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Read the latest stories about IT education and training, and the qualifications and certifications expected by IT employers.

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The Education and Training (ETR) Office manages the Education and Training Programme (ETRP), which serves as an advisory body on all aspects of technical  ...

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Education and Training. Building the skills and competencies of American workers is essential to ensuring the competitiveness of business in the global ...

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"Education and Training 2010" was the name given by the European Commission to the activities it supports which pursue the agenda set out in the 2001 report ...

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Learn about local education and training options and find out which is best for you.

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Erasmus+ Dissemination Platform. The Erasmus+ Dissemination Platform is the single information point on European education, training, culture and youth ...

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Aug 25, 2014 ... Erasmus + aims to improve the quality of vocational education and training across Europe, providing opportunities for vocational students and ...

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Information technology education, degree and training programs for aspiring IT ... highly trained information technology professionals to design and develop ...

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The Preservation and Access Education and Training program is central to NEH's efforts to preserve and establish access to cultural heritage collections.

Education Training Solutions

Education Training Solutions facilitates quality education and training online.

IT Education and Training

In today's world, IT education and training is becoming increasingly important. Those who have the right IT education credentials have highly marketable skills that employers seek.

However, the IT world is fast-paced. Technology changes frequently and it's very important for IT workers to keep up with the changes. That's why you may want to consider frequent IT training. It keeps your skills fresh.

With an information technology degree, you can:

1. Transition to a more lucrative career. If you're currently stuck in a dead-end job, information technology education could be a great way to break into a new career. Take classes in your free time so that you can get a new job.

2. Be eligible for a promotion. Most companies prefer to promote from within and if you constantly stay up to date with your IT training courses, you put yourself in a prime position for advancement.

3. Get a raise in your current position. When you increase your skills, you become more valuable to your employer. In many cases, they will offer you more money so that you don't become tempted to look elsewhere for employment.

Attend a college that offers IT degrees

There is always some debate about whether you need a college degree to work in the IT field, but most employers prefer to hire someone with a college degree. Choose a college that offers a major in information technology or services.

Find IT training companies that offer certification or preparation for exams

Having a certificate looks good on your resume and helps you get better jobs. If you're going to take information technology training classes, you may as well get a certificate that proves you know the information.
San Jose State University, in the heart of Silicon Valley offers an online certification program designed for busy professionals.

Go to IT seminars that your local IT school offers

It's important to keep your knowledge current as technology changes. Many small training schools offer seminars teaching the latest information. Conveniently, these only last a day or two.
  • If you are currently working, your company may pay for all or part of your IT education and training courses. Contact your human resources department to learn about their reimbursement programs.