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Providers of medical billing and coding training programs. Find medical billing schools offering medical transcription training and medical billng and coding certification. Select online medical billing courses for increased convenience.

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Medical Billing and Coding Training News and Trends

When it comes to the medical billing and coding training industry, there's a lot going on. Billers, managers and anyone working within the field can find it hard to keep on top of it all.

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Online trading brokers have become the standard for many people who want to get into the market, but do not want to go the traditional route of hiring a financial planner or their own broker. Instead, many people like the freedom to trade stocks online with little or no advice from a financial professional, although advisory services are available online as well.

Medical Billing and Coding Training for Beginners

These days, there is a huge demand for medical billing and coding, but as many experts point out, the jobs are not always filled due to a lack of "qualified" applicants. The problem with this field is that it requires a mix of good general problem solving and communications strategy with a highly technical specialization in the kind of regimented contracts that hospitals, medical networks and small practices hold with each individual insurer.

Medical Billing and Coding Classes Online | Penn Foster Career ...

You can learn all about our online Medical Billing and Coding program here. ... the AHIMA and AAPC certification exams, and a free AAPC membership – all at a  ...

Medical Billing and Coding - Online Career Training Program | ed2go

This nationally recognized Medical Billing Training and Coding online certificate program is designed to prepare students to fill positions for medical coding and ...

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Medical Billing and Coding Certificate - Kaplan University

Medical billing and coding assistant certificate program at Kaplan University. View certificate requirements, curriculum, and medical billing and coding assistant ...

Medical Coding Online Courses - AAPC

Learn medical coding and billing online at home. Take an online CPC®, specialty, reimbursement, anatomy or terminology course to prepare for the certification ...

Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding - Drexel University Online

The Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding is a fully-accredited online, six- course certificate program offered by Drexel's College of Nursing and Health ...

Medical Billing and Coding Career Info, Schools, Training & Programs

A Medical Billing and Coding resource for information about schools, programs, training, certification, careers and frequently asked questions.

Medical Billing & Coding Program - Everest Career Training Schools

Everest's Medical Insurance Billing and Coding career training program provides the knowledge, skills and training you need to enter this growing field.

Online Medical Billing and Coding School - U.S. Career Institute

If you are looking for a secure career with a good, Medical Billing & Coding Training from home steady income, then there's no need to look any further than our ...

Medical Billing and Coding Certificate - Health Administration ...

Medical Billing and Coding Program. This fully online, six-course, 18 college- credit certificate program offered by Drexel University's College of Nursing and ...

Medical Billing and Coding Training Key Terms

In the world of medical billing and coding training, there are some key terms for billers and coders to get familiar with. Of course, there is all of the clinical language that goes along with the medical field, but there are also specific terms that have grown up around the specific bureaucracy of billing and coding claims.

Knowing about these fundamentals can help managers who want to be involved in the billing end of the business or participate in medical coding training. Books and resources are available for sale online to give readers a better idea of what's involved in some of these key terms. Manager/trainers might look for:

1. Words and terms to denote types of billing forms, specifically, the UB40 and the HCFA 1500, which are used in medical billing and coding training to inform students about how billing is done.

2. Terms for specific coding implementations or other parts of a bill or claim form for use in medical billing courses.

3. Other lingo for industry software or commonly recognized elements or practices, to prepare students in medical billing schools.

Find medical billing and coding training resources about claim forms

For medical billing training or other similar functions like medical transcription training, staff can rely on two main types of claim forms. The first is the HCFA 1500 and related form types. The second is the UB40 or UB-92. These forms differ in the types of billing charges they represent: billing line items from a physician are billed separately from items from a hospital or medical network.

Find out about medical billing and coding training terms like CPT and ICD-9

More terms involve the types of coding that are on the different kinds of claims and bills. These codes represent state of the art procedures for defining conditions, treatments and anything that can go on a claim or bill.

Find more medical billing and coding training terms

For the rest of the alphabet soup that goes along with medical billing, from EOB (Explanation of Benefits), COB (coordination of benefits) and similar terms, check out online sites offering a thorough glossary of terminology a medical coder will use in a medical billing office.

  • For in-house medical billing and coding training or other solutions like medical coding distance learning, find the scope you want for a program. For practical "desk use," a survey of the different elements of billing and coding may be enough. For more long-term solutions, you may want to set up a formal training program that leads students toward certificiation.

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