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Directory of resources and experts for bad credit loans.

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AvantCredit: Personal Loans | Online Loans

Change the way you borrow with AvantCredit Personal loans. Applying at Avant is quick & easy and does not affect your FICO credit score. ... Unsecured Loans Q&A · Debt Consolidation · Personal Loans & Bad Credit · About Personal Loans.

Bad Credit Loans |®

Need a loan, but your credit is bad? That's no problem! Apply now for loans from $250 to $5000!

5 Ways to Get a Loan with Bad Credit - Quick and Dirty Tips

Mar 21, 2012 ... Having bad credit doesn't always mean you can't get a loan—put money in your pocket using these lending alternatives.

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Swift Title Loans

Swift Title Loans provides car title loans in Berkeley California. We enable our customers to turn their car title into an asset.
Bad Credit Loans Approved at

Bad Credit Loans Approved offers loans for people with less than perfect credit. You will also find tutorials on how to improve your credit rating.
Bad Credit Loans

Consumer driven articles, strategies, and loans for people with bad credit.
Bad Credit Loans

A leading online financial resource, which includes unique content about bad credit loans, personal loans, debt consolidation, and more.
Direct Lending Solutions

Provides articles and FAQs about various types of consumer financing loans.

Get any loan you need with good or bad credit, with you can get cash to you account within one hour - %100 online service.

Get quick loans for bad credit form lenders in your area. At you can get payday loans, personal loan, auto loan and more
Prudent Financial Services

Prudent Financial Services provides personal loans, home loans, and car loans for people with bad credit histories across the Greater Toronto Area.

Have really bad credit? See the highest recommended loans for bad credit, credit cards, debt consolidation loans - take back your finances today.

Bad Credit Loans

Some people have bad or no credit, but bad credit loans can help them get the money they need to start a business or make bigger purchases.

However, not all companies offer loans for bad credit, so if you need one, you may have to do some searching. Nonetheless, with a bit of diligence, you are likely to get the bad credit loan you need, even though it may have limitations.

If you are applying for loans for people with bad credit, be aware of the following:

1. Banks may turn down your request for a loan. Whether you need bad credit home loans or another type of loan, you may have to speak with several different companies before you find one that will work with you.

2. Banks may not approve you for the full amount. Even though a bank decides to give you a bad credit auto loan, there is no guarantee that it will be enough to cover the cost of the car you wanted. You may have to choose a less expensive car.

3. Bad credit loans often come with higher interest rates. This is a way that the lender tries to recoup costs in case you default.

Take out bad credit business loans to start your business

If you want to start a business, but have bad credit, you may have a hard time getting the funding you need for your business to run smoothly. Seek out companies that specialize in lending to small business owners.

Apply for bad credit personal loans to pay for large purchases or refinance your debt

If you have large expenses, such as hospital bills or home repairs, you may need to take out a loan. This is more difficult with bad credit, but you can do it.

Get short term bad credit loans to cover unexpected expenses

Occasionally, you may find that you won't have enough money to cover your expenses until payday. A payday loan can get you through hard times.
  • It's much easier to get a loan when you have good credit. If you are able to get personal loans with bad credit, make sure you do your best to repay on time. This will build your credit score, allowing you to get better interest rates on future loans.

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