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Directory of debit card providers and companies offering prepaid debit card programs. Browse business directory to find suppliers of reloadable debit cards and stored value cards.

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Debit Cards for Small Business

The reason to consider debit cards for your business is the same reason you got one for your personal accounts: to keep better track of the money in your checking account. Debit cards – also called check cards and bank cards – work with either a personal identification number (PIN), grabbing money directly from the account, or with a signature like a credit card, with the withdrawal deferred by two or three days.

Making the Most of Debit Cards

Debit card incentives, such as a free card with a new checking account, make the idea of having a debit card sound great, but there is risk involved and you must know how to use them properly. If someone else gets their hands on your debit card and you don’t take the right precautions to protect your business funds, someone could empty your accounts very quickly.

Debit Cards Key Terms

Debit cards are a convenient way for consumers to pay for purchases without using cash, checks or credit cards. Debit cards offers the convenience of a credit card without charging fees and interest on a consumer's purchase.

Debit card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A debit card (also known as a bank card or check card) is a plastic payment card that provides the cardholder electronic access to his or her bank account(s) at a ...

Debit Cards - Apply for a Bank Debit Card from Bank of America

Bank debit cards allow you to make purchases with confidence. Explore the variety of debit card options, security features and more from Bank of America.

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Debit cards & check cards | Visa USA

Visa Debit cards and check cards make purchases quick and easy. Replace checks and cash with a Visa card that enhances security and record keeping.

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Want a checking account with a Chase Debit Card? Open one now! A secure and convenient way to use your money.

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Apply for your MasterCard debit card. With greater convenience, security and control, MasterCard can help you get the spending power and protection you need.

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Simplify online checkout with Visa Checkout. It's Easy, Secure and Fast by registering your Wells Fargo Visa® Debit Card in Visa Checkout at no cost.

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Prepaid debit cards come loaded with charges, from monthly fees to ATM fees to fees for using the card. Answer a few questions to the left, and we'll figure out ...

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Unlike other debit cards, the PayPal Business Debit MasterCard earns you 1% cash back on all your eligible purchases. If you've received and activated your ...

Prepaid Cards 123

Reviews, news and tips about prepaid credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Debit Cards Basics

Though debit cards look like a credit card, their link is directly to your business checking account. The funds for transactions made with your debit card come directly from your account. Basically, the debit card functions as a check, with faster processing and more security. The amount of funds in your checking account determines how much you can spend on debit card purchases.

Debit card providers, typically MasterCard or Visa, often issue debit cards through a bank in association with a checking or savings account. Before you agree to accept the debit card incentives of a new checking account, make sure you’re aware of the following debit cards basics:

1. When used correctly, a debit card will keep you out of debt, unlike a credit card.

2. Most merchants will accept debit card payment online but won’t accept a check.

3. Other options similar to debit cards in simplicity and security include reloadable prepaid debit cards or a prepaid credit card for business.

Avoid debt by using debit cards

Debit cards may function for many merchants like a credit card, but there are no added expenses tied into their use. Most banks provide a free debit card as an incentive for opening a checking account. Typically, the only fees associated may be transaction fees if you use the debit card at an ATM to withdraw checking account funds, and those fees are often less than $3. You can only spend as much money as there is in your business account, so there is no debt owed after a purchase and no interest charges or annual fees.

Use a debit card at merchants that don't accept checks

It has become more and more common for merchants to refuse the acceptance of personal or business checks as payment for a purchase, due to the fact that it is far too easy for an individual to write a check whether there are funds available or not. However, most merchants that accept credit cards will also accept your debit card because a debit card transaction will not go through if the funds aren't available in the checking account. Thus, merchants avoid losing money. Additionally, most Internet merchants accept debit card online payment just like a credit card but likely don't provide the option for you to enter a checking account number.

Try a prepaid credit card for business

Another option that works much like a debit card but also helps to build your business credit is a prepaid credit card for business. You deposit funds with the credit card company and use the prepaid credit card until those funds run out and you deposit more, just like a debit card. Additionally, you can use a prepaid credit card with some merchants that won't accept debit cards, due to an undetermined final bill amount, such as with hotel reservations or car rentals.
Federal Citizen Information Center for more information on debit cards. Click on Wallet Watcher for a printable sheet that will help you keep track of your credit and debit card supplier contact information, should your wallet get lost or stolen.
  • Prepaid debit cards make a great alternative to gift cards from a specific merchant. They give the recipient the option to use the card at a location of their choosing. Be sure you choose free prepaid debit cards in which providers don't charge an activation or usage fee.

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