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Your Business Credit Report

Maintaining a good credit rating for your business is always important – but even more so in times when credit becomes tighter and more difficult to obtain on affordable terms. For small business owners seeking financing of almost any kind, a clean credit report goes a long way toward hearing “yes.

Consumer Credit Reports Basics

Consumer credit reports are a tool that lenders use to determine not only whether they will extend credit to you, but at what interest rate. A FICO score is a comprehensive examination of your credit information.

Making the Most of Consumer Credit Reports

Consumer credit reports are an important piece of information that needs careful monitoring. The report contains your credit score, which is viewed by lenders to help them determine whether to loan you (or your business) money and at what interest rate.

Credit Repair News and Trends

Whether you need credit repair due to poor credit choices or lack of credit, knowing the credit repair news and trends will help you to make the right decisions. With a bit of knowledge and hard work, you can drastically reduce your company's debt and improve your credit score.

Using Business Credit Reports

Business owners can glean quite a bit of information about companies, including their own, just by using business credit reports. These reports provide a snapshot of a company's financial status, showing creditors, debts, sales numbers and bankruptcies.

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Business Credit Reports Education and Training

Just like your consumer credit reports can affect whether t you're eligible for a loan, your business credit reports can come into accord when you're looking for any kind of financing for your company. They can also be a determining factor when you're looking to expand the business in the future.

Advice on FICO Scores

The Fair Isaac and Company score, otherwise known as the FICO score rating, is the most widely used barometer of credit. It can be a blessing or a curse for consumers, depending on who you consult.

FICO Scores News and Trends

FICO score calculation, sometimes called Fair Isaac and Company score calculation or Fair Isaac Corporation score calculation, is important for lenders and businesses that grant credit to customers for anything from furniture to braces to cell phone service. A customer's FICO score tells a business how likely they are to repay their loans and other credit obligations.

Consumer Credit Reports Key Terms

Consumers can view their FICO scores by ordering a copy of their credit report. It's important to keep tabs on your credit score because the credit score affects your ability to secure loans at the best rate.

Credit Repair Key Terms

Credit repair will allow you to improve your credit scores and become more likely to gain approval for loans and lines of credit. Different laws can affect the way that you go about looking for credit repair options.

FICO Scores Key Terms

In order to obtain business loans or credit cards, you need to have good credit. The more you know about your FICO score and all the terms you will find in your credit report, the closer you will be to improving your credit.

Offers credit reports and related advice, guides, studies and more for consumers with subprime credit ratings.

Business Credit Reports Key Terms

As a business, your credit rating can make you or break you. Business credit reports provide lenders with information like your credit rating, lien information, public records and personal identifying information. Lenders use all of that information included in the business credit report to determine if your business is worthy of financing. Whether you're looking to establish, improve or maintain your business credit rating, consider these business credit reports key terms to help.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings

Businesses conduct UCC filings with their state's Secretary of State office. This nationwide database keeps track of when the business pledges collateral on a loan so lenders can see if there's a claim against the collateral offered on a pending loan.


Every time your credit is checked by a third party, it's called an inquiry. Having too many inquiries on your credit report can actually lower your credit score.


If there is an error in your credit report, you have the right to dispute the information. Through an online database, you can dispute bankruptcies, credit accounts, collections, judgments, liens, inquiries and personal identification information.

D-U-N-S Number

A D-U-N-S Number is a nine digit number that helps prove the credit worthiness of your business. It is recognized internationally to help identify your business and to set up your credit file.

Credit rating

Your credit rating is a number determined by the quality of your credit. For example, if you're likely to pay back a loan, you'll receive a high credit rating. If you'll likely default on a loan, you'll receive a low credit rating.

Secured credit

When you have secured credit, you have loans that are backed up by collateral. If your business credit is somewhat shaky, banks will not grant you an unsecured loan. They will require some sort of collateral.

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