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Become a Certified Market Expert and share your knowledge with over 30 million business decision makers from small-to-medium enterprises. These leaders seek expertise that will directly help them scale their business and achieve sustainable success.

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Program Details

  • Who Can Contribute? – Read
  • Why become a Certified Market Expert? – Read
  • What content are we looking for? – Read
  • What are the requirements? – Read

A Call For Experts

Join our community to share expertise in five key functional areas including Marketing, Sales, HR & Finance, Technology, and Entrepreneurial. We are recruiting several experts per area, and invite you to apply by July 31. Please read on for details.

Who can contribute?

Experts must be experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about these areas. Just like our audience, experts must be resourceful, creative, and connected. Possible topics include leadership, compliance, how–to, tools & templates, best practices tips & advice, and case studies. The content must be actionable or inspirational to small–to–medium sized businesses. Downloadable checklists, documents and presentations (video, slideshare, etc.) will be encouraged, and expert–hosted webinars will also be considered.

Why become a Certified Market Expert?

Advantages of Joining the community as an Expert:

Build a reputation as an expert with our targeted audience of small-to-medium business decision makers.
Your name and your company name will be prominently featured on all postings on our site and network. Our social media team will recognize and promote expert content on social networks and publisher partners.
Credibility: covers a wide range of business topics with a strong focus on quality content.
  • Over 2.9 million page views per month
  • Over 13K Facebook fans, 5K Twitter followers, 4 thousand Google+ have us in circles
  • 60 Klout score
  • Partnerships with over 40 business publisher sites
  • Frequent press releases and press exposure (e.g. FOLIOMag, Marketing Land, BtoBOnline)

What content are we looking for?

Leadership, Case Studies, Best Practices, Tips and Advice, Compliance, Tools and Templates, and How To's, from Marketing, Sales, HR & Finance, Tech, and Entrepreneurial experts.

What are the requirements?

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