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Angel investors and financial backers providing venture capital for small start-ups or entrepreneurs. Find angel funding for your small business using these directories of private investors.

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Angel Investors Education and Training

You think you have a great product or service that consumers will like. However, you don’t have the financing to market and distribute it.

Angel investor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An Angel investor or angel (also known as a business angel or informal investor or angel funder) is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business ...

Getting Started With Angel Investing - Entrepreneur

What it is: Angel investors might be professionals such as doctors or lawyers, former business associates -- or better yet, seasoned entrepreneurs interested in  ...

Angel Investor Definition | Investopedia

An investor who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs. Angel investors are usually found among an entrepreneur's family and friends.

FAQs on Angel Investing / Angel Capital Association

What is an angel investor? What are angel groups? How do I find an angel group ? What is the difference between angels and Venture Capitalists? How do I ...

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Angel Investors: How The Rich Invest - Forbes

Mar 12, 2013 ... A common investing trend where the rich commit part of their portfolio in startups is called angel investing. According to the recent Reynolds ...

How to Be an Angel Investor - Paul Graham

When we sold our startup in 1998 I thought one day I'd do some angel investing. Seven years later I still hadn't started. I put it off because it seemed mysterious ...

Startup Funding & Investing | Angel Investors

Connect with accredited angel and startup investors via the saas funding platform provided by Gust, access a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, startups, ...

Why Angel Investors Don't Make Money … And Advice For People ...

Sep 30, 2012 ... Everywhere I go in Silicon Valley I hear people discussing their angel investments. The conversations remind me of fish stories. People love ...

Europe Angel Investors - AngelList

Browse 4383 Europe angel investors. Explore their angel investments and backgrounds. See how you're connected.

Introduction to Angel Investing | UK Business Angels Association

British Business Angels Association is the national trade association dedicated to promoting angel investing and supporting early stage investment in the UK.

Angel Investors

Venture Giant is an Angel investor network connecting Angel Investors & Business Angels with entrepreneurs seeking UK angel investment for business.

Angel Investors Key Terms

Though it may sound profoundly un-businesslike, angel investor is a common term for a philanthropist or other party who invests personal funds in a startup or new business. Angel investors commonly act as the "guardian angels" of new businesses by contributing needed capital just when it is crucial for the business to survive. Knowing some of the key terms regarding this type of investment partnership will help any business involved in or seeking angel investing.


A business "startup" is a business that is being built from the ground up, with little established market share, and generally, not a lot of capital. These businesses often seek angel investors, and vice versa.

Venture capitalist

A venture capitalist, like an angel investor, is a party that seeks to invest money in some kind of business venture to get profit later. Though the role of the venture capitalist is similar to that of an angel investor, some experts identify several key differences, including the general point of entry into a deal, and the idea that an angel investor's offering frequently comes from a "personal" fund, where a venture capitalist is more likely to have accumulated a larger source of capital from a group of investors.

Rate of return

The rate of return on an investment is the amount an investor can expect, adjusted to provide a specific amount of profit, from an original investment. Angel investors generally seek a rate of return on their contributions.

Business plan

A business plan is something that angel investors often look at to see if they are going to be involved in a certain startup or business venture. The business plan is a document that lays out a lot of critical info about how a business is planning to operate and what investors can expect.

Pitch meeting

The pitch meeting is a "date" that a startup or business will have with an investor or a pool of investors to get the details out and talk about the possibility of a financial partnership. These are a common part of the experience for angel investors.

Exit strategy

Another thing that angel investors will generally want is an exit strategy. An exit strategy in business is a plan for allowing investors to opt out of a venture and collect their original contribution plus their rate of return amounts. This is going to be a factor in the success of any venture funded by angel investors.

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