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Training for Project Time Tracking

One critical factor in project management is project time tracking solutions. Project inflation or out-of-control time factors can sink a project of nearly any size.

Supplies for Project Management

Supplies for project management help your workers get the job done efficiently and on time. All project managers need to work with some type of project management tool so that they can keep track of project details.

Using Project Management Software

Task management software can help you manage your employees from your own desktop without the need for long meetings with vendors and high-priced consultant fees. Maximize your human resource dollars with a timeline software tool that has become easier to use and less expensive to own.

Making the Most of Planning and Scheduling Software

By making the most of planning and scheduling software, expect a significant jump in your bottom line. The right planning and scheduling software systems improve your and your employees' efficiency, freeing up time for more core business, letting you sell/produce more and then resulting in a larger net profit for your company.

Pricing and Costs of Planning and Scheduling Software

When evaluating pricing and costs of planning and scheduling software, consider the net gain from enhanced organization and productivity. Better organization and improved efficiency will increase company output and profits, so the ongoing benefits will offset initial costs.

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Project Management Consultants Education and Training

If you are interested in being a project management consultant, it's important for you to get the right type of training for you to effectively do your job. Project management consultants education and training will give you the skills you need.

Advice and Ratings on Task Management Software

When you're task managing, computer-based applications give you the flexibility to stay organized from your desktop, laptop, cell phone or PDA. If you're in the market for a new task management application, simplify your decision-making process by using advice and ratings on task management software before you turn over your credit card number to any task management software provider.

Project Time Tracking Key Terms

All businesses tackle a number of projects in order to maintain efficiency in the workplace and create new ways to serve customers. Projects need to be managed for tracking time and billing.

Project Management Key Terms

Project management helps a business streamline the organization, set short- and long-term goals and assist employees in meeting their personal goals for the overall success of the project at hand. Project management also helps keep specific phases on track so the client will receive a completed project according to a schedule and budget provided.

Project Management Software Key Terms

Most successful organizations complete their work is completed using project management tools and processes. Specific project management formats help workers to define and outline all the tasks and jobs on a project.

Planning and Scheduling Software Key Terms

Planning and scheduling software can be very useful for businesses. If you plan meetings, promotions, advertising campaigns or any other work over a period of several weeks, months or even years, you'll want to use planning and scheduling software to keep track of your projects.

Task Management Software Key Terms

There’s obvious benefits to any strategy that helps you manage workflow. That’s why many businesses today are investing in software programs that monitor how tasks are assigned.

Hiring A Project Manager

Having a project manager in your office is beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only does it make the process more efficient, with all requests moving through one person instead of multiple, but employees no longer have to make the decision of whether or not they can take on another project or not.

While you can purchase project management software, you can benefit from hiring an in-house project manager. Before you do so, however, consider the hiring process and some basic best practices.


Hiring an experienced project manager is key to productivity within a busy office, but before you go about the hiring process, it’s imperative that you determine what you need, what you want, and the amount of use you’ll get out of this position. It’s worth considering whether this person will focus on one specific department, such as tech, or manage projects throughout the entire office. Be sure to ask yourself a few specific questions first.

  • Do they need technical skills, or can you build the skills on the existing base of knowledge?
  • Will they be working in one specific department? This will dictate the hiring process.
  • Do you need a contract position or will you be hiring permanently?
  • Are they organized? They’ll be managing a variety of teams and organization skills are critical.

Best Practices

Having a project manager is essential to any busy business. With multiple departments all working together, it’s beneficial to have someone as an intermediate between the two. This ensures that the work gets done in a timely manner, in line with the rest of each person or departments’ goals.

Remember to observe a variety of industry best practices.

  • Temporary hire: Start your project manager on a three month trial period. Every office is different, and it’s critical that you are able to see how this person works in your setting before making the position permanent.
  • Make a template: With the office moving at its normal speed, your project manager may not be ready to keep pace. By creating a basic template of the departments, and duties you are able to sidestep a constant flow of questions and conversations.
  • Flexibility: Projects change, duties move from department to department, so you want to find the candidate that has worked in a constant moving environment – who can jump from one place to other while staying efficient and on task?

The project manager will take an important role within your company. It’s important that you take a variety of aspects into consideration, like what they’ll be doing, the skills they’ll need and whether you the position should be full time or part. With your office efficiency on the line, it’s critical that you choose the best candidate for this job.