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Credit Repair: How to Help Yourself | Consumer Information

You get fliers in the mail, email messages, and maybe even calls offering credit repair services. They all make the same claims: “Credit problems? No problem!”.

Credit Repair Service at Experian.com

There is nothing that credit repair services can legally do for you, including removing inaccurate credit information, that you can't do for yourself for free.

Do Credit Repair Services Really Work? | Simple. Thrifty. Living.

Dec 28, 2013 ... But the credit repair services that have been around for a couple decades know the rules surrounding credit repair and know how to navigate ...

The Truth About Credit Repair & Credit Repair Companies | Credit ...

Aug 8, 2013 ... Companies that want you to pay for credit repair services before they provide any services. Credit repair companies cannot require you to pay ...

Don't Use a Credit Repair Clinic | Nolo.com

Steer clear of credit repair clinics -- you can repair your credit yourself. ... But you shouldn't have to pay for these services: These companies can legally do only ...

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Credit Repair Services Review 2015 | Best Bad Credit Repair ...

Looking for the best credit repair service? We have easy-to-read, expert unbiased reviews and feature comparisons of the best and cheapest service.

Credit Repair Services to Help Fix Bad Credit Scores | Lexington Law

Need credit repair services? Call Lexington Law for a free credit consultation and let the leading credit repair firm in the nation help fix your credit issues.

Credit Repair | Improve Your Credit, Improve Your Life!

Get a free credit repair consultation from CreditRepair.com and confront bad credit ... CreditRepair.com Inc, Credit Repair Services No Advance Fee, Seattle, WA.

Can Credit Repair Companies Really Improve My Credit Report ...

So if a credit repair company promises to remove negative information such as a ... need to provide a detailed written contract about the services they'll perform, ...

Repairing your credit -- go it alone or hire a credit repair company?

Apr 9, 2003 ... Credit repair services offer, for a fee, to do this daunting legwork. They pull credit reports, review for errors and send out dispute letters along ...

Houston Credit Repair | Impeccable Credit services, The Woodlands ...

Impeccable Credit Services of Houston, Texas specializes in restoring your credit options and credit repair. Whether you want to lower your interest rates, qualify ...

Ultimate Guide to Credit Repair Services and Fixing Bad Credit

Credit repair services can improve your credit enough to lower interest rates, which in turn, can save you thousands of dollars on a loan. When making a ...

A Guide to Credit Repair Services

For individuals that are coping with a bad credit score, hiring the services of a credit repair company may seem like an attractive option. With promises of raising credit score and removing negative information, it is understandable why many engage in credit repair services. But before purchasing a service, consumers should make sure that the service is reputable and reliable. There are a number of fraudulent credit repair services that take advantage of customers; therefore, individuals need to make sure that their rights are protected. To find out about consumer credit, the Consumer Credit Protection Act details the rights of the individual.

What to Watch Out For

There are a number of fraudulent credit repair services that seek to take advantage of individuals that are deep into debt. When looking for a credit repair company, one of the first steps that the consumer should take is to examine the services offered.   In general, customers should watch out for companies that offer to completely eliminate negative points on a credit report.  Individuals should recognize that no company can remove negative information from a credit report. Other companies may offer guarantees such as “increasing a credit score by X amount of points” or “lowering interest rates”. However, a company that makes these claims is engaging in unfair business practices, and should be avoided.

In addition, customers should also avoid credit repair services that make fraudulent claims. An indicator of a bad service is whether the company makes guarantees and promises that are too good to be true. Watch out for credit repair service companies that refuse to provide a contract or direct contact with a representative. Another tip for consumers relates to pricing; customers should never agree to pay for a service upfront until they obtain a contract or a written guarantee of the services provided. By watching out for the following signals, customers can protect themselves against companies that provide poor credit repair service.  

Tips for Choosing a Credit Repair Service

The law requires that the credit repair service provides the customers with a written contract detailing the services provided, the costs, and the timeline for completion. Customers should make sure that they obtain this information before signing onto a contract. When finding a reputable credit repair service, individuals should watch for the following factors:

Experience and Longevity:
The amount of experience can be a good indicator of the reliability of a credit repair service. A good company has been in the business for a fair amount of years, in comparison to fraudulent, short-lived scammers. In addition, they have a good understanding of the different strategies that work for each case. Therefore, customers should look for a credit repair service that possesses a large client base and is relatively established.

One way to determine whether the credit repair service is credible is to check whether they are registered with the Better Businesses Bureau.  Conducting a search through the BBB’s database can give you an idea of whether a credit repair service possesses a positive or negative reputation.

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