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Providers of computer leasing services for desktops and laptops. Research computer leasing companies that provide computer lease rates online. Get a computer equipment lease for hardware, hard drives peripherals, and more.

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Computer Leasing News and Trends

Computer leasing companies change with the times. And as the landscape surrounding computer leasing continues to evolve, following technological and financial forces, you have to keep up with computer lease rates to be able to make the best presentations and know what your competitors are doing.

Making the Most of Computer Leasing

Computer leasing companies are available that can help you save both time and resources if you can find the right computer equipment lease to fit in with your operations and your budget. Look for information about computer equipment lease programs that can easily be integrated into your current operations so as not to create a lag in time while you and your team learn the new leasing computer hardware.

Computer Leasing Key Terms

Computer leasing is a popular way to get the computer equipment you need without spending a lot of money upfront. Whether you are the computer lessor or lessee, there are several terms that you should be aware of.

Dell Business Leasing | Dell

The Dell QuickLease gives you leasing options, so you can afford the Dell ... which allows you to pay for your equipment in low, budgeted payments while ...

Should You Lease or Buy Your Tech Equipment? - Entrepreneur

With a lease, you pass the financial burden of obsolescence to the equipment leasing company. For example, let's say you have a two-year lease on a copy ...

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RUSH Computer Rentals: The most reliable choice for leasing or ...

Offers computer rentals, leasing, and used computer sales on laptops, desktop computers and servers.

Computer Leases -

Help manage the cost of computers with a lease from 800- 376-8772.

CSI Leasing, Inc. - the power of experience

CSI Leasing is one of the leading equipment leasing companies in the world for a reason. We build strong relationships with our customers that last for decades.

Computer Leasing - Tiger Leasing - New York, NY

Computer leasing options from Tiger Leasing can give your business the technological edge over your competition. Learn more today!

IT Equipment Leasing & IT Financing | GE Capital Americas

GE Capital, Americas offers flexible technology IT equipment finance solutions to help you expand your business and reduce many risks associated with ...

Small Business Computer Leasing Program | UpgradeUSA

Small Business Leasing. UpgradeUSA's computer lease program can help small businesses get credit, better manage costs. - and won't anchor you down.

Computer Leasing Overview | IT Services | The University of Chicago

IT Services offers 36-month lease agreements for University standard configured computers. The Leasing department offers several advantages including the ...

Leasing Computer and IT Equipment

Small and mid-sized businesses needing computers, communications gear and other equipment associated with information technology (IT) have usually bought equipment with loans or cash. But leasing for IT and high-tech is becoming more popular. Small businesses are finding that leasing helps them keep their IT equipment up to date, avoid a hodgepodge of items and more easily manage the costs while avoiding obsolescence. If you wait until cash is available to buy the equipment you need, you may find yourself forever behind the technology curve, trying to catch up. Lease financing is a great way for a smaller company to leverage its budget for purchasing IT systems and obtain the critical solutions needed to compete. Leasing benefits include:
  1. Capital conservation: Money is not tied up in equipment, leaving more cash available for personnel, office space or training.
  2. Credit conservation: Your credit lines stay clear, putting more capital at your disposal.
  3. Total financing: You can finance 100 percent of IT equipment costs, plus software, license agreements, maintenance and services.
  4. Flexibility: A lease can be customized whether you have 5 employees or 500. Payments might be spread over 36, 48 or even 60 months, or adjusted to fit seasonal or annual cash flow needs.
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Discover what leasing has to offer

Plug yourself into leasing basics, information on making an informed leasing decision and what to consider before you sign.

Locate leasing companies for your IT equipment needs

The Equipment Leasing Association offers a directory of leasing companies.

See what Cisco has to offer

Regardless of your company size or IT equipment and services needs, Cisco Systems Capital Corp. will work to help you structure a lease to fit your situation.

Consolidate your IT with special lease financing

HP offers lease financing for IT and other computer equipment.
  • Leasing lets your business acquire new technology when you need it.
  • Leasing offers balance sheet appeal, too. Unlike capital equipment purchases, an operating equipment lease has no depreciation schedule and is off the balance sheet. Plus, payments may be considered a deductible overhead expense.
  • Leases are especially helpful if you need to upgrade early. Most leasing companies will buy back a lease and put you into something new at any time.

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