Defining a Doctorate Degree

If one’s educational pursuits include going after a doctorate degree, there are a number of things to learn about such a program.

For starters, the doctorate degree is the top level of the academic degree food chain. Individuals can attain a doctorate in nearly every subject area, with most doctorate degree programs taking four years to finalize post-bachelor’s degree. Individuals that already sport a master’s degree may be able to finalize a doctorate in the same subject area with only three more years of full-time study.

In looking at the numbers, four-year doctorate degrees typically mandate some 90 to 120 semester credits or 30 to 40 college courses, with the length and credits of doctorate programs varying.

In some cases, doctorate programs require that a research thesis be finalized, while some others may require the individual to undertake and complete a capstone paper and/or a supervised placement working in the individual’s chosen career.

For individuals not sure if they need a doctorate, items to consider are when they know that a doctorate or professional degree is a necessity for their careers or when they have already attained a master’s degree and are looking to improve their income pay scale.

For individuals looking to continue their studies an increase their chances of locating a better paying and more satisfying job, a doctorate degree is definitely a road to consider traveling down.

A doctorate degree is an academic degree which permits the holder to teach in a certain field, like a Doctor of Science or Doctor of Psychology for example. While the time and effort dedicated to achieving such a degree is intense, the rewards can be very satisfying.


Better Opportunities Exist with a Doctorate Degree

Among the reasons to consider pursuing a doctorate degree is:

·         Better income opportunities – With a doctorate degree, an individual positions themselves for better opportunities to earn more income, although it is not a given. Some employers do arrive at salaries based on education, with the education counting to several years of experience;

·         Better career opportunities – With a doctorate degree in hand, individuals put themselves in position for a better job opportunity. The doctorate degree makes available additional research options, along with post-doctoral positions;

·         Better name recognition – Having a doctorate beside one’s name usually means a higher level of respect, especially in areas like scientific and academic circles;

·         Better and more affordable education opportunities – Going after a doctoral degree can open the door to tuition reimbursement, along with teaching and research assistantships.


Timing Involved to Acquiring a Doctorate Degree

For individuals interested in pursuing a doctorate degree, keep in mind the likely schedule involved in order to best map out the timeline to achieve the degree.

In many cases, a doctorate degree requires four years of study, post-bachelor's degree. For those already holding a master’s degree, they might be able to finish a doctorate in the same subject area with only three years of added full-time study.

Four-year doctorates will demand some 90 to 120 semester credits or 30 to 40 college courses, while the length and credits of doctorate programs can differ. A number of doctorate programs necessitate a research thesis be completed. Meantime, an increasing number of online doctorates are set up as “practitioner’s degrees,” while a research thesis might be optional. Lastly, individuals may have to complete a capstone paper and/or a supervised placement working in their career field.


Doctorate Degrees and Careers

In the event individuals are wondering if a doctorate degree is a necessity in moving forward, keep in mind that only a limited number of career areas require a doctorate degree. Areas where state licensing is mandated — like teaching in a public school and psychology — might necessitate the doctorate degree for the highest salaried positions and for posts in government operations.

For individuals considering pursuing a doctorate degree online, take note that online doctorate degrees usually are in areas that necessitate doctorates for licensing, like teaching or psychology. The majority of them demand short residencies or campus visits — like a week each summer on campus — to meet supervision requirements. A limited number of online doctorates are an option in business due to the fact business is a high sought after career area.

In breaking down specifics, keep in mind that a number of careers may necessitate a much focused form of doctorate degree. An example of this would be an individual looking to become a school district superintendent or principal. In such an instance, the individual would be required to have, at the least, a master’s or doctorate degree in education, with the degree providing a number of specific coursework. 

For those people thinking about teaching at the college level, while holding a doctorate degree is normally the case for most full-time, tenured faculty at residential colleges, the majority that instructs online or teach in a community college setting only sport a master’s degree.

Getting a doctorate can open a number of doors, providing individuals with a degree of better job opportunities for starters.

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