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Providers of transportation broker and freight broker training and education services. Review companies offering beginner to intermediate freight broker classes, online freight broker training and other truck broker training programs.

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Transportation Broker Education and Training Basics

More than 14,000 licensed transportation brokers operate in the U. S.

Pricing and Costs of Transportation Broker Education and Training

Getting started as a transportation broker really doesn't require much up-front capital. The pricing and costs of transportation broker education and training will likely put a larger dent in your budget than the rest of your start-up costs since you'll most likely start your service business from a home office.

List of Free Freight Broker Training Programs and Courses

See our list of free freight broker training courses and programs. Learn what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for  ...

AMERICAN BROKER ACADEMY - America's Leading Freight ...

America's leading freight broker training, freight agent training and freight broker school for business.

Freight broker training school | truck brokerage license classes

Brooke Training the nation's best freight broker training school and provider of truck brokerage license classes. Locations in Jacksonville Florida, Dallas Texas,  ...

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Freight Broker Training - Houston Community College | HCC

Programs & Courses .... Freight Broker Training ... International Inc. Learn how to start and successfully operate your own freight brokerage in just one day.

Loadtraining - Freight Broker Training School By The Experts Who ...

Become a freight broker or freight agent with on the job training by Americas most recognized freight broker school.

Broker Agent Training Program

Have you decided if you want to be a Freight Broker or Broker Agent? ... Internet Training Course: is with your own instructor who is on the phone and internet ...

Freight Broker Training - How To Become A Freight Broker Agent

Freight broker and agent training school. In-classroom and online classes. Located in Texas.

Freight Brokers License | Freight Broker Training Course

Freight Broker License Training Course. Learn How to become a freight broker Online Freight Broker School.

Freight Broker Training: Program Overview: California State ...

Cal State University East Bay's Freight Broker/Agent Training Certificate is a ... for Freight Broker courses online through our easy-to-use registration portal.

Freight Broker/Agent Training - FAQs | University of North Dakota

This nationally recognized Freight Broker Training Course teaches the skills that students must acquire to be a successful Freight - Load Broker Agent.

Transportation Broker Education and Training Key Terms

The transportation industry is filled with much industry-specific jargon. As a transportation broker, it will be necessary to have a command of lingo that exists within the world of air cargo, ocean transport, rail and truck transportation, as well as intermodal, which uses a variety of transportation methods to get products from point A to point B.  Understanding industry-specific key terms are an essential part of transportation broker education and training.

Automated Commercial Environment

More commonly known as A.C.E., the automated commercial environment is the system for processing commercial trade introduced by the CBP (Customs and Border Control). The purpose of A.C.E. is to tighten up security at our borders by requiring that every carrier submit an electronic manifest prior to entering or exiting the country.

Bonded warehouse

A bonded warehouse is where products with unpaid duties get stored. Goods at bonded warehouses get stored under bond and are jointly owned by the importer, its agent and U.S. Customs officials. A Customs bonded warehouse can either be managed by a governmental agency or by a private third party and is run much like any other warehouse. Understanding the rules and regulations around bonded warehouses is essential to transportation broker training and education.

Bill of Lading

The term "bill of lading" often is written in transportation documents as B/L or BOL. It is an itemized list of goods or products that are contained in a shipment. A bill of lading serves as a contractual agreement and as a receipt to the carrier for shipment.


You will learn to understand the challenges of cash flow in this industry as part of your transportation broker education and training. Waiting to get paid is challenging when there are bills and salaries to pay. Freight factoring provides you with money up front at a low interest rate so you have cash on hand.

Freight bill auditing

Freight bill auditing can save you as a transportation broker as well as your client money when done correctly. Freight bill auditors are good to have on hand, as they are able to review all bills of lading and freight bills to make sure you are not overpaying.

International freight forwarder

An international freight forwarder helps the transportation broker and exporter move goods out of the country. Freight forwarders are familiar with import rules and regulations and often specialize in a particular global region.