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Directory of truck driving schools and trucker education programs. Find commercialdriver training solutions and CDL training courses that include safety training and license renewal.

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Working with Truck Driving Schools

Working with truck driving schools can mean a career path for some people, and it can mean an educated fleet force for others. Whether you are on the driving or the owner end of the rig, making sure that your drivers have had the proper truck driving education because truck driver training programs are essential.

Truck Driving Schools Key Terms

Talk like a professional by learning and understanding truck driving schools key terms. Plus, knowing the lingo of the business helps you determine which driving school is best for you.

C.R. England | Truck Driving School & CDL Training

Learn how to drive a Truck & Get your Commercial Driver's License (CDL Training) at a C.R. England Truck Driving School. Receive your CDL Truck Driving ...

Truck Driving School Programs - Schneider National

Truck driving school graduates apply now at Schneider! We'll match you with the driving career that is right for you.

Paid Apprenticeship CDL Training | Prime Inc. (truck driving school ...

A PRIME Opportunity to Become a Professional Commercial Truck Driver! ... If you have obtained a CDL from an outside school, you will go straight to our ...

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Chicago Truck Driving School | Chicago CDL Training | Chicago ...

Progressive Truck Driving School provides only the best in CDL Training and Truck Driving Training. Contact us today (773) 736-5522.

Truck Driving School -- SAGE CDL Training Schools Nationwide

Truck Driving Schools Nationwide: CDL Test Prep and CDL Training at Top Trucking School. SAGE Schools - Accredited truck driving schools offer one on one ...

Roadmaster: CDL Training and Truck Driving School

Roadmaster is a hands on truck driving school & Class A CDL license training center that provides complete truck driver training across the USA.

What is CDL Training and Truck Driving School like? - Roadmaster

Roadmaster is a hands on truck driving school & Class A CDL license training center that provides complete truck driver training across the USA.

Truck Driving Schools | Trucking School | CDL Schools - TruckingTruth

Here at TruckingTruth we will help you find a local truck driving school and get your CDL training underway. Below you will find listings for truck driving schools  ...

US Truck Driving School

Complete Colorado CDL training in just 3 weeks at one of the top Colorado truck schools.

Driver Solutions

Provides a week 3-week company-paid CDL training program and entry-level truck driving jobs with nationally recognized trucking companies.

Truck Driving Schools

A severe shortage of OTR ("over the road") truck drivers, also known as "long haul" drivers, has made truck driver training virtually free (to the student, anyway) and guarantees a job waiting after truck driver school -- if not sooner.
The goal of truck driving schools is not only to get you your Commercial Driver's License (CDL), but also to make you competent to handle a tractor trailer (CDL Class A) or small rigs like dump trucks (CDL Class B). Obviously, that's a hands-on experience -- you can't get complete CDL training online.

When checking out a CDL school, always consider the following:

1. How old is the equipment at the trucking school? (You want to learn how to use the most modern rigs.) 

2.  What is the ratio of students to instructor in the truck? (4:1 is typical in most truck driving schools; some go as low as 1:1.)

3. Is there a limit to the number of students in each class at the truck driver school?

Here are the most effective solutions for starting your truck driver training:

Find a trucking school in your area

There are large truck driving schools with locations in many cities and towns, and many more local truck driver training programs that are easy to find through online directories.

Find a trucking company willing to cover your CDL training

Given the shortage, many of the larger trucking companies have taken to training their own drivers, or sending drivers to a nearby CDL school and covering the tuition. In such arrangements, the driver is actually a paid employee of the trucking company while going to school. After CDL training, the driver owes the trucking company a year or so of employment in return for the training.

Look for truck driving school certification

The Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) has developed uniform skill performance, curriculum, and certification standards for the trucking industry, and certifies entry-level truck driver training courses. Always look for PTDI certification to ensure that the courses you take meet these standards.

Check out the local job market and it may help you find truck driver training

Reviewing job listings in your area not only helps you assess your opportunities and pay potential, but may help you find a local company willing to pay for your CDL training.
truck driving jobs at
  • Besides the big rigs, truck driving schools can teach you to drive CDL Class-B trucks, like delivery trucks and dump trucks. The pay is lower, but the hours are better and there is less travel involved.
  • CDL school (Class-A) typically takes three to four weeks. Be suspicious of a trucking school offering your CDL in two weeks; they may get you your CDL, but may not really teach you what you need to know to do the job.
  • In lieu of full tuition reimbursement, some trucking companies pay part of the truck driver school tuition up front and then pay off the remainder slowly over your first year of employment.

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