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Quickly find providers of business credit, business credit cards with no personal guarantee, and other financial services to help your company establish business credit. Review business credit providers and learn about building corporate credit.

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Business Credit Education and Training

Business credit is necessary to maintain. It allows the business to have purchasing power for inventory, to pay expenses and to cover expansions.

Business Credit Key Terms

Business credit is often needed for start-up businesses or even existing businesses that need financing to grow and develop. There are a variety of types of loans available and they all have confusing terms associated with them.

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Learn how to establish your business credit rating. Four steps you can take to ensure creditors can validate your business information.

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Build Business Credit - Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.

Take control of your business credit with D&B® CreditBuilder™ from Dun and Bradstreet Credibility Corp. Discover more small business solutions at MyCredit.

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Oct 24, 2013 ... Nothing can be more frustrating than dealing with personal credit issues while you're trying to launch a new business or grow an existing one.

Business Credit Workshop

Learn the process of getting business credit for your business. See a list of banks that are lending and watch business credit tutorials.
Experian Business Credit Advantage

Monitoring services for business owners to access their small business credit report and receive email alerts on score and profle changes.

Business Credit Basics

Business credit cards can allow your company to invest in goods and services needed for its success, which in turn will grow your business and make you more money. Corporate credit is especially important if your business is just starting out and you don’t have a lot of cash or venture capital to buy the necessary assets. That being said, unfortunately, business credit basics tend to be like all things regarding credit--anything but basic.

The main concept to keep in the forefront of your mind when considering business credit providers is that there will almost always be a business lending service that will permit you the desired line of credit, however it will most likely be at terms highly unfavorable to you. Also, unfair terms are often masked by legal jargon. Here are some basics you'll definitely want in a card:

1. The lower the interest rate on your business credit line the better.

2. Look for cards that offer no annual fees, this charge is often just thrown in as an "extra," and one that you don't need.

3. Find a card with a decent grace period, so if you’re late on payments, you won’t be heavily penalized.

Know your credit score and business credit information

By knowing your credit score, you know where you stand and what kind of terms you can expect from a business credit provider. If you have excellent credit and your business has a long and successful established history, you can expect a much more favorable rate than if your credit and business history is non-existent, fair or bad.

Make a good effort to build business credit

Now that you know where you stand as far as your credit is concerned, you'll want to build your business credit to get the best deals on credit cards possible. Building your credit is complicated and based on multiple factors, which is why there are companies who charge fees to do this for you. However, most credit gurus advise against this route, as with a little effort you can see the same results building credit on your own.

Find business credit cards with no personal guarantee

Business credit cards with no personal guarantee mean that if something were to ever happen to your sole proprietorship or LLC, that you would not be personally liable for the credit debts incurred by the company. These are the best types of credit cards to have, as your financial security and that of your family is protected, however they are the hardest to get approved for.
  • When considering business credit providers, make sure you attempt to negotiate terms. Although, the market for credit is pretty inflexible right now, it never hurts to try to negotiate a lower rate and you could end up with a better deal.

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