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Raytheon builds talent through a two-year, rotational Leadership Development Program (LDP) designed to provide challenging opportunities within the context ...

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At Korn Ferry, we collaborate with you to create leadership development programs that improve company valuation and grow top talent for the future.

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A Guide to Leadership Development Programs

Behind every successful company, there is a leader that is guiding his or her team to victory. Both small and large businesses are on the lookout for a valuable leader to add to their team. However, many companies also have the option of developing quality employees from within their own ranks. By implementing leadership development programs, companies can find promising individuals that with time and energy, can be matured into qualified leaders.

Benefits of Leadership Development

Without leaders to give employees direction and purpose, a company will suffer and flounder. Therefore, the main benefit of a leadership development program is to give leaders the necessary skills that will benefit their company. Beyond creating managers and executives to lead the company, some additional benefits of leadership development include:

Raise Confidence:
One of the key benefits of leadership development is to give managers and executives the skills they need to succeed. Leadership development programs can raise morale, allowing for increased satisfaction and employee happiness. In addition, a motivated leader will also be able to translate enthusiasm to his or her team. By creating happy leaders, the company can extend these benefits down to every employee.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity:
By giving leaders the knowledge to succeed, leadership development program can allow mangers to perform better. The skills they learn allow them to find ways to perform tasks and achieve goals more efficiency, allowing them and their teams to complete projects quicker. As a result, this will allow the company to reach peak levels of performance.

What can a Leadership Development Program teach?

Companies can take comfort in the saying that “leaders are made, not born”. With an effective leadership development program, a company can train an employee to become an effective team leader and manager. However, what are the components of a successful leadership development program? The following are some of the skills that individuals can learn from the program:

One of the skills that a leadership development program can teach is communication. The ability to effective speak and convey is important, especially for a leader. Without the ability to clearly convey goals and objectives to a team, a manager is unable to lead a team towards achieving a goal.  In addition, communication skills can also allow an individual to motivate their team members, raising morale among employees. By leaning to inspire others, managers can build up team confidence and effectiveness.

Another key skill for leaders is to determine which applicants will best suit the needs of the team. A good leadership development program will teach individuals how to pick out a promising individual and see if they would match with other employees.

Setting Goals:
A good leader is able to set goals and a vision, and direct teams towards achieving those objectives. A leadership development program can help individuals determine what types of goals are achievable in a certain timeframe. In addition, the program can help managers of different departments work together, allowing them to set objectives that complement each other.

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