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Making the Most of Airline Attendant Education and Training

Aviation professionals that wish to maintain a high professional visage cannot get away from flight attendant training. Flight attendants represent one of the largest job categories in the airline industry.

Flight Attendant Education and Training Key Terms

Flight attendant education and training requirements are not strict. Most individuals can enter these careers with a high school diploma or GED.

Flight Attendant: Educational and Training Requirements

Individuals searching for Flight Attendant: Educational and Training Requirements found the links, articles, and information on this page helpful.

Flight Attendant Career FAQ's

There may be online sites that offer courses or "training" in becoming a flight ... Our guide and our other preparation products are intended to educate you and ...

Flight Attendants - Education and Training - MyFuture

Education. A high school diploma is typically the minimum educational requirement for becoming a flight attendant. However, some airlines prefer to hire  ...

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How To Become A Flight Attendant | Flight Attendant Training

Without our training, 96% of people that apply to become a flight attendant do not get to a final ... What does it take to be successful at flight attendant school?

Flight Attendants - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Flight attendants receive initial training from their employer and must be ... Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and pay of flight attendants with similar ...

Flight Attendant Job Training SchoolFlight Attendant Jobs | School ...

The Basics: At least 18 years of age Complete use of all five senses Vision at least 20/40 ...

Flight Attendant - Career Information - Career Planning -

All newly hired flight attendants receive three to six weeks of formal training from their employers. Why Do You Need to Know About Educational Requirements?

How to Be a Flight Attendant (with Illustrations) - wikiHow

The requirements for flight attendants have increased as commercial flight carriers... ... Attend flight attendant training along with getting a college degree.

3 Ways to Become a Flight Attendant - wikiHow

Method 2 of 3: Qualifications for the Job. Become a Flight ... You'll receive training if you're hired as a flight attendant.

Qualifications to become a flight attendant

Education. Virtually every airline requires that you have a high school degree ... A recent study shows that over one-half of all flight attendants hired have at least ... During training, you will be given specific grooming regulations which must be ...

Pricing and Costs of Flight Attendant Education and Training

The job of an airline stewardess may appear glamorous but entails a tremendous amount of work, including continual flight attendant training. Stewardesses are responsible for the security of passengers aboard a flight as well as their comfort and enjoyment throughout the trip. These seemingly effortless endeavors do not come naturally. Every year, thousands of dollars are spent on education for flight attendants to ensure that they maintain the required poise and reliability of this highly-sought after position.

Pricing and costs of flight attendant education and training can vary. An initial flight attendant course averages about $800 for 14 days of classroom instruction. This cost does not usually include housing, transportation or school material. A complete education at a certified flight attendant school can cost upwards of $5000. It is easy to see how this necessary training can strain the company budget. Aviation professionals looking to cut costs of flight attendant education and training could consider the following:

1. Utilize seminars to meet flight attendant training requirements.

2. Working out an employer/employee benefit training package. Some corporate flight attendants do opt to pay for their own training.

3. Complete training online or in-house to decrease stewardess training costs.

Locate and price airline attendant schools

Flight attendant schools can run anywhere from $1500 to $5000. Gather information on several schools, comparing costs and course descriptions. Determine if you really need to invest in a full-fledged airline stewardess training school. If your training needs are in-depth you just may have to go this route.

Get information on stewardess training seminars and low-budget flight attendant education programs

Flight attendant seminars can be useful if you do not need to invest in a full-fledged flight attendant school. Seminars can cost anywhere from $50 to $4000, depending on the location and the material covered.

Locate online flight attendant training

Consider online training for stewardesses if you want the thoroughness of a full-fledged flight attendant education at a lower cost.
  • Pricing and costs of flight attendant education and training can become quite expensive. Seek financial assistance for necessary training through scholarships, grants and loans.

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