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MySQL :: MySQL Certification

MySQL Certified or Interested in MySQL Certifications? Join the Community on Facebook ... Select your country for available certification and certification paths:.

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A Guide to SQL Certification

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language specifically used for database management.  SQL can be used in a variety of applications, but programmers have predominately used the language for managing data and administrating databases. In order to demonstrate knowledge and mastery in SQL, applicants must obtain a form of certification. Luckily for applicants, there are a number of ways to obtain training and certification in SQL.

Where to Obtain SQL Certification

There are a number of sources that offer training and certification in the SQL language. Sources of education and training will vary, according to cost, length of time, and certification methods.  However, each source will have its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are some common methods of obtaining SQL certification:

Online Resources:
There are a number of websites that offer free training and certification in SQL. Many people turn to SQL websites to take advantage of the number of benefits, such as the relatively low cost and availability. In addition, students using online resources are able to go at their own pace, allowing them to adjust to their own schedule. However, online SQL training websites are not without their own disadvantages. It may be difficult to tell whether the website is actually valid, and teaching verified materials. In addition, certification granted by an online website may not be accepted by employers or job centers.

A variety of colleges will offer courses in SQL and other programming languages.  Benefits of a college education include a structured environment and coursework, and the ability to network with professors and other students. In addition, students focusing on a major in programming or computer science can gain a variety of skills, as well as knowledge of SQL programming. This varied knowledge will allow them to be a strong applicant in the competitive job market. One of the disadvantages of obtaining SQL education from colleges is that courses are rigid and fixed in a physical location, and may become too much of an investment for an individual with responsibilities. 

Microsoft Certification:
One of the major methods of obtaining SQL certification is to engage in the Microsoft Certification course. The SQL Server Certification will allow the individual to gain knowledge of Microsoft products, giving them a direct edge in the job market. In addition, the committees in charge of the certification process update their certification materials yearly, ensuring that students will be tested on the most up-to-date materials.

One of the benefits of obtaining certification through Microsoft is that it is from a verified, trusted source. Oftentimes, many job applications and employers will only consider certification from Microsoft as valid credentials. In addition, Microsoft provides the applicant with a number of resources and solutions, such as the ability to network with other students and professionals. However, the disadvantages of obtaining SQL server certification through Microsoft is the relatively high cost and that applicants are required to retake the test every three years.