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Insurance Adjuster Education and Training

Insurance adjuster training prepares students for jobs as claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners and claims investigators. None of these jobs require a specific level of formal education, and most new adjusters receive on-the-job training from an experienced claims adjuster.

Pricing and Costs of Insurance Adjuster Education and Training

Insurance adjuster education is popular career path because the job prospects are secure and salaries can start at over $45,000 a year. Because many people are looking into this field, there are many claims adjuster classes available in a variety of formats, from traditional classroom settings to correspondence and online courses.

Insurance Adjuster Certification and Training Programs

People searching for Insurance Adjuster Certification and Training Programs found the following information and resources relevant and helpful.

Adjuster Training - Wardlaw Claims Service

The program offers adjuster licensing, continuing education and estimating software training – and over 7,000 students have successfully completed Wardlaw ...

Amcat Education Center - Insurance Adjusting - Adjuster Training ...

The Amcat Education Center. Amcat Adjusting Services operates an accredited training facility for all levels of insurance adjuster training and educational needs  ...

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Online Insurance Adjuster School - U.S. Career Institute

Online Insurance Adjuster School. Online Insurance Adjuster training When you become an Insurance Claims Adjuster, you will be the customer's link to their ...

Insurance Adjuster School

Adjuster Licensing & Training. BECOME AN INSURANCE ADJUSTER by becoming licensed in the state in which you would like to work!

AdjusterPro™ - Online Indiana Insurance Adjuster Licensing

AdjusterPro Training · Indiana Course Catalog; Online Indiana Adjuster Pre- Licensing ... How do I get an Indiana insurance adjuster license? A. As of July 1st , ...

AdjusterPro™ - Adjuster Licensing, Training, Certification ...

AdjusterPro is partnered with the leading educational providers in the industry to bring you the most comprehensive insurance adjuster training and licensing ...

AE21 Online | Home

Online training school for the insurance claims adjuster. Florida, Texas and Connecticut claims adjuster licensing. Adjuster Continuing Education. AE21 Online.

Adjuster Training Products by State - Insurance Schools

Claims Adjuster Course > Adjuster Licensing Materials By State ... All resident applicants for license must have at least one year of verifiable experience in ...

About IEA - Insurance Educational Association

IEA provides Insurance Agent Education, Workers Compensation California, ... Claims Adjuster Training, insurance claim adjuster, insurance agent school, ...

Insurance Adjuster Education and Training Laws and Regulations

Look into insurance adjuster education and training laws and regulations to make sure the institution where you obtain your training and education is legitimate. Whether you plan to get your insurance adjuster education and training through local venues or at a college or university, it's imperative to make sure your time and resources go to a legitimate institution that meets local, state and federal educational criteria.

Although you only need a high school education to pursue insurance adjuster jobs, many employers prefer hiring college graduates or students in the field with some post-secondary training. Some ways you can ascertain the legitimacy of your educational institution include the following methods:

1. Make sure your distance learning insurance adjuster training courses adheres to distance learning regulations.

2. Study insurance adjuster education and training laws and regulations by researching federal education laws for vocational education.

3. Look into state and regional regulations before you attend an insurance adjusters school.

Find out the legalities of distance learning before signing on for adjuster training

If you plan to obtain your insurance adjuster training through online schooling, make sure the institution meets legal distance learning regulations.
Florida Insurance University offers laws and regulations specific to continuing insurance adjuster courses. You can click on the links to find out more for each subtopic. The American Educational Institute offers courses on legal principles for insurance adjusters. Go to to sort through regulations and laws geared specifically for distance learners. It summarizes each regulation and law in detail.

Check out your insurance adjuster school to make sure it meets Federal standards

Whether you plan to pursue catastrophe insurance adjuster training or some other type of adjuster training, make certain your school meets Federal criteria for education and training.
Adjusters Insurance School has over 50-years experience educating students on insurance adjusting. It prides itself in its certification and curriculum, which it updates regularly to comply with major law changes. The LexisNexis Store offers a CR-ROM with the Federal education laws and regulations with all the statutes in the ISCS Title 20, as well as the CFR Federal regulations from Title 34. The CD-ROM allows cross-referencing access.

Look into state laws for education before pursuing claims adjuster training

Every state has different rules, laws and education when it comes to claim adjuster training. Find out the regulations for your area and take courses from schools and universities that follow state laws in addition to Federal laws.
FindLaw helps you determine the legitimacy of an educational institution by listing laws for each state. It allows you to search through codes and regulations by state or by topic. offers education and training for Texas residents. The course also counts as a pre-licensing course for residents in most other states.

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