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Australian Dollar

Australia is sometimes called "The Lucky Country. " With a stable political democracy and flourishing economy, the appeal of Australian dollar exchange rates remains high and prompts currency traders to push their luck in their market.

Australian Dollar Trading Education and Training

Interested in trading the Australian dollar? Some beginners may find currency trading overwhelming. However, an investor's confidence can soar with the right knowledge.

Australian dollar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Australian dollar (sign: $; code: AUD) is the currency of the Commonwealth of Australia, including Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and Norfolk ...

Currency Exchange Table (Australian Dollar) - X-Rates

Australian Dollar, 1.00 AUD, inv. 1.00 AUD. Euro, 0.694516 · 1.439852 ... Australian Dollar△, 1.00 AUD△▽, inv. 1.00 AUD△▽. Argentine Peso, 7.520878  ...

AUD - Australian Dollar rates, news, and tools -

Get Australian Dollar rates, news, and facts. Also available are Australia Dollar services like cheap money tranfers, a AUD data feed, and more.

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AUD (Australian Dollar) - Latest News, Analysis and Forex Trading ...

Latest AUD market news, analysis and Australian Dollar trading forecast from leading DailyFX experts and research team.

AUD=: 0.8927 0.0006 (+0.07%) -

Australian Dollar / US Dollar FX Spot Rate, AUD= real time stock quotes, news, videos at

Australian Dollar | Australian Dollar News | AUD & Currency Market ...

The latest Dollar News & AUD Dollar Market including Currency Market Trading articles and breaking Australian dollar news. Read more Dollar updates and ...

'Dr Doom' Nouriel Roubini's firm warns of 20% Australian dollar slump

6 hours ago ... The slowdown in China and a tighter federal budget will drive Australia's growth as low as 2 per cent next year, allowing interest rate cuts and a ...

Falling Australian dollar will benefit domestic tourism and property

11 hours ago ... The 5 per cent drop in the dollar in a fortnight will boost property prices and improve job prospects. It also vindicates the Reserve Bank's ...

AUD | Australian Dollar | OANDA

The Australian Dollar (AUD) is the currency unit used in the Commonwealth of Australia. The Australian Dollar symbol is $. Commonwealth of Australia states ...

Australian Dollar Exchange Rate Today With Live ... - Exchange Rates

Australian Dollar exchange rate today with live Australian Dollar currency rates, news and services such as cheap AUD money transfers.

Australian Dollar Basics

Australia circulates its own sovereign currency: The Australian dollar. If you're planning to take part in any local transactions, you need to understand how and where to get Australian money. As with any foreign currency, Australian dollars are bought and sold like other products, and their value can change over time.

Your transactions will be faster and easier if you also have some passing familiarity with the currency you're about to start trading. Australian dollar basics that you should know before you start trading in this foreign currency include:

1. How to recognize Australian banknotes (their word for "bill") and coins;

2. What Australian dollars are worth against other world currencies;

3. How to purchase or trade for Australian dollars.

Identify legal banknotes by gathering basic Australian dollar information

Australian currency looks and feels a bit different from US currency, mainly because of its sizing and coloring. You'll also notice that Australian transactions are always conducted in five cent increments, because that is the smallest denomination of coin in circulation.

Become familiar with Australian dollar exchange rates

You may get more Australian dollars for your US dollars on one day and fewer on another because the value of Australian dollars against other world currencies fluctuates as the currencies are traded on world markets. If you're looking to trade the Australian dollar, chart displays of how the exchange rate varies over time will help you decide whether it's favorable to trade now or wait a little while.

Learn about Australian dollar swap trading

While simply using your debit or credit card at an Australian ATM may be the simplest way to get a good Australian dollar exchange rate, you're not always guaranteed a working ATM or that your bank won't deny the transaction. You can swap trade, or exchange the Australian dollar for other currencies, at a number of other institutions--the key is knowing where to go.
  • As with many currencies, most money changers will buy back your left-over Australian currency, but they will only deal in banknotes, not coins; so make sure to use up as many of your leftover Australian coins as possible before departing Australia, or save them for your next trip.