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A Guide to PHP Programming Education and Training

What is PHP Programming?

PHP programming is a scripting language that designed for web development, and can be embedded into HTML scripts to create dynamic webpages. Today, many programmers see PHP as a vital language to add to their programming knowledge. In order to become proficient in this language, programmers can undergo PHP programming education and training.

How to Obtain a PHP Programming Education

Programmers can start their PHP programming education through a variety of methods. The following three are the most common ways in which an individual can learn PHP:

Schools offer a variety of courses and degrees that offer PHP programming education and training. Many four year universities offer a computer science degree that will allow the student to achieve a programming degree. An advantage enrolling in a computer science program is that you will gain proficiency in a variety of programming languages, in addition to PHP.

If you do not have the time to commit pursuing a degree, community colleges and private institutions offer courses in PHP programming at a affordable price and convenient schedule. In addition, many colleges and universities offer online courses that are flexible and allow students to learn at their own pace. 

Online Resources:
Online resources can be an excellent way for a beginner to start learning PHP programming. There are number of resources online that offer training in PHP at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Programmers can learn at their leisure from podcasts, videos and applications useful for programming. However, the disadvantage of using such sources is that there is no way to verify whether the information offered on the sites are correct.

Programmers also have the option of obtaining a PHP education through books. For the self-motivated individual, books can be a definitive method of learning PHP. One of the disadvantages of learning PHP programming through books is that there is no way to verify that you have learned the knowledge. Some companies will disregard applicants without a computer science degree from a school. Regardless, many companies will choose to hire you as long as you can demonstrate the skill and the knowledge.

Tips for Learning PHP Programming

Time: PHP programming training will take a considerable amount of time and commitment. The time it takes to learn PHP depends on the duration of a class, the learning style and personality of the individual. However, if you put in enough dedication, you will become skilled enough to be able to put PHP on your resume.

Practice: Similar to learning a foreign language, one of the best ways to learn PHP is to constantly practice. Try solving a variety of PHP problem sets, solving algorithms and creating flowcharts in becoming proficient at PHP. 

Be Persistent: With the time it takes to become proficient in PHP, it may be easy to get discouraged. There are a number of ways to ensure that you stay motivated throughout your education.  Take breaks when needed, start small, and move on if you don’t understand a concept. If you stay persistent, you can successfully complete your PHP programming education and training.


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