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Professional development training.

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Professional development - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In workplaces, professional development refers to the acquisition of skills and knowledge, both for personal development and for career advancement.

Professional Development | PMI Training & Development

Professional development isn't a one-time thing; it should be a continuous part of your project management career. Make it a priority to assess and improve your ...

Professional Learning (CA Dept of Education)

Collaborative professional development aligned to student learning and standards that prepares, trains, and recruits high-quality teachers, principals, ...

Professional Development

Every school leader must share the responsibility for his or her own professional development, and NASSP is here to help, with a variety of offerings—both ...

Professional Development Courses - University of Phoenix

Enroll in online professional development courses to improve skills such as employee motivation, productivity, time management, creative thinking and conflict ...

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Explore Professional Development - Discovery Education

Our professional development team is committed to the highest standards of professional learning grounded in research and successful practice. With topics ...

Professional Development - UEN - Utah Education Network

Professional Development - free in person and online workshops and training ... High quality professional development aligned with national professional ...

Professional Development: Meeting Registration, Regional Forums

Professional development events for education professionals—local, national, and international; online and in-person.

Professional Development - Library of Congress

Information on free primary-source based professional development from the Library of Congress.

ASCD Professional Development Solutions

The next generation of ASCD products and services can accelerate your professional development and enable you to reach your school's performance targets.

Professional Development - New York City Department of Education

Many professional development opportunities are available to new and experienced teachers and teaching assistants (paraprofessionals). These activities are ...

Professional Standards Institute

Specialized professional certifications, on-line instructor-facilitated professional development courses, and continuing education courses.

Business and Tech Terms and Jargon

If you're just starting out in business, much of the terminology that others seem to take for granted may seem like total Greek to you. Sales people especially like to toss around tech terms and other industry jargon like we should all know what it means. And even if you've been in business for years you can easily encounter unfamiliar terms as your business grows and you take on even more responsibilities. And then, of course, there's the whole realm of technology and the Internet where new terms are invented almost daily. Just understanding the language of the Web can be challenging. Wouldn't it be nice to have a series of Web-based "cheat sheets" that you could look to for help defining the terms and jargon that have you stumped? Becoming fluent in "biz-speak" or "tech-speak" can be as simple as 1, 2, 3:
  1. When you encounter an unfamiliar term, don't just brush it aside or pretend like you know what it means.
  2. Fire up your PC and run a quick check on the mysterious moniker via the term-cracking solutions below.
  3. File the answers in your memory banks, but resist the urge to talk business jargon to others who might not have the same knowledge. Plain English often works best in the end.
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Discover your definitions at online business-specific references

A simple site like the Dictionary of Small Business can be a life-saver when you need a quick business term lookup.

For computer and Internet definitions, use your computer and the Internet

The problem with some tech dictionaries is that the definitions are harder to understand than the term itself. But the tech experts at have created a great online dictionary and search engine for quick and easy-to-understand computer and Internet-technology definitions.

Stay timely - take the pulse of the latest tech terms

Want to impress others with your knowledge of cutting edge tech? Check regularly for new terms. You'll be surprised by how many there are.

Alleviate your acronym anger

Acronyms - those annoying letter designations for a billion terms, names or phrases - can be very useful and maddening at the same time. In business, we encounter so many of them that it's next to impossible to keep them all straight.

Put a wiki to work

But what the heck is a "wiki" you may be asking?

Dive into accounting terminology

Consider a specialized resource for checking finance and accounting terms.

Take your definitions deeper

If it's more than a simple definition you need, consider a full-blown business research library that can help.
  • Help your employees and other associated with your business understand key terms as well. Compile your own in-house dictionary of terms associated with your particular industry.
  • Help your customers understand terminology, too. Create a customer-centered version of your in-house dictionary with special emphasis on plain-English explanations of terms they may encounter.

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