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Providers of SQL training courses and classes. Get your SQL certification from one of these online vendors.

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SQL Training

SQL training classes are available wherever your business is located. SQL education is valuable to all the programmers in your business.

Saving Money on SQL Training

Many companies are choosing to provide SQL training to employees. SQL training gives employees what they need to know to work in SQL.

SQL Training Key Terms

Standard Query Language (SQL) training is important in today’s market since many businesses, even small businesses, use servers. You can take SQL server courses at training centers, hire instructors to come to your place of business, or find courses online and pace yourself.

SQLCourse - Interactive Online SQL Training for Beginners an interactive online training course for SQL beginners.

SQL Training | How to Learn SQL | Microsoft

Find in-person and online SQL training. View associate, expert and master level SQL courses and certification exams.

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SQL Server Training Courses - Microsoft Virtual Academy

Enroll now for free SQL Server Training Courses from Microsoft Virtual Academy. Courses are designed to train on implementing and managing database ...

Watch the Online Video Course SQL Essential Training -

Mar 13, 2014 ... Completely updated for 2014, SQL Essential Training is designed to help users understand the most common language for database wrangling ...

SQL Tutorial - W3Schools

Well organized easy to understand SQL tutorial with lots of examples. Including PHP ... SQL Tutorial ... W3Schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training.

Introduction to SQL - Course Details at ed2go

About This Course. Learn the key concepts of Structured Query Language (SQL), and gain a solid working knowledge of this powerful and universal database ...

Introduction | SQLCourse - Advanced Online SQL Training

This Intermediate/Advanced SQL Tutorial will cover the SELECT statement in great detail. The SELECT statement is the core of SQL, and it is likely that the vast  ...

11 Free SQL Server 2012 Online Training Courses to Sharpen Your ...

Oct 31, 2013 ... Blog about BI, BIG Data and SQL Server in Canada. We focus on news from Microsoft and the industry, SQL Server product information, ...

SQL for Beginners - Online SQL Training Course | Udemy

Learn the fundamentals of SQL as you build a database for a fictitious hardware store in this online SQL training.

SQL Training Basics

SQL training helps you learn Structured Query Language, or SQL, which is a computer programming language used to manipulate databases. Just as SQL comes in many forms, there are many types of SQL training available. You can get training at a training center, at your own place of business or online. Training can be at the user's own pace or instructor-led.

Knowing a little about the various forms of SQL training will help you decide which is right for your business. SQL training basics includes making the following decisions:

1. Whether you need to an SQL certifiaction and at what level;

2. Which specific flavor of SQL you need to learn, including MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle and others;

3. And how many employees need the training and whether you have a budget for ongoing training or training of new employees that may be hired later.

Find out what types of training are offered for SQL education

Some training centers offer SQL server certification, which means the participant has a recognized level of knowledge and skill upon completing the course.

Enroll in SQL training classes

Send an employee to a training center or group class off-site. To train many employees at once, schedule training at your own place of business. Classes are of different lengths depending on the required level of certification and the prior knowledge of the participants.

Gain flexibility and save travel costs by choosing SQL server training on CD or in online modules

SQL database training can take time away from the work day if you send your employee to off-site training or require her to miss one or more workdays for on onsite training. In addition to saving possible travel costs, you may save money if you purchase training that more than one employee can use.

Learn SQL training basics with free online tutorials

Depending on the level of SQL knowledge you need, you may be able to obtain the information for free and at your own pace with online tutorials. Tutorials are short lessons focused on one specific aspect of a larger skill set. Look for tutorials organized in a logical manner if you want to get the most comprehensive training.

  • Any training is more valuable if the participant already knows something about the subject. Before enrolling in an expensive, one-time SQL training class, take time to become familiar with SQL by looking at some online tutorials or purchasing a book.