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Debit Cards for Small Business

The reason to consider debit cards for your business is the same reason you got one for your personal accounts: to keep better track of the money in your checking account. Debit cards – also called check cards and bank cards – work with either a personal identification number (PIN), grabbing money directly from the account, or with a signature like a credit card, with the withdrawal deferred by two or three days.

Business Credit Cards

The Better Business Bureau estimates that credit cards account for more than $1. 8 trillion in purchases each year.

Business Line of Credit News and Trends

Staying abreast of business line of credit news and trends will help business owners keep their companies afloat during times of national economic distress. For example, what happens to a business line of credit if the lending institution fails? Can the lending institution decrease or close a business line of credit when the economy is weak? Knowing the answers to these and many other business lines of credit questions helps owners know their options when managing their company’s cash flow.

Pricing and Costs of Small Business Credit Cards

Small business credit cards are a fixture in most business financial reports. In order to utilize these cards successfully, the business owner needs to take into consideration the costs of using them.

Making the Most of Debit Cards

Debit card incentives, such as a free card with a new checking account, make the idea of having a debit card sound great, but there is risk involved and you must know how to use them properly. If someone else gets their hands on your debit card and you don’t take the right precautions to protect your business funds, someone could empty your accounts very quickly.

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Credit Card Basics

When you own your own business, you’ll want to get the best credit card offers for your company.  Business credit cards can give you a low APR on purchases that you make as well as earn rewards.

Business Credit Education and Training

Business credit is necessary to maintain. It allows the business to have purchasing power for inventory, to pay expenses and to cover expansions.

Credit Card Key Terms

Picking credit cards, whether for personal or business use, requires some research so that you know what you’re getting into before opening an account. Banks issue credit cards according to income, credit history and other criteria.

Debit Cards Key Terms

Debit cards are a convenient way for consumers to pay for purchases without using cash, checks or credit cards. Debit cards offers the convenience of a credit card without charging fees and interest on a consumer's purchase.

Business Credit Key Terms

Business credit is often needed for start-up businesses or even existing businesses that need financing to grow and develop. There are a variety of types of loans available and they all have confusing terms associated with them.

Find the Best Small Business Credit Cards - Compare 142 Card Offers

Results 1 - 10 of 16 ... Rank 142 of the top small business credit cards based on rewards or low APRs. Find the best card offers for your business and apply today.

Tracks interest rates and terms for business credit cards from a variety of card issuers.

Making the Most of Small Business Credit Cards

Small business credit cards can serve as a tool to paying accounts before they are due. Obtaining the best small business credit card is a process of research. By gathering detailed information about options, small business owners can find the most affordable, yet the most flexible, credit for their needs. When considering these credit cards, learn about the following:

  • Seek out credit cards for business offering flexible credit lines with limits as large as the business need requires.
  • Choose corporate credit cards for employee lines of credit for their business-related expenses.
  • Learn about company credit cards and their fees to determine if a card is affordable.


Top 3 Tips for Small Business Credit Cards

Small business credit cards can help you manage your expenses and keep your business running during slow periods or while waiting for profits to clear. Your business credit cards can help with maintaining payroll, purchasing inventory, or managing other expenses. Since the costs of a credit card directly affect your business costs, it is essential that you obtain the right card for your business needs.

To get the best credit card for your business, you need to do your research. By gathering detailed information about the available options, small business owners can find the most affordable and flexible credit card to suit their needs. When choosing between card options, be sure to do the following:

  • Seek out credit cards specifically geared toward small businesses. They should offer flexible credit lines with limits as large as the business requires.
  • Help your employees streamline their business-related expenses by choosing corporate credit cards that offer employee cards or lines of credit.
  • Determine if a card is affordable for your business by learning all you can about their rates and fees.

1. Compare Rates

With any business credit card, the most important factor is affordability. Low interest rates vary based on your business's credit rating. Lenders are willing to provide a low-rate card to those businesses who have proven that they are able to pay their bills consistently and on-time.

  • Business owners may even find introductory offers with exceedingly low rates available to them, so do your research to make sure you’re getting the best deal on interest rates and fees.

2. Find the Best Rewards

While you’re comparing interest rates and fees, you should also take into account the various reward programs that business credit cards have to offer. Rewards can be used to pay for business air and travel costs, provide cash back, and offer discounts on many other products and services.

  • Businesses planning to use their credit cards regularly can take advantage a monthly payback reward from the credit card company, making it more affordable to borrow on credit. 
  • Choose business credit cards with rewards programs wisely. Make sure that interest rates are still low and there are no additional fees associated with such services. Compare the costs associated with interest rates, fees, and rewards. A card that offers a $100 cash back reward every month isn’t cost-effective if it charges you $150 in fees.

3. Maintain Credit to Free Up Capital

Credit cards for small businesses are a good way to free up capital within a business. The business' cash doesn't need to be immediately available to pay up-front expenses, such as payroll or new equipment.

  • Paying all your monthly expenses – rent, utilities, etc – on your credit card allows your business to monitor all monthly expenses in one account.
  • Accounts payable and profit sheets are easier to maintain when everything is on one card.
  • Make sure your business has enough cash inflow to pay off your credit card balance every month.

Corporate credit card lines for a business can be difficult to obtain for a new start-up with a short or nonexistent credit history. In some cases, the business owner may use his or her credit history to help guarantee the card. Later, the owner's name may come off to allow the credit to stand in the business' name only. Be sure to establish savings and checking accounts in your business’s name in order to start building a positive credit history.

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Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

Thanks! We just sent your first issue

306,241 Subscribers