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Collection Letters

Companies, just like individuals, rely on the money they are owed to keep production going, and when owed money, businesses can use collection letters to help get that money. Collection letters information is fairly basic and straightforward, stating that the client needs to pay you and keep his or her account current.

Collection Letters for Beginners

It's an unfortunate fact in the business world that some people fail to pay their bills in a timely manner, which necessitates a short course in writing collection letters for beginners. In some cases, sending them is the only chance you have of receiving the money you're owed.

Collection Letters Key Terms

When it's time to get serious about getting payments a company needs to stay afloat, collections letters are a critical part of the process. These letters can inform those who owe about what is going with their debts, without a lot of in-house time and labor.

FREE Sample Collection Letters - WriteExpress

Sample collection letters with must-know tips, easy steps, sample phrases and sentences. Write your collection letter today.

Demand Letter, Dunning Letter and Past Due Letter for Small ...

Starter Kit for Small Businesses. From a demand letter, dunning letter or past due letter to collection call scripts, get every free template you need below.

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Credit Collection Form Letters - Key Bank

Use these credit collection form letters to systematically follow-up with all past- due accounts. Visit for more programs and resources.

Writing a Demand For Payment Letter to Collect on Past Due Invoices

Dec 9, 2013 ... Once your clients are late on their invoices, each day you wait to demand payment will make getting paid harder. Here's how to write a simple ...

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Our Collection Letter Samples are a chronological set of collection letters. The Collection Letters start with a polite first reminder and continue all the way through ...

Sample Collection Letter for Businesses - Small Business Information

Collection letters should do two things: retain customer good will and help you get paid. You know a letter is working when you send out a batch of letters and ...

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Information and samples of collection letters along with a description of the Profit Recovery System.

Friendly Collection Letter - Docracy

This is a friendly collection letter for someone who has a past due account. Brought to you by

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An article on how to write a collection letter and a make a final demand. Collection letters are also known as Dunning Letters.

Collection Letters Laws and Regulations

Businesses are required to adhere to all federal and state collection letters laws and regulations. It’s nearly impossible to own a business and never have to collect an overdue debt because some customers and clients will just simply not pay their debts. While debt collection is a necessary task to ensure the profitability of your company, there are laws that regulate just how aggressive you can be when attempting to collect debt from customers.

The first step in collecting debt legally is to send out collection letters. The basic purpose of debt collection letters is to remind debtors of their obligations. Collection letters can also serve as proof in court proceedings that companies took the necessary, legal steps to collect the debt. These letters should inform the customer that you have initiated the debt collection process and give the customer instructions on how to dispute the debt. To learn more about collection letters laws and regulations, you should:

1. Research debt collection laws and regulations.

2. Look for examples of appropriate wording for collection letters.

3. Consult with a collections professional on writing collection letters.

Familiarize yourself with collection letters laws

State and federal laws prohibit businesses from engaging in certain practices when collecting debt. Collection letters laws and regulations such as the The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act regulations protect the rights of debtors and prohibit companies from using language that would be abusive or harassing.
Federal Trade Commission.

Be careful when choosing wording for collection letters

The words used in collection letters are very important and, if not chosen appropriately, can lead to a lawsuit. The letter cannot include any information that is deceptive, false or misleading in any way. Collection letters should include basic information about the debt owed: date of invoice, total amount due and due date.

Seek professional advice on drafting collection letters

Collecting debts requires a large degree of diplomacy and isn't always an easy task. Attorneys and debt collection professionals can provide you with sample collection letters to ensure that you not only comply with debt collection laws, but also use words and a tone that will help you encourage, in a non-threatening manner, debtors to pay what they owe.
  • To retain customer goodwill and successfully collect debt, companies should consider keeping collection letters to one page, using short sentences and paragraphs with simple words and a non-threatening tone. The letter should also be specific in what is owed and how payment should be remitted while conveying a sense of urgency.

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