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Construction Education

Construction industry training runs the gamut from construction schools – including Internet-based training courses, though which a student can earn an online construction management degree — to ongoing educational opportunities, like on-the-job construction training, continuing education, and construction seminars. Trusted contractors must know their business – inside and out – and there are many ways to achieve this goal.

Accounting Training

Accounting training is becoming more and more lucrative by the day. Indeed, those with an accounting education are in high demand as business owners in all industries recognize the value of accounting training, administration and planning within their companies.

Truck Driving Schools

A severe shortage of OTR ("over the road") truck drivers, also known as "long haul" drivers, has made truck driver training virtually free (to the student, anyway) and guarantees a job waiting after truck driver school -- if not sooner.  The goal of truck driving schools is not only to get you your Commercial Driver's License (CDL), but also to make you competent to handle a tractor trailer (CDL Class A) or small rigs like dump trucks (CDL Class B).

Colleges and Universities with Nursing Programs

Nursing is a career that promises to be in demand for years to come. A nursing degree from one of the countless colleges and universities with nursing programs will result in a guarantee of a rewarding job.

Oil and Gas Industry Education and Training

With fossil fuel consumption at an all time high and the rising demand for increased production to offset inflationary prices at the consumer level, oil and gas education is imperative for energy companies that want to stay on the cutting edge of the fossil fuel wars. New and improved extraction methods save investor dollars and adhere to stricter environmental restrictions.

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CPA Exam Preparation

In order to receive a CPA license in the United States, you need to pass the Uniform CPA Examination. Your success on the CPA exam means a great deal to your career and your future so you don’t want to leave it up to chance or inadequate preparation.

Online CPA Exam Review Courses

The CPA exam covers a wide range of material and taking CPA exam review courses is a great way to prepare.   But if you're struggling to balance study time with the rest of your life, online CPA exam review classes could give you the flexibility you need.

Accounting Distance Learning Programs

Distance learning has become one of the hottest trends in education and this is true for the accounting field as well. An accredited online accounting degree is convenient to get and students have many online and local universities to choose from.

Graphic Design Education and Training

A career in graphic design can be an exciting and lucrative one. It allows you to express yourself in creative ways at the same time as challenging you with new technology.

Marketing Education and Training

Even if you’re a small business, marketing education and training helps your employees bring more business to you, no matter how experienced they already are. If they get a degree in marketing or if they supplement their education with additional marketing training, they’ll be able to boost your visibility in the market by staying on top of the latest trends and skill sets.

Investment Banking Education and Training.

A career in investment banking is a promising one. An investment banker may work within a department of a bank or for a private investment institution.

Mortgage Education and Training

Mortgage education is essential in an industry where trends and practices seem in a constant state of flux. Since mortgage professionals at all levels in your organization have to deal with these changes, it is essential that everyone concerned stay abreast of current mortgage classes, guidelines, regulations, products and trends.

Exam Planet

Test registration and training center for Toefl, Gre, Sat and Gmat examination in Lagos, Nigeria. Early test dates are available all year round.
Yamie Chess

Harvard/MIT math PhD-endorsed K-8 math learning aid for STEM education, designed by U.S. math educators and engineers from MIT, Caltech and Stanford.
Complections College of Makeup Art & Design

Complections College of Makeup Art & Design is the world's foremost training instituion for aspiring makeup artists.

We are the only in-home tutoring service. That gives your child a personalized academic & mentorship plan.
Anderson Aviation

A flight training school offering personal flight lessons and air craft rentals located in Honolulu Hawaii.
Business Training

Business Training offers over 20 online business training programs that may be completed in 5 months.

One of the leading dissertation writing/editing companies that will provide the best quality of your papers at affordable prices.
eAchieve Academy

A virtual Charter School in Wisconsin that offers an online school from home for middle and high school students in grades 6-12.
Lamplighter Montessori School

A private school in Memphis TN offering programs for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School students.

Nationwide network of brain training centers that helps children and adults perform better, faster and smarter through personalized brain training.
Quantum Test Prep

Quantum Test Prep is a premier provider of test preparation services for graduate level admission tests including the GMAT, LSAT & GRE in Toronto.

Easily find and compare accredited masters in nursing programs.

A free resource for those entering / advancing in teaching. Contains 33+ K-12 education careers, all education programs and certification by state.
Westboro Academy

Founded in 1993, Westboro Academy is a private school in Ottawa, offering an esteemed bilingual program for students from kindergarten to Grade 8.

Guide to Business Schools

The nation's best business schools offer more than MBA programs and a piece of paper. Top business schools offer experience, as well as education. After all, the best business owners aren't just entrepreneurs, they're also teachers-and students, too. No matter your age, industry or education, learning is a lifelong endeavor, and doing more of it will make both your brain and your bottom line bigger.

Whether you're chasing MBA programs, building your resume or just exercising your cerebral cortex, business schools have programs that will help you build and better your business. Options include:

1. Business schools with undergraduate degrees.
2. Business schools offering graduate degrees.
3. Business schools with MBA programs.
4. Online business schools with distance learning options.
5. Business schools with adult learning programs.
6. Business schools that offer management training.

Get your bachelors in business at the best business schools

Maybe you're a college-aged entrepreneur. Or perhaps you're a seasoned business owner who once chose enterprise over education. Either way, an undergraduate degree in business will give you an invaluable foundation on which to build future learning.

Consider MBA programs at top business schools

The gold standard in business credentials, a masters in business administration can open new doors and attract fresh opportunities. And with so many options -- one- and two-year MBA programs, Executive MBA programs, part-time MBA programs and online MBA programs -- there's absolutely something for everyone at the nation's best business schools.
Booth School of Business, the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, Harvard Business School and the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.

Pursue a graduate degree in business

MBA programs aren't your only options. A masters degree -- in finance, for instance, or international business -- is the perfect tool for the transitioning professional. Whether you're changing careers or collecting fresh credentials, grad school can take you to a whole new level of scholarly success.

Consider online business schools

These days, you don't have to go to school to be a student. Turn your office into your classroom when you take classes from online business schools via certified distance education programs.
DeVry are leaders in the online space, more established universities such as Duke University and Syracuse University are also offering online degree programs. Search for a program that's right for you.

Check out after-work business schools

You don't have to put your business on hold in order to be a successful student. That's because business schools have many programs that are flexible enough and affordable enough for working adults.

Try continuing education at business schools

Learning comes in many shapes and sizes, and not always with a degree attached to it. Business schools offer dozens of continuing education opportunities, including management training, leadership workshops and entrepreneurial boot camps for business veterans and newbies alike.
Wharton Programs for Working Professionals, UCLA's Management Development for Entrepreneurs and Columbia University's Entrepreneurship Program.
  • Going to business school isn't necessarily as easy as deciding to go; keep in mind that the top business schools typically have strict admissions requirements, which may include strong GMAT scores, immaculate essays and successful interviews with volunteer alumni.
  • Not all business schools are created equal. Before you enroll in a program, review its curriculum to make sure it includes the subjects and focus areas you require. You may need special training, for instance, in marketing or finance, and not all programs give equal emphasis to the same subjects.
  • Whether you're an undergraduate, a graduate student or a professional, campus visits are always a good idea. Even if you're looking at online business schools, ppeak with current and former students, as well as faculty, in order to decide if the business schools you're considering are a good fit.
  • Schooling of any sort requires a considerable investment of both time and money. Be prepared to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars and a couple hours for a one-time training course to more than $60,000 and two years for a full-time MBA at the best business schools.
  • Understand that school is a serious commitment. It may require valuable time away from your friends and family, so be certain you're up for the challenge before you take the plunge.

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