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Oil and Gas Industry Education and Training

With fossil fuel consumption at an all time high and the rising demand for increased production to offset inflationary prices at the consumer level, oil and gas education is imperative for energy companies that want to stay on the cutting edge of the fossil fuel wars. New and improved extraction methods save investor dollars and adhere to stricter environmental restrictions.

Oil and Gas Industry Education and Training Basics

If you're hiring employees or planning a career in the oil and gas industry, a knowledge of oil and gas industry education basics is necessary. Consider the possibility of taking some oil and gas courses.

Oil and Gas Industry Education and Training Key Terms

The oil and gas industry is constantly in flux. Companies and professionals need to stay on top of changes in technology, politics, economics and the environment.

Oil and Gas Careers - oogeep

Click here to download OOGEEP's Ohio Workforce Education and Training .... equipment used in oil and gas production processing and/or transportation.

Oil and Gas Training :: Petroleum Extension Service

Global Training Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry ... Convenient Remote Learning; Oil and Gas Industry Topics; Soon Available for Your Tablet ...

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Industry Spotlight: Oil & Gas | Ohio Higher Ed

For more info on careers in the oil and gas industry, visit www. ... These well- paying positions require a variety of education and training that ranges from ...

RIGZONE - Oil & Gas Directory - Education & Achievement

AFS Society is a technical educational nonprofit org. providing engineers, ... Provide live and online training courses for engineers within Oil & Gas Industry.

Eagle Ford Oil & Gas Training & Education | Eagle Ford Shale Play

From safety training to professional engineering courses, you can bet we'll need more of just about every profession that supports the oil & gas industry. Many of ...

Shale Training & Education Center (ShaleTEC)

Shale Training & Education Center (ShaleTEC) is a collaboration between ... and education needs of the community and the oil and natural gas industry.

Oil and Gas Industry Training Courses : School of Energy

These 30 oil and gas industry training courses are designed for anyone .... separators and the LPUD, understanding the flow through each and learning how the ...

Oilfield Training Program - American Petroleum Institute

IC Group The Oilfield Training Program is a unique educational partnership between America's oil and natural gas industry and the Carville Job Corps Academy ...

Gateway Training Services 2014

We are employment specialist providing job placement in the oil and gas industry. Class 1 & Class 3 driver training ,H2s Alive ,CPR/First Aid Training

Making the Most of Oil and Gas Industry Education and Training

Are you concerned about your employees getting and making the most of oil and gas industry education and training? You need to stay on top of this industry. Like other industries, the oil and gas sector is constantly changing because of technology.

You've decided you don’t want to invest in sending employees to school because of the time, money and extended loss of services. Instead, you can find other effective ways of making the most of oil and gas industry education and training. All you have to do is support your employees in the following areas:

1. Focus on being proficient in oil and gas training industry software.

2. Take oil and gas courses through professional associations.

3. Read the industry’s trade magazines in order to get more oil and gas industry training.

Learn how to use oil and gas training industry software

One way of becoming proficient in the job is to be an expert in oil and gas software. Your employees can quickly gain this knowledge if they take oil and gas courses. The teachers will teach the fundamentals of the industry. Then they can use the software to apply these concepts. Keep in mind the oil school might not use the same software as your company uses. You should, however, be able to quickly learn the different features.

Discover how to get oil industry training by joining professional associations

Another way employees can get oil industry training is by being part of professional associations. Not only can they network with other professionals in the industry, but they can attend seminars or conferences. Oil and gas professional organizations also offer discounts on oil industry education programs.

Get more oil and gas education by reading the industry's trade magazines

The best way to continuously get training is by reading the industry's magazines. Magazines cover new technologies that you won't hear about in oil schools. Employees will be able to read about executives, study other companies' performances, or learn about new ventures they're launching.

  • To get more oil and gas industry training, subscribe to podcasts. You can get the latest news on what companies are doing in the market, such as using and implementing new technologies.

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