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Fraudulent wholesalers and suppliers

Andrew, a local Liverpool stationer decided to locate a wholesaler for some fancy school bags and other stationery. The new school season has just begun and Andrew anticipates good sales this season.

Accounting Information Resources

When setting up the accounting department of your small business, you want to gather as much information as possible. A comprehensive list of accounting information resources can provide you with all of the texts and reference documents that you need to make your accounting services run smoothly.

New Jersey Tax Law

New Jersey tax laws can be difficult to understand. As a small business owner you should have a basic understanding of the tax laws as they apply to your company.

CPAs and Firms Specializing in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel accounting is a creature unto itself. The requirements of an accounting firm servicing the lodging industry are far more specific than other industries.


Every business needs a way to record the amount of money employees receive on payday, which is why payslips are crucial to your company. They also display how much tax and insurance has been deducted from each check.

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Cash Basis Accounting

Cash basis accounting is an accounting process in which you record all transactions when you receive a cash payment from customers or pay out cash to vendors for products or services. You can’t use cash basis accounting if you sell products or services on store credit or if you bill customers for services after the service has been rendered.

National CPA Societies

As befits a profession that has been around since colonial times, Certified Public Accountants (CPA) have formed a wide variety of national CPA societies over the years. These CPA organizations range from those that cover virtually all branches of accounting to more specialized ones dealing with specific aspects of accountancy or auditing.

Accounts Payable Industry Overview

Complete an accounts payable industry overview to develop an understanding of the services available. Accounts payable modules in the most popular accounting software packages are designed to be used by accounts payable professionals.

Payroll Tax News and Trends

Payroll withholding policies change often. Keeping up to date with these changes can be a full time job, but keeping up with them can save you from having to pay steep fines and penalties.

Making the Most of Activity-Based Costing/Management (ABC/ABM)

Activity-based costing/management (ABC/ABM) is an effective way to find the most profitable assets in your company, including customers, investments and products.  You can extract whatever data you need using an activity based costing software system, such as an ABM accounting program.

Using Salary Tools for Accountants

When you hire an accountant, determining fair accountant compensation depends on hours worked, background experience and regional salaries. There is a wide range in accounting jobs, including accounting analysts, accounting auditors, accounting specialists and others.

Tax Services Education and Training

All businesses will need tax services at some time. If you are able to provide tax services for small businesses, you'll provide a valuable service to many business owners.

iQTAXX LLC dba Tax Services Las Vegas

iQTAXX provides highly respected and qualified tax filing and consulting services to individuals and businesses throughout Las Vegas, NV
Brookson | Umbrella Company

UK Umbrella Company for contractors and freelancers, with quick, hassle free same-day setup with no tie-in period or setup fee.
Accounting Freedom

A full service tax and accounting firm for small business owners.
Hein & Associates LLP

Hein & Associates is a leading CPA firm in Denver, Houston, Dallas, and Orange County. Hein specializes in SOC reporting, and SEC accounting.

Accounting Firms Business Guide: Simplifying Tax Accounting, Auditors and Financial Services

It can be difficult to traverse the endless miles of tax laws and forms when owning a business or being part of a large corporation. There are many accounting firms available to provide everything from complex services, such as taxing and spending strategies, to simply balancing the books.


Each accounting firm is different with varying specializations, so it is important that a company finds one that fits its needs on a business and support level. The wrong choice in accounting firms can lead to serious financial problems and government scrutiny. These firms oversee the financial network of the company, and management needs to trust them.




It takes time to choose a proper accounting firm, but working on taxation and bookkeeping without one leaves a company open to mistakes and protential losses. There are many advantages to using an accounting firm to handle financial matters.



A small business doesn't have many employees, and often the owners or management are already spread too thin. An accounting firm can save precious hours of work and stress by handling the financial aspects of the company and leaving the owners and management to the actual running of the business. When owners and management can focus on improving the company, rather than balancing the checkbook, then work gets done faster and the business runs smoothly.



Accounting firms often guarantee their results and figures with support in the forms of help in case of an audit, storage of forms and receipts and professional assitance in case of discrepencies. There are approximately 1.3 million accounting and auditing jobs in the United States, and this expert knowledge at a moment's notice may prove invaluable in cases of financial impropriety on the parts of employees or questions raised by the government and regulatory agencies.


Up-to-date Information

Tax laws, allowable deductions and credits change yearly, and it requires time and money to keep up with the ever-changing information. Accounting firms make sure their employees know the changes, so they can apply them to their client's tax information. The business doesn't have to cover the cost of tax seminars or purchase up-to-date programs, because such nuances are covered by the accounting firm. Being armed with the current tax law changes, may mean additional credits and deductions that were not available the year before and result in additional services.



Contracting an accounting firm to handle tax and other financial information, rather than hiring individual employees, saves money in the long run. The company doesn't have to pay a yearly salary or benefits for the employees, including retirement, sick and vacation days and health insurance. This becomes the responsibility of the accounting firm and the business pays only for the services.



An accounting firm provides needed and important services to a business, but there are occasional pitfalls to using an outside firm. These situations may be rare, but they do happen and can ruin a company's financial reputation and profitability.



Accounting firms have human employees, and they are not infallible. Occasionally, mistakes are made and the business is liable for additional money owed and penalties. The business can eliminate the contact with the accounting firm and sue the firm in civil court, but it is ultimately responsible for any financial ramifications from the mistake. These errors can also put the business under the scrutiny of government regulatory agencies and cause a general audit of the company's finances.



The financial systems of businesses are very complex. Unscrupulous accounting firm employees take advantage of this and try to steal money from the companies they work for. This could mean skimming a little money from various accounts over time. This is illegal, and those that are caught are either fined or incarcerated, but for many companies that money is lost and much of it cannot be recovered. Major financial losses to a company may lead to a layoff of employees, liquidation of goods and equipment and bankruptcy.



The price of hiring an accounting firm depends on the scope of its involvement in the financial aspects of the company. The general bookkeeping of a small business or end-of-year tax preparation may cost less than $1,000. An accounting firm for a large company that oversees benefits and investments as well as develops a tax strategy can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is important to examine the services the company needs and shop around for a professional, yet affordable, accounting firm.


It isn't easy to run a business efficiently and effectively, especially with the government regulations and the constant movement of money, goods and services. An accounting firm helps alleviate some of this difficulty by taking over the complex financial operations.