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Quickly find providers of commercial business loans. Research banks and other business lenders offering unsecured business loans and private business loans. Identify a company offering startup business loans that suit your company needs.

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Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms invest in non-public companies and typically hold their investments with the intent of realizing a return within 3 to 7 years. Generally, investments are realized through an initial public offering, sale, merger, or recapitalization.

Lease Financing for Small Business

Need to equip your start-up business with office machines, furniture, vehicles or computer equipment? Business equipment leasing can spare you the burden of debt that comes with traditional purchases and loans. In addition, lease financing can offer attractive payment options structured to help start-ups make it through those tough first years in business.

Water-Based Coatings

More and more companies have started using water-based floor coatings and paints. Water-based coatings have several advantages, including economic and environmental advantages.

Training for Financial Services

Financial services companies provide many good jobs for those with credentials and financial services industry training. Start your career with a certified financial planner (CFP) credential or professional designations for estate management and retirement planning.

Hotel Real Estate Investment Trusts

Hotel investment trusts can help to diversify your portfolio with stock in the hotel real estate investment sector that supports the hospitality industry while bringing you good dividends. Find a hotel property investment trust with a management experienced in picking the best hotel investment companies to maximize your returns and spread your risk among hotel investments.

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Private Equity News and Trends

The private equity field is a large field that encompasses various strategies, such as venture capital and growth capital. These play essential roles in the economy in that they raise a collection of capital so they can invest in start-up companies, as one example.

Bad Credit Business Loans Education and Training

Certain financial institutions decide to incorporate bad credit business loans into their programs. Poor credit business loans are typically offered to companies that have experienced financial trouble or new businesses that have yet to establish credit.

Balloon Payment Refinancing for Beginners

The need for balloon payment refinancing can catch a borrower by surprise or, if the loan paperwork is read thoroughly, can be prepared for. Entering a balloon payment loan comes with the understanding that at the end of the loan term the final payment of the loan comes due as a lump sum, called a balloon payment because of its large amount.

Working with Mezzanine Lenders

In real estate, mezzanine loans can provide the solution to a need for capital. Mezzanine loan providers, often called mezz lenders, finance the loans.

Financial Services Key Terms

There are many aspects of financial services, including money management, credit cards, insurance and banking, but the primary goal of all such services is to help individuals and businesses make the most of their finances and monetary options. Without understanding key terms and concepts related to financial services, it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

Documentary Film Funding and Grants Key Terms

Securing the financing to complete a documentary film can be as time- and energy-consuming and require as much creativity as filmmaking. While grants and funding for films are available, they are not always easily found, take a long time for the application process and are highly competitive.

Debtor-In-Possession (DIP) Financing Key Terms

Debtor in Possession (DIP) is a term for a fictional entity when a company is undergoing bankruptcy. It refers to the fact that the debtor is still managing the company, but cannot make any major financial decisions or sell off large assets without the approval of the bankruptcy court.

Company Rescue

Company rescue is an online resource for worried directors of insolvent or struggling businesses. We have pages of guides to the options available.
Expansion Capital Group LLC

Expansion Capital Group provides business owners working capital financing with an Expansion Advance which is a 3 to 12 month term financing.

We are a Direct Lender providing small businesses with the most affordable, flexible and competitive Business Term Loans, Line of Credit or Financing.
Free Business Finance Pre-Qualification Test

Free business finance pre-qualification test is designed to help you to know what finance programs your business pre-qualifies for before you apply.
Live Oak Bank

Live Oak Bank provides business loans to small, independent business people in niche industries. They are the 2nd largest SBA lender in the nation.
Can Capital

Since 1998, CAN Capital has been helping small and medium-sized businesses access the capital they need to keep their business growing.
Hi Tech Capital - Small Business Loans

Hi Tech Capital provides alternative small business loans and merchant cash advances. No collateral is required and bad credit is okay. Fast approvals

Connects borrowers, looking for personal unsecured loan, with direct lenders online.
Business Loans Canada

Canadian loan directory listing financial institutions with descriptions and comparisons of the business and personal financing solutions they offer.
Business Loans from $4,000 to $2 Million in 5 Days

Get a business loan from $4,000 to $2 million for your growing business is as few as 5 days! Fast, flexible financing from Business Financial Services
Business Loans from £3K to £500K | Boost Capital UK

Get a small business loan from £3K to £500K in as few as 5 days! Boost Capital offers fast, flexible financing for your growing business in the UK.
Business Loans

We provide business loans for existing companies. Get approved for a merchant cash advance or an unsecured business loan even if you have bad credit.

Business Loans - Other - National: $999/year - -
Dealstruck | Business Lending Done Right

Dealstruck combines crowd-lending and traditional finance to provide innovative funding solutions that are fair, transparent and affordable.
Funding Circle

A peer-to-business lending platform connecting businesses and investors, where businesses get fast business loans and investors earn great ROI.
Pawn1st Pawn & Title Loan Centers

Pawn1st has the cash you need for a pawn loan,auto title loan or registration loan. We have 9 locations in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
Real Business Rescue

We provide business finance and insolvency support for small to medium sized businesses in the UK.

Business Loan Basics: What You Need to Know

There are a number of loans your business may need to get started when building from the ground up. From startup loans to working capital, it's importnat to know what you need your loan for to accurately determine which will be the best fit for you. Other factors to consider include lender reviews to payments plans; read on to determine the best fit for your business.

Startup Loans

Business startup loans provide funds for the purchase of everything required to get the business up and running. Some businesses borrow enough through their start-up loans to pay the business' expenses for the first three-to-six months in operation.

  • These loans can be secured loans on equipment and property or unsecured lines of credit for other expenses.
  • Compare business start-up loans carefully. Look at interest rates, terms and the amount the lender will provide. Consider unsecured lines of credit if you’re struggling with credit problems.

If you're concenerd about your business credit, check your credit report with one of our pre-approved vendors.

Private Business Loans

When it comes to private lenders, business loans are a substantial part of their investing. This type of lending allows for borrowers to obtain money from investors, companies or others that are not associated with commercial banks. Generally, the process requires a less stringent approval process, with lower credit requirements. Some private lenders are every-day citizens.

  • Obtain a business loan from a private lender locally by finding a partner or equity investor in the company.
  • Third-party resources to find private investors help businesses build capital by connecting them to investors.

Government Business Loans

Small business loans are available through the federal government. These SBA loans are federally backed loans for a variety of business needs including start-up, real estate purchases, equipment purchases and expenses. These loans typically have lower interest rates and help millions of small businesses to start or remain open.

  • Apply for a bank business loan through the Small Business Administration, the division of the federal government that provides small business loans. They offer disaster assistance loans, start-up loans, and equity capital and surety bonds.
  • To receive an SBA loan, go through a commercial lender that will help you qualify for government funds.
  • Some businesses can qualify for specialized economic development loans through the Economic Development Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Investments in commercial business loans often require a well-planned, professional looking business plan. Be sure your business plan is comprehensive and shows how to intent to spend each dollar of your loan; this allows the lender to see how the business will be a profitable, viable entity.

According to Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index in March 2012, small bank lending approval rate was at 47.6%, alternate lender approval was at 63%, and loans by credit unions had a 57.9% approval rate.  Once you have figured out what type of funding your business needs, take all the steps necessary to get your loan approved.

If you're interested in small business loans, be sure to consider equipment leasing and small business credit cards